Rabab Maher

Mama, why’s daddy on the ground?
Why does he have a hole in his head?
Why’s daddy bathed in blood?
Mama, is my sweet daddy dead?

Mama, is daddy not a martyr?
So why do you shed so many tears?
Did he not fight for the sake of Allah?
And lived for Him for all his years?

Shall I wrap his body with his love?
The black, white, green and red
Dear Mama, please don’t weep
For us and our land daddy bled

Mama, do not burden your heart
Daddy’s death will not be in vain

What was once his cause, is now mine
And to the oppressor I will never deign

Mama, I’m now your man
Even if I’m seven years old
Daddy’s now in a better place
And it’s my turn to stand bold

Mama, I know you’ve been through so much
And there’s a chance you may lose me too
Mama, I want to follow in daddy's steps
Whatever becomes of me, know I love you

Mama, I need you to be strong
Allah (SWT) never forgets a patient heart
Mama, up there, we shall meet again
Mama, I have to go now and do my part

Thursday, 26th August 2004

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