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Career@ ICICI Bank

Campus Placements , 2011-12

ICICI Bank : An Introduction ICICI Banks Value proposition for you

ICICI Group: A financial superhouse

Strong brand identity that instills confidence among customers Facilitates diversification and new initiatives Brand present across all distribution channels

among Indias top financial services brands

ICICI Bank: mirroring Indias change

First mover in consumptio Capitalising n-led on Project finance growth liberalisation opportunity, to Indias of the financial leveraging corporate sector sector technology

Development Finance

Commercial Commercial Banking Banking

Retail Banking

Insurance Insurance

International International
Serving Indian MNCs, NRIs and local communitie s

2nd largest Bank of the country

A well capitalised Bank offering services across product

Becoming a universal bank

2003 2000


1996 1955 1994

Key Milestones
Formation of Industrial Credit & Investment Corporation of India Ltd as a development financial institution to provide foreign currency loans to industry


Formation of ICICI Bank Ltd as a subsidiary

Name changed to ICICI Limited; entry into retail credit

1999 2000
2000 2002

First Indian company and first financial institution from Asia (exJapan) to list on NYSE
ICICI Bank becomes first Indian bank to list on NYSE; acquires Bank of Madura Entry into insurance Merger of ICICI and ICICI Bank Beginning of international scale-up: first overseas branch in Singapore Acquisition of Sangli Bank Merger of Bank of Rajasthan

2007 2010

Awards & Accolades

Ranked 2nd in the Banking sector and 10th in the overall "BT 500 India's Most Valuable Companies", by Business Today For the second consecutive year, ICICI Bank was ranked second in the "India's 50 Biggest Financial Companies" , in The BW REAL 500 by Business World ICICI Bank tops the list of "Most Trusted Private Sector Bank" and ranks 10th in the list of "India's Most Trusted Service Brands" by Brand Equity, Most Trusted Brands 2011 ICICI Bank ranked 5th in the list of "57 Indian Companies", and 288 th in World Rankings in Forbes Global 2000 list ICICI Bank received the Best Manpower Efficient Award amongst private sector banks by FICCI IBA

Our main Groups

Retail Banking Wholesale Banking SMEAG Operations Group Rural & Inclusive Banking
Indias biggest private sector Bank with a spread of 2,534 branches Wholesale banking is based on providing comprehensive and customised financial solutions to large corporate customers SMEAG focuses on providing comprehensive Banking Solutions to Medium size Enterprises Responsible for Banking operations which support the various businesses of the Bank Rural & Inclusive Banking is responsible for priority sector lending and capitalise on profitable opportunities in the rural economy

Key drivers at ICICI Bank

Technology capital Human capital Speed capital Culture / organizational structure

These strategic drivers have enabled ICICI Bank to achieve market leadership

Technology capital
Technology has been a key driver of the Banks growth Share of alternate channels: Over 90%
of the Banking transactions are done from non-branch based channels

A competitive advantage: Technology

expense per customer at about one-tenth of global banks

Human capital
Attract the best talent which Welcomes challenges Operates with extreme agility Build a meritocracy based system Differentiated growth and reward based on performance Grooming potential leaders Responsibilities ahead of time Encourage experimentation

Speed capital
Strategic agility Anticipate next business horizon, ahead of competition Ability to make decisions with insufficient information Institutionalize speed of response The 90 day rule for implementation of all projects Develop innovative products and services in shrinking time frames

Culture & organisational structure

Culture Entrepreneurial Collaborative Sensitive

Organization structure Networked, flexible and amorphous Continuous reevaluation to meet business objectives

ICICI Bank : An Introduction ICICI Banks Value proposition for you

Whats in for you

An opportunity to be treated as Managers from Day 1 !
A young & dynamic work environment A chance to work with the economy shapers & the policy drivers Constant opportunity to set industry benchmarks Job size far bigger than that of your peers An opportunity to deliver, often beyond your own expectations

Employee value proposition

Growth and learning

Growth and learning

Committed to creating opportunities for employees personal growth Committed to putting in place an enabling work culture that facilitates the achievement of aspirational goals Committed to running a merit-oriented organisation, while setting high performance standards Committed to standing by you in your hour of need just as you go the extra mile for the organisation when it needs you Together in a team, we are a winning organisation

Enabling work Enabling work culture culture Meritocracy Meritocracy

Care Care

Winning Organisation

Winning Organisation

Approaching a career: ICICI context

Ethical conduct: Zero tolerance for slippage Work culture Hard working Curious Application of skills Do not be afraid to make mistakes Learn from mistakes Take decisions Become team player: Individual initiatives within team framework Get noticed through work

Roles offered to you

Retail Banking Group
Wealth Manager Relationship Manager (Elite Trade Relationship Group) Credit Manager Sales Manager Branch Service & Compliance Manager

Small and Medium Enterprise Group

Relationship Manager Solution Manager

Roles offered to you

Commercial Banking Group
Accounts Manager Manager Trade

Global Operations Group

Customer Service Manager Unit Manager

Salary & Remuneration (AMII)

Remuneration Details
Basic HRA * Conveyance Allowance Superannuation Allowance ** Leave Travel Allowance Additional HRA Canteen Allowance Medical Additional Allowance Gross Total Retirals (PF, Gratuity) *** Total CTC Performance Bonus(Average) # Cost of Loans ## Total CTC (incl PB & Loans)

16,500 10,500 4,000 2,475 2,000 3,125 1,300 1,250 20,917 62,067 3,354 65,421 5,833 4,167 75,421

198,000 126,000 48,000 29,700 24,000 37,500 15,600 15,000 251,000 744,800 40,253 785,053 70,000 50,000 905,053

Salary & Remuneration (Terms)

* HRA Rs. 10,500 PM - Mumbai
HRA Rs. 9,500 PM - Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida , Vashi & Thane HRA Rs. 7,000 PM- Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad HRA Rs. 5,000 PM - All State capital & commercial towns

**All offered applicants will have an option to join the Superannuation scheme and in such case

15% of your annual basic salary will be credited to the Superannuation Fund and the superannuation allowance will be withdrawn . If the option is unavailed the amount will be paid in the monthly salary with regular tax implications.

# Please note that there is no minimum guaranteed bonus. The bonus ranges from 0 to 100% of
Basic salary

*** Company contribution towards PF is 12% and Gratuity is 8.33%

## Please mention that the selected applicants would be eligible for education loan of Rs. Five lakh

at the interest of 2.5 % , Loan eligibility would be effective from date of joining

Thank You