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Text #1# Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on 14th of March 1879. Five years later, he and his family moved to Munich because of his father's new job. In 1901 he was being naturalized as a Swiss citizen. Eight years later as a Swiss, Einstein became professor of theoretical physics at the University of Zurich. From 1911 to 1912 he had the same job as a professor in Prague. In 1913 he was chosen to join the Academy of Science in Berlin. Einstein received his German nationality back in 1914. He worked for 19 years as professor in Berlin. He was able to be a special professor in Leiden, Holland, from 1920 to 1946 officially also, but because of his emigration, he didn't work for the university for a long time before 1946. Because of the NAZI's, Einstein renounced the German citizenship in 1933. He moved to the United States and worked as a professor in Princeton, New Jersey until 1945. He officially became American in 1941. Albert Einstein died on the 18th of April 1955. 1. When (in what year) Einstein moved to Munich? a. 1879 b. 1882 c. 1884 d. 1901 2. Einstein is a scientist in a field of a. Mathematics c. Language b. Physics d. Chemistry e. 1911

e. Astronomy

3. How long Einstein became a professor in Prague? a. 1 year b. 2 years c. 3 years d. 4 years years


4. The following sentences are suitable/relevant with the text above, except a. Einstein was born in German b. In 1884 he moved to Munich c. Einstein also was a professor in Leiden d Einstein didnt receive his German nationality e Einstein died in 1955 in America

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The exhibition lasts..days. a. Eight b. Nine c. Ten d. Eleven e. Twelve You get to select different tour packages easily at the exhibition because a. Various tour companies have set up booths there b. The exhibition hall is air conditioned c. You could travel to different countries d. The exhibition lasts for a number of days e. It come under one roof All queries should be directed to . a. Travel the world b. Robert Louis Stevenson c. Tour Union d. Paradigm Exhibition Centre e. Centre Hall not available at the exhibition. a. Food b. Games c. Lucky draw d. Shopping e. Beverage

The word which emphasizes the great variety of the tour packages is.. a. Various b. Kaleidoscope c. One-stop d. Different e. Lucky draw

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The aim of special event is to help a. Adult cope with stress b. Children be more creative c. Children and teenagers handle difficulties which they commonly face d. Adults manage their children e. Everyone The special event might be.. a. A trip overseas b. A talk c. A speech d. An excursion e. A fun-fair Which of the following is not true? The event. a. Lasts for two days b. Is meant for young people and their families c. Is aimed at helping young people

d. Is an activity organized by the Ministry of Community Development e. Is an annual activity The event does not cover a. Strategies to deal with inefficient tuition teacher b. Study skill c. Strategies to cope with peer pressure d. Emotion problems e. Learning materials The event is organized by a. Faber Community Club b. Ministry of Community Development
c. National University of Singapore d. Orchid Hall e. Green Room