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Project Report Emirates Flight Catering Co.L.L.C.

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Industry Planning + Organization

The World's Largest Flight Catering Facility: 115,000 Meals a Day Perfectly Organised Product Quality and Highest Service Reliability

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Equipment Packing Tray Setting Sales Packing Kit. Packing Bar Chiller Eqmt. Ware Eqmt. Buffer Wash Chiller Buffer Dishing Oven Rack Chiller & Packing

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Dry Goods, Amenities, Bar Packing Cart Transport System Bonded Store VOID Chillers OUTBOUND Cart Wash Cart Transport System Drive Way Laundry Store INBOUND Cart Transport System Locker Room Waste Engineering & Work Shop Waste Engineering VOID VOID VOID Bin Wash Staff Canteen Training Cold Kitchen

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Pastry Kitchen

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Dry Goods Food Store Food Lab.

Chiller & Freezer Food Store Admin. Office

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Transformer & Electrical Rooms

Landside Receiving


Ground Floor
Meals and on-board accessories for the 115,000 passengers who fly with Emirates Airline every day: the world's largest catering plant, with an area of 60,000 m on 3 floors, has emerged in the middle of the ultra-modern desert metropolis of Dubai.

This booming city's enormous growth and ambitious goals have necessitated the construction of the flight catering facility at the airport. i+o's initial task was a study of how the existing facility could be expanded. Following this, the decision was made to construct a completely new, second facility at the site. i+o was responsible for the overall material flow concept, catering technology and logistics.

Emirates Flight Catering is the Arabian peninsula's leading inflight caterer. This subsidiary of Emirates Airline employees over 5,400 staff and offers catering and services for more than 110 airlines clients at Dubai International Airport. With a massive average annual growth 30%, the company takes a leading position around the world. All services offered meet the highest standards. It is a matter of principle that each meal is individually prepared - and this adds up to 23 mio meals for 2006 alone! The technology, logistics and organisation of the new plant realise an extraordinarily high level of quality.

Intelligent Solution in the Inbound and Outbound Areas The space-saving, opposing arrangement of a total of 84 ramps from the inbound and outbound areas carries significant advantages. The heavy goods transport is simplified and the flow of materials is ideally arranged and can be performed quickly. The premises, which are used to the maximum effect, can also be expanded further. However, the most important aspect is the fact that the entire area is under cover: heavy goods vehicles can now be loaded and unloaded in the shade and hygiene and quality standards are applied rigorously. Coolness in Extreme Desert Conditions Every day the facility produces 25 tons of ice cubes to be distributed to the aircrafts in spite of outdoor temperatures of up to 70C.

This prechilled water is also used for some of the cook-chillprocesses in the kitchen. All refrigerators and cooling rooms are centrally supplied via a brine circuit. This is environmentally friendly and relieves the burden on the air conditioning system. The multiple-compressor unit provides high operational reliability. The food preparation process is also cooled technically, efficiently and intelligently: the cooked products are automatically transported to a central prechilling room before being portioned and temperaturecontrolled at 2C in rapid refrigerators using the cook-chill process. Dishing belts and tables are cooled locally, thus increasing the storage life of the meals.

Finely-tuned Mixture of Logistics Systems When the latest logistics systems are used in an innovative way they guarantee smooth, hygienic and economical flows of materials. For instance, an electric monorail system transporting 13,000 trolleys per day that only make contact with the floor at the unloading station. The large throughput of crockery and cutlery is made possible by bin conveyor system with 6 automatic stacker cranes. This performs 17,000 movements a day. A high-bay-warehouse with 7 narrow aisles and 4,300 pallet storage places can store over 1,000 airline-specific items. A vacuum-driven waste disposal system spans over the entire facility and manages 70 tons of waste every day.

The latest technical systems, intelligent flows of materials and first class organisation ensure that the extremely high quality standards are maintained. Contact Person Torsten Brendel