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Daily Lesson Plan

Teachers name Date Time Class Number of pupils Subject Topic Learning area

: Jerry Leo Majin : 16 February 2012 : 850 a:m 920 a:m : Year 5 : 10 : Mathematics : Fractions : Mixed number

Learning objectives : Understand mixed numbers. Learning outcomes : Convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.

Previous knowledge : pupils already learned about improper fractions in the previous lesson. Moral value Vocabulary Thinking skills Integration Teaching aids : Honesty, careful. : Circular, conversion, convert and improper fractions. : Problem solving, mental calculation, making connections and recall. : Arts in Mathematics. : Worksheet, circular cut-out, paper strips, fractions card.

Stages Step 1 Introduction ( 3 Min )

Content Revision on the previous lesson.

Teaching and learning activities Teacher draws the diagrams of 1 which pupils have done in the previous lesson.

Notes T.S Recall

Teacher asks what fractions number represents the diagram. M.V Careful T.S Problem solving Mental calculations Aids White board

Step 2 Lesson development ( 10 Min )

Explanation on the connection between mixed number and improper fractions. Pupils answer what they understand. Pupils try the examples given by teachers.

1. Teacher use the diagrams that have been draw in induction stage. 2. Teacher adds the line inside the one full shaded rectangle and ask pupils to write the improper fraction number that represent the diagrams.

3. Pupils are then guided to conclude that both diagrams are the same, so the improper fraction and mixed number that represent the diagrams are also same in value. 4. Teacher explains on how to convert mixed number to improper fractions. After that, teacher gives three examples of mixed number and asks pupils to try on their own. 5. Teacher then shows on how to convert improper fractions to mixed number.

A4 paper

6. Teacher gives two examples of improper fractions and asks pupils to

try on their own. Step 3 Individual activity ( 9 Min ) Observe on pupils understanding about conversion of mixed number and vice versa. 1. Teacher walks around the class and observe pupils while doing the tasks given. 2. Pupils ask teacher if they dont understand. M.V Honesty

T.S Making connections

3. Teacher will guides pupils individually and marks on their works. Step 4 Enrichment ( 5 Min ) Pupils do the worksheet given. Teacher guides pupils individually. 1. Distributes worksheet to pupils. 2. Pupils ask the teacher if they have any problems while completing the task. M.V Honesty careful T.S Problem solving 3. Teacher walks around the class and guide individually those who have not understand clearly about the topic. 1. Teacher concludes the topic today. 2. Pupils tell what did they learned today. 3. Teacher distributes homework to pupils. Aids Worksheet

Step 5 Closure ( 3 Min )

Conclusion of the topic. Homework distribution.