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Thought is adhesive ……

We all think. Or at least we think we do. The only creature capable of conscious thought in the animal kingdom is man. Come to think of that how many of us think consciously? Mostly we react to things, events and people. GB Shaw said that he used to think once a week and he came to be known as a genius. Sometimes in our reveries of life there comes some shocks when we feel the pain of existence and think very briefly- what is the meaning of it all? Then after precisely 3 days we fall back into routine till the next major change happens and so on. Have we ever wondered what is the source of thoughts and their nature? Or is it better left to philosophers and saints and god men? Should normal folk like you and me be prohibited from thinking about thoughts? From my limited experience it appears that you almost have no conscious control over your thoughts. They come from somewhere in our mind’s sky and flit around for sometime and then disappear from the screen as mysteriously as they came. If you happen to observe some particular thought which is interesting then you pursue it and then get engrossed in it and then get involved in it and then it becomes a part of your life. If you do not get involved in it at all it does not affect you in the least. What gets involved is an interesting question. Some energy inside us gets involved .This energy is part of ourselves and is inextricably a part of that elusive thing called spirit or soul or whatever that makes you feel that you are a conscious living thing well differentiated from the rest of the world.

So thought which is of interest to you gets attached to your consciousness. This is very important to remember.

A thought, which was never a part of you, external by nature, gets attached to you and becomes a part of your very life. From then on you start thinking – I thought like that , it is my idea , like you are fond of saying- my child , my school, my parents, my property ,my life and so on. They were never a part of you in the first place and never will be unless you make the mistake of identifying yourself with them. All that you are and have ‘acquired’ are nothing but habits and thoughts that you have made your “own” Your parents, spouse, relatives are all thoughts that you acquired. When they die and inevitably so will they do -you will feel the pain a lot lesser if you realise that thay were added to you and will then logically be subtracted from you. This is the truth, but for most it is the bitter truth. Why does one cry when a so called ‘loved’ one departs? Because you miss his /her presence. Does anyone suffer or cry because the other person is suffering? You will be a lot more happier in life if you realised this one fact only. Many of us do things which we would otherwise not do for the sake of our loved ones and make the world a lot less happier place to be in for others. Thoughts have the fantastic quality of adhering to your personality which is why some thoughts affect you and others don’t.

Besides thoughts that affect others deeply don’t affect you at all. Why? Because you are by nature susceptible to certain kinds of thought while others are to certain other types of thought. Who beams these thoughts? Do they arise from outside or inside? An analogy will help here. I was walking on the Marina in Chennai and saw a neon sign of a leading daily. The impression fell on my retina and was duly processed by my mind to make sense of the image from outside. Can I say that the neon sign was my own? Certainly not. Similarly thoughts are projected onto our minds, which incidentally is another organ, and they are not our own unless and until we make them our own. But how many of us are careful in monitoring our thoughts? There is a veritable invasion every second in our minds and millions & zillions of thoughts parade themselves before our naïve consciousness throughout our lives. How blissfully we allow them to take over our lives. Any thought which we allow consciously or otherwise will change you forever till another thought modifies it. Thoughts have the power to materialise themselves through you. This is another awesome power given to all humans. They are fragile creatures in space till they latch onto you.

May be they have a lifetime of only a few seconds till you make them a part of your life. That is why we are seized by causes and ideas. They have the power to possess and transform. But you give them the power. By themselves they are powerless. The reason why sages and seers throughout the ages have emphasised the need to think good thoughts etc., etc., seems to have originated because of this adherent property of thought. It has the propensity to latch onto your life subtly and secretively and convince you that it is a part of your system whereas it is actually not.!!! This fact should set you thinking. Even if you are not inclined to agree to the pronouncement of the great people who have come and gone it is in the scientific nature of thought that it adheres to you like a leech . But what about good thoughts? Are they also bad? Yes , if you analyse where they lead you to --- nowhere. That is why it is also said that you need to remove the bad thoughts with good thoughts and then throw away the good thoughts too. You are today wrongly identified with matter and so on and letting thoughts adhere to you good or bad will only get you further embroiled deeper and deeper into a cycle of experiences that will ultimately lead nowhere. The end of all experiences is the addition of a certain intelligence and awareness to your cognitive ability.

That is why you have developed a certain sense of things which you will either agree or disagree instantaneously though you will find it very difficult to explain to others. You know it in your bones about certain things – people, events, premonitions, experiences. All of these are hidden experiences surfacing to help you in times of need. Which is what is called realisation of sorts. It is said that God is on a 7-7-7 scale when it comes to intellectual- emotional-physical/instinctual states whereas man is somewhere in between on all of these components. Some may be intellectually superior but emotionally ‘stupid’. Others may be low on intellect but high on emotional quotient. Rarely you will find in creation a fine balance between the scales. If you meet someone with 777 you have met GOD himself. Best of luck and happy thought monitoring.