Dr. Eugene G.

Present Position
5 5 0 4 O v e r

Superintendent, Indianapolis Public Schools

Employment History

2005 - Present

Superintendent Indianapolis, IN Metropolitan School District of Washington Township Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis Public Schools Indianapolis, IN North Central High School Indianapolis, IN Wayne High School Ft. Wayne, Indiana

1994 - 2005


] 992 - 1994 1990 - 1992 1985 - 1990

Deputy Superintendent Principal Principal Indianapolis Public Schools

Professional Accomplishments Other Professional Experience
         Author of book: Leadership Beyond Excuses: The Courage to Hold The Rope Co-Author of book: Leading Schools of Diversity Adjunct Professor - Indiana-Purdue University, Ft Wayne, IN Assistant Principal- Wayne High School, Ft Wayne, IN Adjunct Professor - Ball State University Doctoral Fellow - Ball State University Assistant to the Principal of Elmhurst High School, Ft Wayne, IN Teacher and Coach of Kekionga Junior High School, Ft. Wayne, IN Graduate Assistant - University of Tennessee

Professional Membership/Experiences  Member AdvancED Board of Trustees 2011/2012
 
 

Secretary/Treasurer- The Council of the Great City Schools 2011-2012 Member of the Board of Trustees for Butler University (2011) Member of the Presidential Search Committee for Butler University (20] J) Member of the Executive Committee and Board of the United Way of Central Indiana (20] J) Member of the Greater Indianapolis Progress and Planning Comm ittee (20] 1) Member of the Super Bowl XLVI Host Committee Member and Closing Presenter for the Indianapolis Delegation to Convince the National

  


Dr. Eugene G. White
Football League Owners to Award Super Bowl XLVI to Indianapolis, IN (2008) Chairperson of the Advisory Board of Crossroads of America Boy Scouts of America (2010- 201 I) Past President of American Association of School Administrators (2006-2007) Member of American Association of School Administrators Executive Committee (20022006)  Member of State of Indiana Education Roundtable  Past President of the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents  Past President of Indiana Public School Study Council  Past President of Ball State University's Teachers College Alumni Association  Co-Chair, 2002 World Basketball Championship  Indiana Delegate to the American Association of School Adm inistrators (2001-2003)  Member of Indiana School for the Blind Board (Appointed by the Governor)  Past President of North Central Association (2004)  Past Chairperson North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement  Member of the North Central Association Executive Board of Commission on Schools Representing Smaller School Districts  Served on the North Central Association on Indiana State Committee  IACTE Task Force on Professional Development  Indiana School Executive Leadership Academy (Board Member)  Indiana Public SchoolslIndiana University Partnership (Board Member)  Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church (Member)  Indianapolis Commission to investigate problems, concerns, and hardships affecting AfricanAmerican Males (Co-Chair)  Completed the Indiana School Executive Leadership Academy  Completed the John F. Kennedy School of Government (Harvard University) Leadership Seminar on Change, "Chaos, Conflict and Courage"  District V Chairperson for the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents  Member of the National Board of Visitors for Indiana University, School of Education  Member of Board of Visitors for Butler University, School of Education  CIT AINCA Delegate to 2001 Conference on School Accreditation in Beijing, China  Completed Columbia University's Superintendent Seminar  Life Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity   

Honors  2009 Indiana Superintendent of the Year  2007 Presented Doctor of Humane Letters by Butler University  2007 Presented Doctor of Humane Letters by Martin University  2007 Presented the National Association for Gifted Children Administrator of the Year Award  2007 Presented the National Alliance of Black School Educator's Superintendent of the Year Award  2006 Presented Outstanding Educator Award b the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents  2006 Modern Red Schoolhouse "Distinguished Service A ward" Winner  2005 Presented the Ball State University Distinguished Alumni Award  2005 Selected as Distinguished Hoosier by Governor Mitchell E. Daniels  2002 Indiana Superintendent of the Year  2002 IAPSS District V Superintendent of the Year  2002 Presented The Center for Leadership and Development Accomplished Achievement Award

ne G. White
        2001 Inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame at Alabama A & M University 1997 Outstanding Superintendent of the Year presented by the Indiana Music Educators Association 1995 Presented The Center for Leadership and Development Education Award 1992 Named by Redbook Magazine as a "visionary leader" of one of America's Best Schools (North Central High School). Subsequently was chosen as one of two principals to appear on Good Morning America to represent the top 51 schools chosen by Redbook Magazine. ] 990 Winner of the C. Roger Wilson Community Service Award, presented by the North Central Province of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Chicago, Illinois ( 1984 Outstanding Community Service Award presented by Fort Wayne Jaycees 3 ] 983 Outstanding Young Educator A ward presented by the Fort Wayne Jaycees 1 Presented Indiana Parent Teacher Association Life Membership Award 7
) 5 Accomplishments in Washington Township: 4 5 Completed $65,000,000 renovation/construction project Central Campus. 1

                    

at North Central High School and

Provided leadership in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of the District's 1995- 2000 Strategic Plan. 0 2 Provided leadership and coordination of the current Strategic Plan for 2000-2005. 4 Created the District's 2.0 policy for participation in athletics and extra-curricular activities This e policy has resulted in higher academic performances by athletes and created academic supports w h and study sessions without compromising athletic achievements or championships. i Provided leadership in the development and implementation of six District Character Values, t which influence programs, activities, employees, students and the curriculum. e Established the North Central Hall of Fame and re-developed its Alumni Organization. e g Provided the vision, leadership and planning for the District's new Community and Education @ Center for administrative offices and community programs, activities and District Professional i Development initiatives. p Initiated the AVID Program in the District to motivate students with average academic s performance .to take advanced academic courses needed to prepare for college. k Created and continued the Superintendent's Personal Best Awards for students meeting criteria in I academics, conduct, attendance, and citizenship. 2 Initiated annual staff recognitions. . Worked withi administrators and central office directors to create a common focus for the District's n academic program; curriculum based on state standards is aligned, taught, evaluated and improved . on a scheduled basis. u Initiated Quarterly Budget Reviews to monitor and assess the District's budget in a formative s manner. Created, produced and participated in the District's "Overview Show" shown on the local cable D public service channel. r Created alternative programs to help students who failed to succeed in normal classroom settings. . Initiated the Pre-Ninth Program for 8th graders unprepared to enter high school. Created the Academy Six Program for 5th graders unprepared to enter middle school. Created an Administrators Leadership Program for selected teachers interested in becoming E administrators. Initiated after u school academic programs for students in need of remediation and tutoring. Created the Extended Day Community Volunteer Program to enable adults to share their g talents and special skills with our students. Initiated Superintendent's Talks with all students at the beginning of each school year. e Created and provided a "District Info-Letter" for staff and the public each quarter of the year.


Dr. Eugene G. White

Led a successful effort to pass a District Referendum to create a special fund, with a .1 O¢ rate, to subsidize the general operational fund. In collaboration with the high school principal, created an Academic Cohort Program for African American students with 2.5 to 3.0+ grade point averages. District has the highest performing African American students on the Indiana ISTEP+ assessment. Set up District partnerships with local schools of education, i.e., Butler University, IUPUI, Marian College and Ball State.
( 3 1 7 ) 5 4 5 I 0

Major Accomplishments in the Indianapolis Public Schools:  Raised the District's Graduation Rate from 46% in 2007 to 64.6% in 2011.  Cut the District's Dropout Rate in half from 2009 to 2011.  Created an office for district accountability and academic achievement.  Reversed a growing trend of student academic failure.  Developed and implemented a program of alternative educational options for students whose behaviors and emotional needs were disruptive to the safe and orderly process of the regular classroom. (21 Alternative Option Programs)  Reorganized the district's teaching and learning functions into two instructional divisions with each having direct line accountability for school operations, leadership performance and student achievement.  Established culture imperatives and a set of values to influence the building of a new district culture to guide the district through its transformation.  Implemented a student dress code designed to improve the climate and decorum of the school and prepare students for successful acceptance in society.  Established a curriculum and instruction department supported by the four core content areas of EnglishlLanguage Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  Established and implemented an annual performance evaluation of all employees, beginning with the Superintendent's Cabinet.  Rebuilt and reorganized the athletics program.  Established a district-wide 6-12 medical magnet program at Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet School.  Created the Shortridge Magnet High School for Law and Public Policy.  Established new administrative procedures/guidelines for implementing Board Policies.  Reorganized the transportation department.  Overhauled the information technology department with e-school capabilities and functions.  Established a data warehouse.  Implemented the first phase overhaul of the financial and human resources departments with the MUNIS Administrative Systems.  Created a centralized curriculum/instruction aligned organization.  Transformed the Board of School Commissioners to a "paperless" board operational format.  Closed 15 underutilized school buildings.  Created the Broad Ripple Magnet High School for the Arts and Humanities.  Created the first district magnet academy for gifted and highly talented students in Grades 2 _ 8 at Sidener School #59.  Expanded the highly successful Center for Inquiry to a second site at School #84.  Created the second Spanish immersion school in Marion County at School #74.  Started the only elementary school in central Indiana for Performing Arts at School #70.  Eliminated smoking on IPS properties, facilities and in vehicles.  Created direct deposit of all employees' salary checks.  Established relations and partnerships with various community businesses and patrons.  Revamped and reorganized the district's Bridges to Success Partnership Program with the United Way of Centra) Indiana.


Dr. Eugene G. White
Established a partnership with The Mind Trust and created the IPS Teacher Fellows from The New Teacher Project out of New York; initiated the College Summit Program, with the help of The Mind Trust, at Emmerich Manual High School and at Thomas Carr Howe Community High School; and worked with The Mind Trust, the United Way, and the Lilly Endowment to bring the Teach for America Program to IPS.  Worked with the School Board and NEOLA to completely revise all school district policies.  Worked with the Indianapolis Education Association (lEA) to completely revise the IPS teacher evaluation process.  Made personnel and organizational changes to completely update the Title I Program. Title I Parent Liaisons are in all Title I Schools. Title I school improvement plans are aligned to the instructional focus of the Elementary and Secondary Divisions.  Title I and state funds allowed us to establish full day kindergarten for all IPS children.  Established or expanded the instrumental music programs in all elementary schools. (Supported by VHI Save the Music Foundation & Brighthouse Communications)  Physically reorganized the Office of Student Assignment space at the JMFCES to better serve our customers.  Implementing the Adolescent Literacy Program at Northwest High School through a partnership with NCREL and the University of Kansas.  Introduced and established the AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) Program at IPS high schools and middle schools to help students who will be the first in their family to attend college.  Created four (4) Community High Schools serving grades 7 - 12.  Created the New Tech High School at Arsenal Technical High School. The first Senior Class will graduate in 2011 .  Created the OverlUnder Program to help students who are two or more grades behind in grades 4 - 6.  Developed a partnership with College Board and introduced the Springboard Program in 20062007 for AP and Honors students in EnglishlLanguage Arts.  Established a Weighted Grades Policy for the IPS high schools.  Created a partnership with the KIPP Academy at the elementary and middle school level.  The Facility and Management Division has implemented an automated electronic work order processing and management system called "School Dude". Work orders are now electronically submitted by school administrators and custodians.  Created a Career and Technology Truck and Diesel Technology Program through a partnership with Navistar. This diesel engine repair program is one of the best in the Midwest.  Partnered with the Regional Radio Sports Network to create a program called IPS Sports Network. This program implemented and directed students to produce 20 sporting events from IPS throughout the 2007-2008 school year. The broadcasts are web cast from www.ipssportsnetwork.com and www.rrsn.com .  Created the College Readiness Center (CRC) at Arsenal Technical High School in the 2008- 2009 school year. This is a partnership with Ivy Tech College and it will decrease the number of students who need remediation when entering college. This will allow the students to be ready to begin college level work upon entry into college.  Ivy Tech and our Career Technology Magnet School at Arsenal Technical High School allowed all high school students to take dual credit courses in the 2008-2009 school year. Students in the 1 ] th and 12th grades can elect to earn dual credits in Welding, Machine Trades, Commercial Foods, CADlDrafiing, Digital Editing, Commercial Arts, Auto Mechanics, Child Care and Computer Repair.  Virtual School was implemented through our e-SchooJ Academy as one alternative option for students. This summer we had the second online Academic Summer School Program.  Worked with local business leaders to provide Academic Summer School in 2006-2007.  Placed reading coaches in 95% of the IPS elementary schools in 2006-2007. 

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Dr. Eugene G. White
Replicated the major components of the Reading First Model in 59 elementary schools. Implemented the elementary Three-Tier Instructional Model. Received District Accreditation from Advance Education (2009). Created District-Wide Values For Life Annual Celebrations for elementary students. Achieved the passage of the Capital Improvement Program Phase III Bonds by 78% of the citizens of IPS ($278,000,000). Reconfigured aJJ elementary schools by adding the sixth grade to the organization in 2006 (K- 6). Totally reconstructed School #44, School #15, School #28 and School #110 to meet the mandate of Adequate Yearly Progress in the No Child Left Behind Law. During the summers of2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 conducted Champions Camps for IPS students in the sports of volleyball, football, soccer, basketball, golf and track. Employed a Title I Parent Liaison in each Title I school. IPS now has an assessment system that offers teachers not only quality items aligned to state standards with immediate feedback to assist in planning instruction according to individual student needs, but also a way to assist each student in achieving success on the state test. Implemented Blackberry solution to enable administrative users and School Board Commissioners to have immediate access to pertinent communications 24/7. Development of A Five Year "Path" for the Special Education Department. Developed Full Purposed Partnership/Systems of Care Schools (12) for Special Needs students. Restructure of Homebound and Residential Satellite Programs for the provision of effective continuation of instruction. Established End of Year Recognition of Employees on five year intervals of service, e.g. 5 year, 10 year, 15 year, etc. Created a New Teacher Four-Day Orientation Program. First Clerical Training Academy implemented for school secretaries and clerks. First District in Indiana to implement mandatory On-Line Professional Development Training for all substitute teachers (Sub Hub). Affirmative Action Plan completed. Implemented professional development training in Teacher Expectation and Student Achievement (TESA). Developed and initiated an IPS Online University for IPS educators to receive high quality professional development. Teachers utilize IPS Online University for license renewal as well as colJege credit. Voyager University - IPS and Voyager University worked as partners to provide IPS teachers with the opportunity to build skills for teaching every child to read by providing training in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Implemented 6+ 1 Writing Traits for teaching and assessing writing. Created and implemented the District Adjudicator Court to deal with students referred for new placements because of problems in their regular school assignment.

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• • • • •

R e s t r u c t u r e d I

PS middle schools to grades 7 - 8 format and revised the Language Arts and Reading Programs. Started the only Primary Years (IB) Program in a public school in the State of Indiana at CFI School #2. Started the International Baccalaureate Program at Northwest High School. Created a new middle school Math/Science and World Languages Magnet School at Harshman Middle School. Achieved the second Primary Years (lB) Program at CFI School #84. Completed the 2005-20] 0 Strategic Plan. Developed a new 20] 0-2015 Strategic Plan. Created Policy for business opportunities with Minority and Women owned firms, and



545-1 024ewhiteeg@ips.k 12. in. us

Dr. Eugene G. White
implemented a supplier diversity initiative.


( 3 1 7 )

1982 1981
1971 1970

Ball State Unive rsity, Munc ie, IN BalJ State Unive rsity, Munc ie, IN

abama A & M University, Normal, AL

References are available on request. Ed.D. Ed.S. M.S.

Univ ersit y of

Kno xvill e,

A l


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