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Pariahs of consciousness

The earth as we know it , is in some remote corner of the universe, which is in some remote corner of the galaxy which in turn ,is in some remote corner of the vast consciousness we call as energy, space, veli, God depending on whether we are scientifically, religiously or agnostically inclined at that point in time or day. Centuries have gone by in the exploration of the role of man and his relationship with the Creator. Great minds have tried to prise open the secret of all ages and have all stopped short of expressing themselves about this subtle relationship which is public and very private at the same time. Then ,there have been the category of saints who have stated to have had the ultimate experience but they too have not been able or could not have been able to express the experience in words to others…. If they were able to see the others in that state!!! Clearly we are all caught in the twin phenomenon of time and space – they are inseparable and actually only two sides of the same coin of creation. Very few have been able to cross the trap of time & space and successfully remain that way. The overwhelming majority of us are caught in the phenomenal world of time & space and eke out our existences there over eternity. We are caught up in the daily distractions of the world and finally age and die at last or early depending on our actions . In between we study, marry, have children, have fantasies about the opposite sex, money, fame, power, position and pursue varied and diverse interests. The illusions we have about life are as infinite as Infinity itself. Spinning a cocoon of thoughts concerning these matters we live like silkworms in our own worlds till the day comes when someone or something comes along and shakes our reverie and makes use of the silk we have woven for their use. We live blissfully in our own little worlds ignoring the sea of consciousness surrounding us .

Our life can be compared to the grain of sand in a vast expanse of desert with its varied life forms. We arrogate all the importance to ourselves and our concerns. The main source of our unhappiness comes because of our limited viewpoints. We are unhappy if things don’t go our way and happy if they do. We are conditioned by external events impacting on our limited awareness. Only the vast expanse of consciousness knows what it holds in its folds and we watch as it unfolds in our little lives. Great conquerors have appeared and disappeared without a trace. Asoka, Alexander The Great ,Babur, Attila, Napoleon, Hitler, kings & queens of all shapes and sizes have been accommodated in this vast space/time framework. None have been able to make any lasting impact -- only a passing remark in the History class before the lunch break. There have been other types of conquerors like the Buddha,Mohamed,Jesus,Krishna who were able to pierce the veil and see the real truth. These names have withstood the ravages of time because they were actually beyond the time/space framework. They were able to see their essential nature not very different from the essence of existence and extolled the virtues of such an existence. We are unable to comprehend and follow their sayings as we feel that we are not a part of their consciousness whereas nothing could be farther than the truth. We have decided to limit our circle of awareness to material things only and live in that mode of limitation till the spell is dispelled by some disaster, event or person. When such a thing happens ,we awake temporarily from the stupor of matter, think for half a second and then again go about as if nothing has happened. In my own life this is happening as I lost a few close relative within a very short time .

This made me realise that one has to develop a dual mode of existence – one that focuses on earthly life as is normal and the other focus to be kept on the invisible reality behind all the worldly phenomenon. A severe limitation is imposed on us by our senses and we tend to take things at face value. Even that is a major feat as things keep changing and churning before we can make sense of anything. It has to be so because there is a sea of consciousness underneath our human consciousness which is the very essence of our existence which keeps changing dynamically every nano second. We are blissfully unaware of its existence and go about planning our lives ignoring this major detail. But ignorance is not bliss in this case as awareness is bliss as you try to merge into this consciousness. Various methods have evolved over time like meditation ,dikshas,gurus ,and so on all concentrating on one thing – how to pierce the veil. Eightfold yoga,hatha yoga,raja yoga,gnana yoga – all have as their aim the attainment of this state of consciousness. I have wondered many a time looking at the photos of saints & philosophers what were they seeking and what did they get? Why did they look so peaceful when they actually owned nothing material? In fact only those who could transcend material needs are even remembered in human consciousness. Where are the zillionaires of yesteryears? Where are their zillions? Obviously wealth seems to be transient even by my own experience. Similarly I have validation of these timeless truths in my own life. The imprint on my individual consciousness of these universal truths is what matters to me the most. Looks as though my individual experiences are the ones that I will carry with me beyond.

Therefore I should try to get the maximum experience in this life as much as I can. Time & space seem to have been created for each of us to collect this experience individually. After the world is dissolved by the creator there will be no time at all. Just visualise that state for a moment. No time or space. No creation or creator . Difficult even to entertain such a thought. Then suddenly the creator says that enough is enough and again creates time and space for the individual consciousness to have a field (day?) So in the hands of this creator , time can be manufactured at will. A sobering thought for all of those who seem to hurry all the time (to achieve what?) There is no point in going around in endless circles in this world till you reach a state when you realise that it is all futile beyond a point. Even the world’s richest people like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have realised that you cannot take even a cent from this place. That is the unfortunate human condition. Or is it fortunate? Bur again how many rich people even have that maturity of mind? We are witness to the majority of humans uselessly accumulating wealth for no sane known utility. At the heart of this false thinking is the notion of me and mine. The entire globe revolves around this thought. And causes extreme hardship to other humans. It is the cause of wars and distrust. And will continue to be for eternity as it has been in the past. People have a linear view of time.

This is not true. Time and space are creations of the great supreme consciousness and are states of existence for man to exist as a human being. Maybe a divine experiment. Who can tell? Has the human being changed as a race? The answer is in the negative. So time cannot be linear. Otherwise man would have changed for the better. The seven so called deadly sins are around from time immemorial. They continue to flourish even today. The so called developments in science are not a testimony to modern man. There would have been more scientifically advanced civilisations in the past that we may never know of. Science can never penetrate consciousness but only the reverse is true. Till we as humans realise that each of us is more than what we see we will be condemned to live in this collective hell and cause mutual suffering. Till then we will continue to be pariahs of consciousness.