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Nancy Zeltsmans Recommended Solo Marimba Literature (as of 9/09) Beginner Carulli, Ferdinando Peters, Mitchell Peters, Mitchell

Pimental, L./Moore, J. Beginner to Intermediate Brown, Thomas A. DeLancey, Charles Gomez, Alice Gottry, Josh Houliff, Murray Pimental, L./Moore, J. Rosauro, Ney Wittiber, Benjamin Zeltsman, Nancy Zivkovic, Nebojsa J. Intermediate Cotto, Orlando Glennie, Evelyn OMeara, Rich Schmitt, Matthias Sjourn, Emmanuel Spencer, Julie Zeltsman, Nancy Zivkovic, Nebojsa J. Intermediate to Advanced Abe, Keiko Abe, Keiko Abe, Keiko Andriessen, Louis Berg, Daniel Berg, Daniel Cangelosi, Casey Carlton, Jude Carno, Zita Chen, Yi Burritt, Michael Edwards, Ross Espel, Guillo Friedman, David Friedman, David (Arr.) Andante (transcr. Kite) Sea Refractions Waves The Solo Marimbist, Vol. 1 Mexican Murals Rosewood Blues Marimba Flamenca Irrelevant Two Pieces The Solo Marimbist, Vol. 2 Seven Brazilian Children Songs Autumn Marimba Four-Mallet Marimba Playing Funny Mallets, Book 1 Marimba For An Angel Three Chorales Restless Ghanaia Nancy After the Storm Four-Mallet Marimba Playing Funny Mallets, Book 1 Ancient Vase (from 1st collection) Memories of the Seashore (from 1st collection) Prism (from 2nd collection) Mouse Running (IMM, vol. 2) Over the Moon December Rattle and Hum Tune for Nep (IMM, vol. 2) Suite for a Marimba with a Mind of Its Own Jing Marimba (IMM, vol. 2) October Night Marimba Dances Zamba para escuchar tu silencio Air Sculpture The Christmas Song (by Mel Torme/Robert Wells)

Friedman, David Friedman, David Friedman, David Grom, Ian Haddad, Ed Hersch, Fred Hersh, Howard Hillborg, Anders Jaeger, David Jones, Darren Kinkelder, Dolf De Levitan, Daniel Lorandi, Gaetano Mackey, Steven Metcalf, Joanne Muramatsu, Takatsuga Naito, Akemi Netzer, Osnat Okatani, Kaori Randall, J. K. Sjourn, Emmanuel Simon, Paul Spencer, Julie Spencer, Julie Spencer, Julie Stasack, Jennifer E. Stout, Gordon Stucky, Steven Tan, Alvina Tywoniuk, Derek Ung, Chinary Wallen, Errollyn Wiener, Ruud Yoshioka, Takayoshi Zeltsman, Nancy Zivkovic, Nebojsa J. Zivkovic, Nobojsa J. Advanced Aldridge, Robert Aldridge, Robert Bley, Carla Chen, Hsin-Yi (Sharon) Chen, Hsin-Yi (Sharon) Chen, Hsin-Yi (Sharon)

Izgalom Trying to Say Good-bye Valse Binaire Quintessence Have You Met Lydia? (IMM, vol. 1) Chorinho Picante (IMM, vol. 2) Run! Two Pieces for Solo Marimba (IMM, vol. 1) Lyrics Two Little Movements (IMM, vol. 1) Touch Opening Day (mvmt. II from Suite N 2) Riflessi de Raggi Lunari (IMM, vol. 1) Beast (IMM, vol. 1) Floating and Grooving Land Memory of the Woods Taksim (IMM, vol. 1) Three Colors for Solo Marimba (IMM, vol. 2) through Lapland (IMM, vol. 2) Katamiya (from Internationale Soli fr Percussion: 7 Stcke fr Marimba) Amulet (IMM, vol. 1) Chelsea Window Pink Elisa Spring White Squirrel Six Elegies Dancing Two Mexican Dances Dust Devil (IMM, vol. 2) Danson? (IMM, vol. 1) For Dean Primmer (IMM, vol. 1) Cinnabar Heart (IMM, vol. 2) Remember, Marimba (IMM, vol. 2) Capriccio Cristallino Suite for Marimba N 1, 2 & 3 Four-Mallet Marimba Playing Ilijas Funny Marimba, Book 2 From My Little Island The Zebra (IMM, vol.1) Over There (IMM, vol. 1) Sea of Trees The Swallow (Traditional Chinese) Variations on 'Little Golden Oriole'

Druckman, Jacob Ewazen, Eric Hatzis, Christos Ishii, Maki Jolas, Betsy Lee, Thomas Oboe Mackey, Steven Maggio, Robert Mays, Lyle Rolfe, James Rolfe, James Schuller, Gunther Sueyoshi, Yasuo Smart, Gary Spencer, Julie Zeltsman, Nancy Zivkovic, Nebojsa J. Extremely Difficult Andriessen, Louis Bennett, Richard Rodney Heider, Werner Klatzow, Peter Lansky, Paul Michalek, Shawn Schuller, Gunther Schwantner, Joseph Thomas, Andrew Viao, Alejandro

Reflections on the Nature of Water Northern Lights Fertility Rites (with CD) Hiten-Seido III, op. 75 Morning Thoughts (IMM, vol. 2) Prludios See Ya Thursday Songs from the Wood Mindwalk (IMM, vol. 2) The Connection (with speaking, 1 performer) Sticky (IMM, vol. 2) Three Small Adventures (IMM, vol. 1) Mirage pour Marimba The Seasons Brothers in Peace Four-Mallet Marimba Playing Ultimatum I Woodpecker (with tuned temple blocks & wood blocks) After Syrinx II Laudate Lignum Dances of Earth and Fire Three Moves black and blue Marimbology Velocities Merlin Khan Variations

IMM Intermediate Masterworks for Marimba [Note whether piece is in volume 1 or 2.]