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THE RELIGIONS One religion is coming in to existence only after some messiah come to this world and tell

something new to the people. If some hundred people are following him during his period after thousand years they will become one lakh people as the population explosion is the only non stop nonsense that is happening in this world. But truly speaking nothing can be told new. Everything will be told already. If any thing is told as new it will be existing their in some other form. ...........ashokha. The only difference may be in languages or in any rituals that are familiar to that area already. If we go deep in to the root of those religions we can see certain fundamental policies that are already existing in some other shape. The story of two birds in a forbidden tree that the female bird has eaten the fruit and the male bird is not affected by that had become the base of two major religions. In muntaka upanishad the birds are adma and jeev. Later they become adam and eve. The piple tree sound is not changed much. To save some people from the invasion of the people of another religion some has taken weapons and they become a separate religion after six hundred years. The people who are coming for war are also here. The people who are saved are also here. A third religion is coming into existence with these already two. The turban and the knife are telling the history. Two disciples learned something from a single guru (teacher). They teach them to their disciples. In one hundred years two separate religions are coming in to existence at a distance of two hundred kilometers. Both are not having god faith and pray only mirrors symbolizing that they are the god themselves. They pray the light as god. Buddha taught the meditation. In sanscrit it is “thyan”. As the people cannot spell it, it become “zen”. Contradiction to this one scholar does meditation for some years. Nothing has happened inside. He got angry. He teaches there is no god. Everything is only human. Some people follow him and it becomes a sect now. They are not doing any rituals but their cursing of the god itself become a ritual now. I finish with a symbolic story. Let it not become a separate religion after hundred years,please. Two disciples from two separate countries come to a teacher. The teacher teaches them “love is god”. In one disciple's language it is“chang ching chang” and in another's language it is “ching chang ching”. After ten years both go to their country and teach the policy. After thousand years lakhs of people are following each religion. After another thousand years these two countries are fighting at their borders to spread their religions in each others country. One man from the native of that original teacher see this and cries chang ching chang and ching chang ching are same...both are same.....both are same.........but nobody hear the cry.