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Builders Outlook
Issue 3 2012 Building El Pasos tomorrow today

Home Builders Announce Housing Finance Reform Plan

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) announced a new comprehensive framework for housing finance system reform that would transition Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to a new mortgage securitization system for singlefamily and multifamily conventional mortgages. Our plan seeks to overhaul the housing finance system to ensure that housing credit is available and affordable in the future and is delivered through a competitive, efficient, sound, safe and stable system, said NAHB Chairman Barry Rutenberg, a home builder from Gainesville, Fla. To achieve this goal, Rutenberg said the system must include private, federal and state sources of housing capital; offer a reasonable menu of sound mortgage products for both single-family and multifamily housing that is governed by prudent underwriting standards and adequate oversight and regulation; and provide a federal backstop to ensure that 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages are available at reasonable interest rates and terms. Replacing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with a new securitization system for conventional mortgages backed by private capital and a privately funded federal mortgage-backed securities fund must be done in an orderly fashion over time. During this phase-in period, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would remain operational until the alternative system is fully functioning. Under this scenario, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would be gradually replaced by private housing finance entities (HFEs) that would be chartered to purchase singlefamily and multifamily mortgages from loan originators and package the loans into securities for sale to investors worldwide. The federal government would guarantee the securities, not the mortgages. The HFEs would only purchase mortgages that are well understood and have reasonable risk characteristics, such as standard 30-year fixed-rate loans. The HFEs would operate under the oversight of a strong independent regulatory agency to ensure all aspects of safety and soundness. NAHB believes the 12 regional Federal Home Loan Banks could serve as HFEs. Federal support to the conventional mortgage of the future would consist of a privately funded insurance fund where the government would guarantee its solvency in a manner similar to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations backing of the fund that insures savings deposits. Under this system, mortgage originators would pay premiums to capitalize the insurance fund, which would cover losses and ensure full payment to investors. The federal government would be required to pay investors only if the insurance fund was depleted. The intent is for the government to be in a secondary position and to be the insurer of last resort in order to reduce the risk to taxpayers, said Rutenberg.

securities ratings agencies that would use criteria developed by securities investors to assure objective evaluations and avoid conflicts of interest. Continue the role of the federal government housing agencies. The housing finance support roles of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Federal Housing Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Agriculture and the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae) would be preserved. Enhance the position of state and local housing finance agencies (HFAs) as a source of housing funds. The HFAs should have a more prominent housing finance role through the development of original programs for new homes and multifamily rental units involving partnering with federal and private providers of housing capital. Expand the role of the Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLBanks) in the housing

finance system. The FHLBanks should continue their current activities to serve as an ongoing liquidity source for institutions providing housing credit. Existing programs, such as the FHLBanks mortgage purchase programs, should be enhanced by allowing the banks to move beyond portfolio purchases to securitization. Repair flaws that produced the housing boom and bust. It is extremely important to continue and complete steps to close the gaps in standards and oversight that allowed and facilitated the improper and illegal activities in financial and mortgage markets. This should be done by undertaking a series of comprehensive reforms to ensure sound mortgage products and prudent underwriting; requiring sound mortgage securities structures and full transparency for investors; and imposing adequate oversight on previously unregulated segments of the mortgage and financial markets. From NAHB

NAHBs housing finance reform blueprint also proposes to:

Restart a carefully regulated fully private mortgage-backed securities system. NAHB believes reforms are needed in the system for rating mortgage-backed securities and is supporting the development of new


Bill Introduced: Restore Opt-Out Provision in Lead Paint Rule

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) and a cadre of fellow Republicans have introduced a Senate bill to restore the "opt-out" provision in the EPA's Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule. The provision, struck from the rule when it was introduced in April 2010, exempts a contractor from the RRP rule's lead-safe work requirements when a homeowner certifies that no child under 6 or pregnant woman resides in the home. Besides restoring the opt-out provision, the bill would outright suspend the rule in homes without small children or pregnant women until the EPA approves a more accurate, commercially available test kit to determine the presence of lead on a job site. For more information on viable lead test kits, visit the EPA's website. Further, the proposed bill prohibits the EPA from expanding the RRP rule to commercial and public buildingswhich it proposed doing in May 2010until the agency further studies how contractors are exposed to lead on those job sites. The bill also exempts contractors from penalty when they submit incorrect paperwork the first time, and it eliminates a requirement that recertification training be "hands on," making it possible for contractors to get recertified online. "I have always supported the intent of [RRP rule], which is to protect children and pregnant women from lead exposure, but EPA's implementation of the rule has long been botched and in need of a legislative fix," Inhofe said. In May 2010 the EPA gave its reason for removing the opt-out provision in the first place: "As pointed out by a number of commenters on the RRP rule, the opt-out provision does not protect families with young children who may purchase recently renovated target housing." The EPA feared that " dust-lead hazards created during renovations in an owneroccupied residence conducted prior to a sale will be present for the next occupants." The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) lauded Sen. Inhofe's bill. "If this effort is successful, it will reduce the regulatory burden for remodelers facing costly penalties for first-time violations like misfiled paperwork and allow home owners to make the final decision about renovations in their homes," said NAHB Remodelers Chairman George Moore Jr. Co-sponsors for the bill, referred to as the "Lead Exposure Reduction Amendments Act of 2012," include Sens. Charles Grassley, (R, Iowa); David Vitter, (R,) La.); Michael Enzi, (R, Wyo.); Tom Coburn, (R, Okla.); and Roy Blunt, (R, Mo.). The same day the bill was introduced, it was referred to the Senate's committee for Environment and Public Works, of which Inhofe is the ranking member. Reprint from Hardwood Magazine, March 2012 Floors

2 ISSUE32012

Builders Outlook

Presidents Message
to savings exceeding several billion dollars in Texas. It also saved jobs in our industries. Your membership provided you with a place at the legislative table on issues most of us couldnt be aware of trying to this on our own. Every month that I represent you as President provides me with another opportunity to come in contact with great people from different professions, locations, and situations. As I travel to meetings I come to realize the impact that we have and what we can do to strengthen our efforts. Such was the case in February as we made our way to Texas Builder meetings in Austin. First allow me to thank those that went with me. Greg and Randy Bowling do so much in Austin for us that I really think we cant thank them enough. Once again our Association was singled out as the best in percentage over goal at HomePAC, the Texas builder political arm. I was proud to pick up the award for this at the board meeting. Also on the trip was Edmundo Dena your Vice President. It was his first time on the inside and he came away a believer. He can see that El Paso does have an impact in Texas builder decisions and politics, and he also understands the value of networking with Texas best builders. My wife Ruth also came to the meetings and she always comes away from these things understanding what it is we do as a group. Of course Id like to thank Ray as well. Hes a great guide and knows his way around the meetings and the great places to eat. While we understand drought a little bit more than the rest of Texas I was amazed that the primary topic was the lack of water. It is affecting more than we think because the issue of water is highly politicized and will be on the agenda next legislature. Unlike El Paso, the rest of Texas pretty

Builders Outlook

Frank Arroyos
President, El Paso Association of Builders

Im starting this column with a comment on the value of membership. During the 2011 Texas legislative session our Association through the Texas Association of Builders and individuals from EPAB sifted through nearly 1100 bills that could have impacted the residential construction business. Our efforts saved individual builders and home buyers thousands of dollars per home each year. That translates

much depends on surface water, rivers, lakes and ponds. With the drought Texas builders are seeing restrictions on building permits because they cant get water hookups. Some towns actually have to truck water in. This sounds like a bad science fiction movie or something, but its happening right now in some parts of the state. Water is also being used as a weapon to curtail building or expansion. Our lobby team in Austin is on top of this, but nothing will help more than rain. Keep the prayers on for that. Back here at home we have a busy March and April coming up. Sign up for the concealed handgun class coming up, or the Made in USA Speed Networking event. We are looking for teams and advertisers for the April 10 EPAB golf tourney. As always I wish you success in your daily life and blessings.


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4 ISSUE 3 2012

Builders Outlook

TAB meetings worthwhile for number of reasons

that he was amazed at the power gathered at the meeting. I asked him to elaborate and he went on to tell me about the meetings he attended and how much he realized El Paso was recognized and admired. He said that in our region we in El Paso are kind of the test bed for the rest of West Texas and that what goes on in bureaucratic circles over here eventually finds its way to Lubbock, Midland, Odessa and points in between. This is especially true during the current drought and the onset of government impositions and restrictions on building because of it. Edmundo also was extremely happy to see that El Paso had established a long line of support for the work we have done through the association. The HomePAC luncheon gave him another important perspective of being a part of the TAB. Statewide politicians understand the need for housing in Texas and yes in El Paso. The year round effort by our TAB staffers and lobbyist goes a long way in making sure that El Pasos voice is heard in the same way San Antonio, Dallas and Houstons is. Im glad Edmundo took time to be in Austin for these meetings. Its great to see firsthand what makes the association so good to belong to. Its about strength in numbers and quality representation that each member of the EPAB should be proud of. One visit to a state meeting puts that into clear view. Just ask Edmundo Dena, our newest ambassador.

Ray Adauto, Executive Vice President EPAB

In Memoriam:
George Henry Jackson

Texas Association of Builder meetings are always interesting, informative and offer a wealth of knowledge. Our TAB winter meetings were held in February at the historic Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin. Its the kind of place where all things Texas come together with the look of old world hand drawn wood, beautiful artwork, stunning ceilings and more leather than an herd of longhorns. The site is chosen by TAB because its a great place for meetings like ours. Given the fact that nearly 300 members jam the hotel over the two or three days of the meet it isnt the location that is inspiring, its the people who attend that are. Our new Vice President Edmundo Dena experienced his first insider meeting in February and he said the same thing Ive heard for eight years, this was awesome. It may seem that being a builder of the caliber Edmundo is that he wouldnt be susceptible to the feeling of surprise at what actually goes on at a conference like this. But he was and I had an opportunity to talk to him about it. What he said was

George Henry Jackson passed away on February 24 at the age of 87. He was President of the EPAB in 1974. Mr. Jackson was the owner of G.H Jackson Construction and built homes and

apartments in El Paso starting in 1968. He also built Bassett Self Storage and much of Rojas Industrial Park. George was an avid flying enthusiast, skier, and sportsman. He scuba dived until he was 81 and flew until he was 85. He loved his church, St. Clement, and served there in the important role of senior warden and more. There are things that George did in life that served a lot of good, and it is our honor to wish his family thanks for his service to us, to the community and to his God. May he rest in peace.

Builders Outlook

Issue 3 2012

City Desk:
Dunkin Donuts announced that El Paso would be seeing eight new restaurants as part of a signing of a multi-store agreement with a new subsidiary, Sizzling Donuts, LLC. Grant Benson, VP of Franchising and market planning for Dunkin Brands, Inc. said that he was pleased to see a passionate franchisee committing to El Paso. Sources say that El Paso and Denver share the new owners and that both cities are prime locations for growth. Walmart plans to open a new store in Las Cruces, while a supercenter and neighborhood grocery store opens in Northeast El Paso. The supercenter is nearing completion at the location on Dyer near Fred Wilson. The site was an eyesore for years as it was home to an indoor flea market, and weekend outdoor flea. Construction was finishing as of early March, while the grocery store also is nearing construction completion. That grocery is on Hondo Pass located about a block west of Dyer and west of Sonic Drive In and Taco Cabana. Both stores are welcomed additions to a revived Northeast. El Paso Electric filed for a rate increase with the Public Utility Commission of Texas asking for a $17.6 million increase in rates in order to continue to provide safe and reliable service. Growing demand for electricity in the region along

Local News of interest to our members

with costs from the freeze of 2011 repair work done are part of the reasoning. Also El Paso Electric is seeking a one-time surcharge of $8.7 million to recover legal and other expenses likely to occur as a result of the El Paso City Council order for a rate filing. In other news about EPE was the announcement that David Stevens announced his resignation as CEO. Thomas Shockley, EPE director, will act as interim. REDCO announced new board members and officers recently. Dan Harris of Western Refining and Paco Jordan, Chairman of CF Jordan joined REDCOs Board in January. They replaced Suzanne Ramos and Cindy Bilbe (Stewart Title) who rotated out. Russ Vandenburg, CEO of TVO North America, assumed the responsibilities as Chairman of REDCO for 2012. El Paso Childrens Hospital opened its doors as the first independent childrens hospital in El Paso. The non-profit hospital is located next door to University Medical Center, but is not a part of that entity. There are about 225,000 square feet in the complex, with 50 neonatal intensive care basinets; 22 pediatric intensive care beds; a dedicated pediatric oncology/hemology floor; four pediatric operating rooms and other specialty areas.

6 ISSUE32012
Increased Optimism Felt at NAHBs 2012 International Builders Show
More than 51,000 builders, remodelers and other members of the home building industry crowded the aisles of the National Association of Home Builders International Builders Show (IBS), which ended its fourday run Friday at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., last week. Signs of optimism for the industrys recovery could be felt throughout the show, as exhibitors noted increased booth traffic and solid sales leads. We were so happy with the show this yearit was truly unbelievable. We barely had time to take a break, said Brian Stowell, CEO of Crown Point Cabinetry, who noted that they will exhibit again at IBS 2013 in Las Vegas. "If you supply the construction trade, you are crazy if you don't have your product here. This is your one chance all year to get in front of a national audience of builders that have projects. This show is a must for us." The 2012 IBS featured exhibits from more than 900 suppliers representing all facets of the home building industry. Builders and remodelers also attended more than 165 educational sessions on design trends, green building, marketing, remodeling and other building industry topics. Nearly 2,500 people attended a special address by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, where he discussed how restraints on credit for home buyers and home builders alike continue to impede the housing and economic recovery. Attendees also flocked to IBS Live, a new theater-like venue on the show floor that featured several exciting sessions throughout the week including an appearance by Dancing with the Stars winner and Operation Finally Home spokesperson, J.R. Martinez; a live airing of the popular Los Angeles-based radio show, Home Wizards; and a number of presentations on topics like green building, consumer trends and home financing. We really enjoyed our experience at the 2012 IBS. We were able to meet with vendors and see the latest product innovations, attend a wide variety of education sessions to learn new ideas and sharpen our skills, and hear from a great line-up of speakers, said Steve Spanjer, President of Spanjer Homes. We returned to work recharged and inspired. The IBS is an event our firm will not miss, as it helps enable us to be better prepared builders. Other highlights of the show included The New American Home 2012, NAHBs official show home, and the IBS Opening Ceremonies featuring world-famous magicians Penn & Teller as keynote speakers, and Aron Ralston, whose inspiring story of bravery was made famous in the acclaimed movie 127 Hours. The next International Builders Show takes place Jan. 22-24 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Registration for the 2013 show will open on Sept. 1. Details will be available at

Builders Outlook

Builders Outlook

ISSUE 3 2012


Health Care Reform: Whats happening in 2012?

HSAs An HSA is a savings account available only to people who are enrolled in a qualified high-deductible health plan and who have no other health insurance. As the name implies,high-deductible health plans require higher deductibles and out-ofpocket expenses than other types of health insurance policies, but the premiums generally cost less per month. The employer, employee or both can contribute to an HSA. Employer contributions do not count as taxable income to the employee; employees can take an above-the-line deduction for any contributions they make. If you offer employees a flexible spending account or cafeteria plan, they can make contributions to their HSA with pre-tax dollars through their FSA. A major advantage to using a health savings account is the money carries over from year to year, so employees dont have to use it or lose it. HSAs linked to high-deductible health plans can help control your group medical expenses by giving employees a greater stake in their health expenses. HSA account holders can use money in their HSA for any qualified medical expense, including medical expenses in retirement. Employees control the money in their accounts, not the employer. Balances accrue year to year and are fully portable, giving employees incentives to build their accounts rather than spend them down. FSAs Employers set up FSAs for employees; FSAs can cover either medical/dental expenses, dependent care expenses or both. A medical flexible spending account will cover any medical expense considered deductible by the IRS. You can find a list on IRS Publication 502. Employees elect how much of their pretax salary to deposit into their account, reducing their income tax liability. Employees pay no monthly or yearly maintenance fees on their account. However, they need to figure out how much theyre going to need for healthcare or dependent care expenses over the year, because they lose whatever is left in the account at the end of the year. This use it or lose it feature could encourage employees to make unnecessary expenditures. Pro and cons for employers Employers have much to love about FSAs and HSAs. Because funds are pretax withdrawals, they decrease employee taxable income, resulting in lower costs for FICA, unemployment insurance, workers compensation and other wagebased benefits. Payroll tax savings generally offset the cost of administration, and the employer can earn interest on account balances. On the flip side, the FSA at risk provision requires that you reimburse an employee for incurred eligible expenses up to the full amount that he or she has elected to set aside during the plan year regardless of how much he or she has actually contributed at that point. For example, lets say an employee elects to contribute $2,400 for the plan year and incurs $2,400 of eligible expenses at the end of the second month. At this point, the employee has only contributed $400 to his account, yet is entitled to $2,400 in reimbursement. If the employee remains with your organization, he will contribute the remaining $2,000 by years end. However, he has no repayment obligation if he leaves his job before the end of the year. The employer may still break even, because an employee who leaves in the course of the year without spending all he has contributed to his account relinquishes the remaining funds, unless he continues participating through COBRA. Employees also forfeit to their employers any unspent amounts left in their accounts at the end of the year. You can cap your companys liability by limiting the amount that employees set aside. Some employers use a two-tiered limit, limiting first-year participants to $1,000, for example, and then capping future participation at a higher amount. Remember, however, that the Affordable Care Act will limit contributions to medical FSAs to $2,500 for tax years beginning after 2012. Joe Bernal is a member of the El Paso Association of Builders and presents this information in his newsletter Employee Benefits Report. Employee Benefits of El Paso, DBA Joe Bernal Insurance and Financial Services, Inc., 6414 Gateway East El Paso, TX 79905-2007, (915) 5420900 * The information presented and conclusions within are based upon our best judgment and analysis. It is not guaranteed information and does not necessarily reflect all available data.

Joe Bernal Employee Benefits of El Paso

Health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) let employee or dependents set aside money, before taxes, for qualified healthcare expenses. Employers can use them to incentivize employees to participate in health improvement programs and they have tax advantages for both the employer and employee. But they have a few key differences which account should you use and when?

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Valentine Day Bowling: Strikingly SWEET!

Our first ever Valentine Day Bowling event was held on February 14 at Bowl El Paso. The event was scheduled to find a different way to celebrate Cupids Day with an indoor noncompetitive tournament. 11 teams of four competed in a head to head lane competition with bragging rights but none of the traditional trophies. Instead Valentine Chocolates were given to each entrant along with a special little pack of sweetheart gummy hearts. Lunch was provided as were some really neat gifts that everyone had a chance to win. Included in the items were logoed shirts, windbreakers, candies, two Kitchen Aide hand mixers and a $50 gift card to Romanos Macaroni Grill. The mixers were compliments of Western Wholesale; the gift card came from New Era Foam. Shirts were compliments of the EPAB. We were fortunate to have some great support from our lane advertisers Lone Star Title, Bank of the West (WestStar Bank), Sierra Title, Tropicana Homes, Stewart Title, Hunt Communities, and Cisco Homes. The bowling, food and beverages flowed as did the scores, but the entire event was fun and full of great times. Another bowling event is scheduled for the summer. Keep your eyes on upcoming information.

Membership Meeting
The February general meeting was held at the El Paso Club. Ken Farah from REDCO gave a presentation on the economic picture of El Paso and how REDCO looks at the metrics of economic development. The presentation was insightful in showing how diverse the manufacturing industries are in El Paso. Medical devices and electronic components for construction were the big surprise in the presentation. Over 60 members and guests enjoyed the meeting.

TAB Meeting

View more photos on our facebook page: elpasobuildersassociation

The Texas Association of Builders met in late February in Austin for the 2012 Winter Board meetings. Held at the historic Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin, the meetings topic of the day was water shortage (drought) in Texas and its effect on the home building business. It is predicted that water will be the topic of the 83rd legislature in 2013 and our lobby team is preparing for an onslaught of legislative bills on that topic alone. Our association was awarded the top trophy for contributions to the HOME PAC of the Texas Association of Builders. Accepting the award was Greg Bowling, Frank Arroyos and Edmundo Dena. Summer meetings will be held at Horseshoe Bay in late June.

10 ISSUE 3 2012
New-Home Sales Virtually Flat in January
Sales of newly-built, single-family homes declined by less than one percent in January from an upwardly revised number in the previous month to hit a seasonally adjusted annual pace of 321,000 units, according to data jointly released by HUD and the U.S. Commerce Department today. Outside of the upwardly revised December number, this is actually the best sales pace weve seen since April of 2010, when the home buyer tax credit was in effect, noted Barry Rutenberg, chairman of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and a home builder from Gainesville, Fla. Moreover, many recent indicators from our builder confidence surveys to housing starts and permits data and the expanding list of improving local markets have provided evidence that consumers are becoming more confident about making a home purchase. New-home sales this January were up 3.5 percent from the same time last year, and up one percent from the fourth quarter average for 2011, added NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe. This is indicative of the incremental, steady progress that the market is making toward recovery in conjunction with modest economic and job growth. Increasingly, potential buyers are feeling better about their financial situation and their ability to buy a home, but the challenges posed by tight credit conditions and appraisal issues continue to slow that process. New-home sales slipped 0.9 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 321,000 units in January, which was the second-fastest pace of sales activity since April of 2010. This decline was due to a 24.5 percent reduction in the Midwest and a 10.6 percent reduction in the West. Meanwhile, the Northeast posted an 11.1 percent gain and the South bounced back from a substantial decline in the previous month with a 9.3 percent increase. The inventory of new homes for sale continued to shrink to another record low in January, hitting 151,000 units, or a 5.6-month supply at the current sales pace.

Builders Outlook

Florida Builder Elected Chairman of NAHB

Orlando, Fl - Barry Rutenberg, a Gainesville, Fla.-based home builder with more than 35 years of experience in the building industry, was elected as the 2012 Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) during the associations International Builders Show in Orlando. Rutenberg is president of Barry Rutenberg and Associates, Inc. in Gainesville. His firm has developed more than a dozen communities and 1,000 homes in the Gainesville area. As the residential construction industry begins to recover from a prolonged downturn, Rutenberg has been a leader in NAHBs efforts to ensure that builders have access to credit for sound projects. Such credit is needed to enable home builders to respond to emerging demand in scores of markets across the nation and get the residential construction industry moving again as an engine of job growth in America. In this critical election year, we look forward to working with Republican and Democratic leaders to enact policies that will stabilize and restore the nations housing market, a sector of the economy that in normal times serves as a jobs catalyst and accounts for more than 17 percent of the nations total economic output, said Rutenberg. Specifically, NAHB will work with policymakers to restore the flow of credit for those who want to buy homes and those who want to build them, to protect the mortgage interest deduction, to correct a flawed appraisal process that has negatively affected property values, and to ensure a continued federal role in the housing finance system so that buyers have access to affordable mortgages. Rutenberg has been active in the NAHB leadership structure at the local, state and national levels throughout his career. He has served on NAHBs Board of Directors since 1980 and served on more than 25 NAHB committees and councils. He has served as an NAHB national vice president representing Florida and Puerto Rico for three two-year terms 1994-1995, 2001-2002 and 2007-2008.

Builders Outlook
From our friends at Do You Have to Refrigerate Opened Bottles of Mustard and Ketchup? Question: Do I have to store ketchup and mustard in the fridge once theyre opened? Answer: Technically speaking, you dont have to store opened bottles of ketchup and mustard in the refrigerator. But its a good idea all the same, since youll get a lot more mileage out of them if you do, as condiment manufacturers like French's point out. Due to their high acid content, both mustard and ketchup will keep fine for about a month in the pantry. But after that, their flavor, appearance and texture will begin to break down and deteriorate much more quickly at normal room temperatures than in the cooler 40 F storage conditions of the refrigerator. An opened bottle of ketchup should stay at peak quality for about 6 months in the fridge; mustard for at least a year. And both will remain safe to consume for much longer than that, as long as they've been continuously refrigerated. Can You Freeze Cheese Successfully? My local grocery store is currently running a special on cheddar cheese. Is it a good idea to stock up and freeze it? Answer: You can freeze cheese successfully if youre planning to use it for cooking purposes. Frozen cheese will remain safe to consume, but it will typically change texture and often become crumbly once thawed, says the National Dairy Council.

issue 3 2012


Did you know?

Quick kitchen tips

For that reason, you shouldn't count on serving the frozen cheddar at your next cocktail party. But it should be fine for use in cooked dishes like sauces, soups and casseroles. While you can freeze just about any type of cheese, the firmer varieties such as cheddar, Gouda and Swiss tend to come through the freezing process with the least damage to texture and flavor. For best results, keep cheese frozen for no more than 6 months. When freezing cheese, cut it into portions no larger than 1/2 pound each, and wrap tightly in airtight wrapping or place inside a heavy-duty freezer bag. You can also grate cheese before freezing and place it in a freezer bag. Be sure to thaw the frozen cheese in your refrigerator, and plan to use it within two or three days.

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Builders Outlook

A look back...
Moments in our 65 year history

The population of El Paso was 591,610. The hope of the new decade fell upon the El Paso Association of Builders with Randy Huggins at the helm as President, Anna Gill as VP; Will Harvey was Treasurer, and Brad Roe Immediate Past President. Patsy Zimmerman was the EO. It was clear that El Paso would be involved in some way with world events, most notably the middle East and some hot spots we would come to know much too well. Around the area home sales were looking pretty good and as the talk of baby boomers entering middle age the prospects for area builders was promising. It was pretty clear that the aging boomers would soon be moving up into their second home, more space, more expensive. Our members were gearing up. This was also a prime time for an association like ours as those baby boomers joined the greatest generation in partnerships in business. Advertisers in the Builders Outlook were scant but those with ads were boasting being ready for business. Southern Union Gas offered a builders special, Free Gas Lights for homes they would build using natural gas appliances. John Reich said that gas lights offered a soft and pleasant light, setting a nostalgic look. Gas lights also offered security and help prevent crime, vandalism and reduce the chance of accidents. Joe Pullen was President of HOW, Home Owners Warranty, touting the programs advantages for owners. HOW builders were said to be the builders to count on. The NAHB was holding its 47th Annual Convention and Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia in January, 1991. Members were reminded to make reservations early for only $165. The 1990 meeting was held in San Diego. Economists were predicting a slight recession that would be affected by actions in Iraq later on. Speaking of Iraq a member of ours Wayne Grinnell was a subject of a news story because he was Sub Land Engineer Wayne as a civilian but Lt. Colonel Wayne in the Army Reserves. Lt. Col. Grinnell was prepping for his deployment to Saudi Arabia or places in that region. I guess well have to ask him what actually came about from that. In 1990 the US invaded Panama. Nelson Mandela was released from prison in South Africa. Germany was reunited. The EXXON Valdez spill happened. Driving Miss Daisy won Best Picture. The Ultimate Warrior defeats Hulk Hogan for WWF Championship; the Cold War begins to die; Iraq invades Kuwait beginning the Iraqi war; UN authorizes use of force; the first web page on the internet is posted. El Paso would have its most significant population growth in the coming decade and the Iraq war would change us for decades to come. ByRayAdauto


A Look Back is a monthly feature of the El Paso Association of Builders publication the Builders Outlook. Look for more history of the El Paso Association of Builders in coming editions.


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Gee whiz, where did these first two months go? Although I was out of town for The Bowl A Thon I heard it was a good turnout and I want to thank all the participants and their employers for giving their employees the afternoon off to enjoy the competition and camaraderie that comes with this event. We can probably plan another one for July when it is nice and hot outside. Want to learn how to earn your license for concealed handguns? We are offering the 10 hour class at the EPAB office March 21-22. Our Associates Council voted to promote this class so now all we need is you to sign up for it. Its offered after work so it can fit our schedules better. Please mark your calendar for the annual spring Golf Tournament April 10 at Painted Dunes benefiting the Young Designers. This year the format has changed just a little. Instead of six man teams we will have four man teams and the cost is $500 per team. In talking with John Chaney our resident Golf Guru, the prizes and goodie bags will be great. Cant golf? Then join us as advertisers by promoting your business on the course. Contact Margaret in the office to find out how. Once again a big thanks to all the Bowlers that participated in the Bowl a Thon.

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The events are ever changing in the City of El Paso. On March 6, 2012 the El Paso City Council took action to approve the Plan for El Paso, which was the culmination of two years of work on behalf of the City staff, consultants, and the public and private sector. The plan reflects the ideals and goals of the City leadership and its staff. Members of the El Paso Builders Association worked closely with the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce in an effort to preserve private development rights and options. While the plan has grand goals, the nuts and bolts are still to come. In the months and years ahead we must continue to be vigilant in monitoring proposed ordinance amendments at the City of El Paso. It will be these amendments which will propose changes to El Paso regulations, including Title 19 and 20 for land development, land use, and site planning regulations. Such changes to the code may begin to modify, for example, the type of use, setback requirement, or building orientation that might be allowable under a particular type of zoning category in order to achieve the goals of the plan for new developments. Similarly, it might change the development requirements for particular types of roadway cross-sections, intersection spacing, or access requirements. My sincere thanks to the handful of members who spent countless hours working with the City and the Chamber on the Plan for El Paso. We look to a seeing each of you at the next Land Use Council Meeting at noon on March 28, 2011.


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