February 2012 ……………… PLANTING NEW LOCAL LEAGUES TOPS AMBITIOUS GOALS FOR YEAR The NGFFL Board has identified its most ambitious area of attack for 2012: testing out the viability of starting new leagues in local areas where there currently is no gay flagfootball presence. Led by new Director of Outreach Chris Cormier (DC), the Board is sketching ideas and plans for how it might work with local volunteers to plant leagues from afar, starting with 1-2 cities as a test run. One path the Board is exploring is finding corporate partners that have an interest in key cities where the NGFFL would like to see new leagues, and asking that company to underwrite the expenses of recruiting and organizing remotely. It’s an extraordinarily ambitious endeavor for an organization that’s all-volunteer and lacks people who might ideally serve as local organizers. In addition, the Board will be helping its current local member organizations that are not yet leagues to form them. Do you have a contact in a city where no league exists today? Want to help uncover one? Contact Chris Cormier at cormier78 at yahoo dot com. ……………….. CITY LEADERS SAY EMPHATIC YES TO NGFFL-DRIVEN CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS In two separate surveys administered in recent weeks by the NGFFL Board, city leaders have offered an emphatic “Yes!” to more corporate partnerships like last year’s MillerCoors arrangement, as long as the money is enough to offset the time and effort required of local leagues to meet the corporate partner’s expectations. With that input, the NGFFL’s new corporate-partnership director Phil Clawson (Boston) is significantly updating the organization’s corporate-partnership sponsor levels, putting the finishing touches on that packet now. The NGFFL then plans to aggressively gather and pursue new prospects. Have a contact at a company that might make a great national partner? Contact Phil at phillipc at aol dot com. ………………….. NGFFL CRAFTING ALL-NEW ARRANGEMENT WITH MILLERCOORS The NGFFL is currently working with MillerCoors to craft a new arrangement for 2012. The NGFFL has asked for a significant increase in what the company gives. And MillerCoors’ LGBT-marketing firm SPI, which is the NGFFL’s point of contact, is exploring focusing the giving on the cities and events where SPI has an on-the-ground presence and thus can better deliver on the company’s promises to local leagues and tournament organizers. The NGFFL Board hopes to finalize the new arrangement in March.

……………….. THE NGFFL BOARD WILL SOON HEAR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR IMPOVED GAY BOWL FORMAT The Gay Bowl Progress & Evolution Task Force is readying its recommendations to the NGFFL Board. The task force has been holding weekly calls, thoroughly exploring a wide array of possible updates to Gay Bowl based on ideas from across the country. The recommendations will likely include updates to the seeding process, pool-pod composition, and the first ever B division. Soon, the task force will pressure test its final recommendations with a variety of City Leaders. The task force will then present the ideas to the Board for a vote. The Gay Bowl Progress & Evolution task force is a group of volunteers led by the Board’s Gay Bowl Liaison Thurman Williams (Atlanta>>DC). Its participants are Mark Barr (SLC>>NY), Seth Greenleaf (NY), Wayne Knaub (Philly), Ty Law (Chicago), Brian Miller (PHX), Shawn Rea (PHX), and Chris Whitlow (Atlanta). ……………. SHORT GAINS:      City leaders mark your calendars (if you haven’t already) for the NGFFL Annual Meeting, which will be Tues., Feb. 28, 8-9:30 Eastern. Agenda forthcoming. Who wants to host Gay Bowl in 2013?! Soon the Board will circulate the bid schedule and process. Bids will be due this spring. Soon the Board will issue a call for nominations for the two appointed Board positions of Director of Officials and Director of Rules. Stay tuned. The Board expects to hear a yes, no, or “provide us more info” from the IRS soon on its application for 501(c)3 nonprofit status. Keep your fingers crossed. The Florida Sunshine Cup is red hot: 12 teams from around the country have registered for the fun in the sun the weekend of Feb. 18. Check out the Facebook page. Check out the fun photos from the annual Duel in the Desert pick-up tournament, which was the weekend of Jan. 17 in Palm Springs, CA. The hotel-room block for Chicago Pride Bowl V is already available. Book now if you plan to be there June 22-23. Stay in the heart of Boystown at The Willows, The Majestic, and the City Suites. Rates are same as last year. The NGFFL Board has procured Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance for the first time. For $385/year, the NGFFL and its Board members are now covered

 

against errors and wrongful acts, discrimination claims, and claims over teameligibility matters. Interested in D&O for your local league? Contact NGFFL Treasurer Sam Lehman (NY) at slehman at columbianyc dot com, and he can share what the NGFFL Board has learned.  Are you a long-time NGFFL local organization but still without a local league? If so, take a close look at Section 4.4 of the new NGFFL Bylaws, the “Expectations of Member Organization Maturation.” Soon, you’ll hear from the Board about helping your organization map to the new requirements. Are you a City Leader or Gay Bowl team captain? If so, and if you haven’t read the all-new NGFFL Bylaws closely, please consider doing so this month. Let NGFFL Director of Operations and Special Projects Jared Garduno (PHX) or commissioner Shane Kinkennon (Denver) know if you have any questions. The Denver Gay Bowl Committee raised more than $22K at a fundraiser on February 4th featuring some of the mountain state’s most influential LGBT leaders, including the Minority Leader of the Colorado House of Representatives, an influential State Senator, and a Denver At-Large City Councilwoman. The $22K is significant progress toward the committee’s $80K target.

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