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HR TRIP:Interface to Trip Costs

BAPI_TRIP_APPROVE Approve trip BAPI_TRIP_CANCEL Cancel trip BAPI_TRIP_CHANGE_STATUS Change status of trip BAPI_TRIP_CHECK_STATUS Establish status of trip BAPI_TRIP_COLLECT_MILEAGE Determination of employee trip segments BAPI_TRIP_CREATE_FROM_DATA Create EmployeeTrip with CallTransaction on PR01 BAPI_TRIP_DELETE Delete Trip BAPI_TRIP_EXISTENCECHECK ExistenceCheck object: EmployeeTrip BAPI_TRIP_GET_DETAILS Print detail tables for trip (receipt entry BAPI_TRIP_GET_FORM Trip form as internal table / Display form BAPI_TRIP_GET_FORM_HTML Ouput of Travel Expense Form as HTML Table BAPI_TRIP_GET_FORM_HTML_2 Ouput of Travel Expense Form as HTML Table BAPI_TRIP_GET_OPTIONS Import personal data and travel expense tables BAPI_TRIP_REPORT_CREATE Create simple weekly report (PR04) BAPI_TRIP_REPORT_GET_DATA Weekly report detail (Output of tables) BAPI_TRIP_REPORT_INIT Tables Needed for REPORT_CREATE (Local Workspace) BAPI_TRIP_SET_ON_HOLD Set trip status to “on hold” Time Management HR_PERSONAL_WORK_SCHEDULE Returns employees work schedule into internal table PERWS. I.e. Days planned to work (stdaz NE 0) Time quota BAPI_TIMEQUOTA_GETDETAILEDLIST BAPI: Determines Quota Data for a Personnel Number BAPI_ABSENCE_APPROVE Unlock absence BAPI_ABSENCE_CHANGE Change absence BAPI_ABSENCE_CREATE Create absence BAPI_ABSENCE_DELETE Delete absence BAPI_ABSENCE_GETDETAIL Read absence BAPI_ABSENCE_GETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data BAPI_ABSENCE_GETLIST Read instances BAPI_ABSENCE_REQUEST Create locked absence BAPI_ABSENCE_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create absence External interface for 2001/2002 BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECK Checks External Attendance/Absence (w/o Account Assignment) BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECKCOLLI Collision check BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECKQUOTA Simulates Quota Deduction BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECKWACT Checks Attendance/Absence (with Activity Allocation) BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECKWCOST Checks Attendance/Absence (with Cost Assignment) BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_INSERT Inserts External Abs./Atts. in Interface Table (w/o Acct Assignment) BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_INSERTWACT Inserts External Abs./Atts. in Interface Table (Activity Allocation) BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_INSWCOST Ext. Att./Absence: Insert in IFT (Acct Assgnmnt) BAPIs attendances/absences BAPI_EMPATTABS_GETDETAIL Orginal and Derived Data from Attendances/Absences BAPI_EMPATTABS_GETLIST List of Attendances/Absences for Online Interface BAPI_PTMGRATTABS_MNGCHANGE Change Attendances/Absences BAPI_PTMGRATTABS_MNGCREATION Creates Attendances/Absences BAPI_PTMGRATTABS_MNGDELETE Delete Attendances/Absences BAPI_PTMGRATTABS_MNGFROMWF Create/Change/Delete Attendances/Absences from Workflow BAPI_TIMEAVAILSCHEDULE_BUILD Generate List of Employee Availability HRTIM00BUS7013 Personnel time Overview BAPI_PTIMEOVERVIEW_DELREPLICA Delete employees’ distributed time overviews BAPI_PTIMEOVERVIEW_GET BAPI 7013 BAPI_PTIMEOVERVIEW_REPLICATE Trigger Distribution of Employee Time Overviews BAPI_PTIMEOVERVIEW_SAVEREPLICA Insert/Delete employee time overviews

Employee Remuneration Info BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_CHECK Check External Employee Remuneration Info (w/o Account Assignment) BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_CHECKWACT Check External Employee Remuneration Info (with Activity Allocation) BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_CHECKWCOS Check External Employee Remuneration Info (with Cost Assignment) BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_INSERT Inserts External EE Remuneraion Info in Table (w/o Account Assignment) BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_INSWACT Insert External EE Remuneration Info in Table (with Activity Allocation) BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_INSWCOST Inserts External EE Remuneration Info in Table (with Cost Assignment) Training & Events Management HR-TIM: Connection to Time Rec. BAPI BAPI_ATTENDEE_BOOK_LIST Read Attendee Bookings BAPI_ATTENDEE_CHANGEPASSWORD Change attendee password BAPI_ATTENDEE_CHECKEXISTENCE Check existence of attendee BAPI_ATTENDEE_CHECKPASSWORD Check attendee password BAPI_ATTENDEE_PREBOOK_LIST Read attendee prebookings BAPI_ATTENDEE_TYPE_LIST Internet attendee types BAPI_BOOK_ATTENDANCE Book Attendance BAPI_BUS_EVENTGROUP_LIST Read Business Event Group Hierarchy BAPI_BUS_EVENTTYPE_INFO Read data for business event type BAPI_BUS_EVENTTYPE_LIST Read business event types in a business event group BAPI_BUS_EVENT_INFO Read Business Event Data BAPI_BUS_EVENT_INIT Read default values for creation of business event catalog BAPI_BUS_EVENT_LANGUAGE Business event languages BAPI_BUS_EVENT_LIST Read business event dates for event type BAPI_BUS_EVENT_LOCATION Business event locations BAPI_BUS_EVENT_SCHEDULE Read time schedule of a business event BAPI_COMPANY_BOOK_LIST Read all bookings of a group attendee BAPI_COMPANY_PREBOOK_LIST Read prebookings of a group attendee BAPI_DELETE_ATTENDANCE Cancel attendance BAPI_GET_EVENTTYPE_FOR_QUALIF Determine Business Event Types for Specified Qualifications BAPI_GET_EVENTTYPE_FOR_TARGET Determine Business Event Types via Target Group BAPI_PREBOOK_ATTENDANCE Prebook attendance BAPI_SEARCH_EVENTTYPE_NAME Find Business Event Types Using String in Object Text BAPI_SEARCH_EVENTTYPE_TEXT Find Business Event Types Using String in Object Description BAPI_SUBTYPES_FOR_DESCRIPTION Determine Subtypes of Description Infotype Function Group for Business Object 3029 BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_CHECK_SELECT Consistency Check BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_CREATE_PLANS Enroll employee BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_DELETE_PLANS Cancel EE enrollment BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_COREQ Determine corequisite plans BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_EVT_LIST Determine adjustment reasons that are currently valid for an employee BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_OFFER Define benefits offer BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_OPEN_PERI Check if open enrollment period exists and period is . Systems BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_ATTABSREASON HR-PDC: Download Attendance/Absence Reasons BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_BALANCES HR-PDC: Download Employee Balances BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_COSTCENTER HR-PDC: Download Cost Centers BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_EXTWAGETYPE HR-PDC: Download Permitted Employee Expenditures BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_INTERNALORDER HR-PDC: Download Internal Orders BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_MINIMASTER HR-PDC: Download HR Mini-Master BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_OBJECTID HRPDC: Download Objects (such as Positions) BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_TEVENTTGROUP HR-PDC: Download Time Event Type Groupings BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_WBSELEMENT HR-PDC: Download Work Breakdown Structure Element BAPI_CC1_REQUEST_EXTWAGETYPE HR-PDC: Upload Request for Employee Expenditures BAPI_CC1_REQUEST_TIMEEVENT HR-PDC: Upload Request for Time Events BAPI_CC1_UPLOAD_EXTWAGETYPE HR-PDC: Upload Employee Expenditures BAPI_CC1_UPLOAD_TIMEEVENT HR-PDC: Upload Time Events Training & Events: Internet.

indicated BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_PARTICIP Benefit participation of an employee .