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Nano-RAM , is a proprietary computer memory technology from the company Nantero.

NRAM (Nano RAM) is a type of random access memory based on the mechanical position of
carbon nano tubes deposited on a chip-like substrate. In theory the small size of the nanotubes
allows for very high density memories. NRAM uses carbon nanotubes for the bit cells, and the 0
or 1 is determined by the tube’s physical state: up with high resistance ,or down and grounded.
NRAM is a memory with actual moving parts, with dimensions measured in
nanometers.Its carbon nanotube based technology makes advantage of vaanderwaals force to
create basic on off junctions of a bit.Vaaderwaaals forces interaction between atoms that enable
noncovalant binding. They rely on electron attraction that arise only at nano scale levels as a
force to be reckoned with. The company is using this property in its design to integrate nanosacle
material property with established cmos fabrication technique.
NRAM works by balancing the ridges on silicon. Under differing electric charges, the
tubes can be physically swung into one or two positions representing one and zeros. Because the
tubes are very small-under a thousands of time-this movement is very fast and needs very little
power, and the tubes are a thousand times conductive as copper it is very to sense to read back
the data.
The technology work by changing the charge placed on a latticework of crossed
nanotube. By altering the charges, engineers can cause the tubes to bind together or separate,
creating ones and zeros that form the basis of computer memory. The chip will stay in the same
state until making another change in the electric field.