Social Network Marketing-Burger King Style In the present day, social media has transformed everything from

getting in touch with your loved ones to even running a business. As a matter of fact, some businesses even evolved out of nowhere because of the social media revolution. And why wouldn’t they? There is loads of research and numbers out there that support the same findings. Social media has given recognition to many industries. These days, companies are uncovering the merits of holding a strong online presence. Every industry is now incorporating social media marketing into their marketing strategies. As a matter of fact, sometimes companies even ignore the conventional medium of selling and stick to the online world. Today, a Facebook or a Twitter account can either double your sales and customers or put your company to tatters in a matter of seconds. Social Media is indeed sky rocketing its way into unique businesses and the result is undeniably rewarding, provided it is used the right way. One such business which will be under evaluation for its use of Social Media is the fast food giant, Burger King. Burger King often tagged as BK offers burgers, sodas, milkshakes, and French fries to name a few. It came into existence somewhere around 1956 when the only product they sold was hamburgers. In 1957, BK brought the Whopper

Sandwich into the market which is still sold to date at all restaurants. However, Burger King had to face quite a struggle to get to where it is today. For starters, Russ Klein took charge as the President of Global Marketing Strategy and Innovation in 2003. It was a challenging time for the company as the sales and profits were hitting rock bottom. The brand lost its worth and it kept deteriorating as the days passed by. The company reached the stage where customers had awareness but no appeal for it. Burger King, therefore, needed to get back up on its feet and re-launch itself in such a way that would give its rivals a run for their money. When Klein was accountable for the performance of the company he aimed at revitalizing the Burger King brand and re-builds its presence in the consumers’ minds. He executed through a sequence of planned, tactical decisions and out-of-the-box marketing campaigns that would win back Burger King its reputation in the market. Burger King tried its hand at improving the brand the conventional way. For starters, they introduced new products in the market. They also tried to put back life into their slogan,

but that didn’t keep them hooked on for long. The Huckin’Chicken and Subservient Chicken. However. all the fast food giants you could think of were on MySpace. What once seemed like a walk in the park now was a fight to the finish. every medium has its own pros and cons. seeing Burger King’s success. MySpace Burger King kick-started their online marketing campaign by targeting MySpace. If this wasn’t enough. “24” solely exclusive for MySpace users. Burger King had to fight it out to re-establish its kingdom on MySpace. And within the blink of an eye.“Have it your way”.000 new people joined the platform every day. What better than the biggest fast food giant. Burger King seized this opportunity and took advantage of the same. all its rivals jumped right onto the same boat. It did come up with some applications which lured their target audience. which was the first platform in social media. Burger King and MySpace collaborating on a deal. the Kings page had over 134. According to research. YouTube. This stepping-stone into the online world indeed proved to be a good strategic move making Burger King the market leader on Facebook. it was considered one of the biggest social interacting websites of the time. It was one of the first few companies to start advertising on MySpace. This helped Burger King sell heaps of sandwiches and eventually it helped in increasing the sales for that particular year. This generated a whole new addition of traffic to the site. It involved potential competencies. However. They launched the campaign by setting up a page on MySpace to grab people’s attention to their newest products on the block. MySpace witnessed one of the many . but none struck a chord like the advertisements in the online world. MySpace and several websites. new threats and opportunities. 230. A couple of efforts were even made in the offline industry. Burger King also played intelligently by showcasing free episodes of the TV show. This got Burger King on the list of the top 10 most visited pages on MySpace. Born in September 2003.000 friends linked to his MySpace page. This piece of writing will draw attention to how the brand Burger King began utilizing social media when it was doing disastrously with its sales. in a span of few weeks.

Initially. The commercial featured him entering a Burger King restaurant where he ordered a Whopper sandwich-his way.Diddy to sponsor a new YouTube site called DiddyTV. Burger King extended its online advertising to even YouTube. However. Burger King was all over the news and the Diddy video which was shot at a Burger King outlet was taken down from the website. including movie clips. This video did a great job in grasping the attention of its online viewers. YouTube had an enormous fan-following by the time mentioned. The company uses technology to display a wide variety of user-generated video content. After exploiting social mediums like MySpace to its optimum potential. they hit the road by uploading their commercials online. this was no time to stand and stare for Burger King for its rivals were almost catching up with them. Burger King tied up with hiphop entertainer P. each and every commercial of theirs were above the 1 million likes mark. In a few years time. Burger King was finding it hard to keep up with its rivals. This made it even easier for Burger King to bring the users out there under its roof. Per contra. is the largest online database for video content. as well as amateur content such as video blogging and short original videos. These commercials started getting likes instantaneously and their number surged with each day passing by. YouTube as known to many.clashes to come. In order to get back in the lead. TV clips. YouTube This is when Burger King turned to YouTube. because every move of theirs was replaced by a superior application from their rivals. Due to this. And within a span of a few weeks time. . Burger King noticed YouTube’s potential and took advantage of the same. They tried their best to come up innovative applications to drive their customers. But nothing seemed to work in their favour. and music videos. this site was cascaded with disturbing comments which over shadowed the main idea of the commercial. They started advertising full-fledged on YouTube and came up with up fresh commercials every month. Burger King’s success via this strategy was undeniably justified through its sales numbers.

viewers had to select their . They hired the finest engineers and technicians and created some outstanding websites to market its brand. The initial campaigns worked its way like a charm. the sales of Tender Crisp Chicken sandwich which was launched around the same time. Andrew Keller. Websites. during the later stage. The response from its customers slowly but gradually worked in their favour.viralblog. one of the judges at the Viral awards proclaimed that putting the simple tagline of. Herein. with the advent of the subservient chicken. However. However. Another website that came into play was the Chicken Fight. This became an instant hit with bloggers all across the globe. Burger King had some intense brainstorming to do if it had to restore its market presence. This channel was exclusively dedicated to only Burger King and was one of the first few brands to get a whole channel to themselves.The entire YouTube phase in the online marketing of Burger King witnessed a roller coaster ride with regard to its sales. something strange surfaced the internet: A person dressed in a chicken suit that would do everything and anything as per the user’s commands. It aired all the commercials straight out of the studio and also got their customers feedback on all the new products on the block. Even freelancer Matt Vescovo. creative director at Burger King’s lead agency. This is when Burger King set the ball rolling again with their very own YouTube channel. Burger King went two steps ahead of its competitors and adopted the complicated way. This revolved around a fight between two actors dressed as chickens. But Burger King always lagged when it came to acquiring market leadership. One such website which struck a nerve with everyone when it came to Burger King was “Subservient Chicken”. multiplied. On the eve of 8th April. Crispin Porter opines that they wanted to push it to the limit in media but simultaneously also stay true to what the brand believes in. “Have it as you like it” into an out-of-the-box use of skills is Besides using the conventional mediums of online advertising like MySpace and YouTube. the Diddy TV severely affected the sales of the company.AdWeek-http://www.

“The Whopper Sacrifice”. V. This very approach made people understand the dominance of the internet.computerworld.000 friends were de-friended for a . they turned to Facebook which was the new band wagon on which everyone were getting on. During the entire phase the campaign ran. the entire network knew if one chose flame broiled meat over friendship or vice-versa. how would Burger King handle the situation was certainly a matter of concern. Both the websites gave the rivals a run for their money. Each friend sacrificed via this application received a notification of your action. Moreover. Burger King had to shut the grill on Facebook on grounds that it violated its user’s privacy.P of marketing impact at Miami-based Burger King stated that these campaigns were indeed a jackpot for them as the sales of the Tender Crisp Chicken went into double digits in a span of few weeks as compared to the ordinary sandwich. this website ran only for a couple of weeks until it got shut down. In other words. they wanted results for real.favourite s_for_a_Whopper_) However. a franchise owner was very cynical with regard to them. However. there was an overload of Facebookers who were keen on cutting down their friends list while fattening up their bellies. Burger King got the show on the road with the application. However. It got the name from Burger King’s best selling burger. This site also had games to keep the viewers engrossed. Hence. This application rewarded its users who deleted 10 friends from their facebook list with a coupon for a free whopper burger. (http://www. Everyone agreed that there are several ways to target the audience. However. All said and done. However. these websites were labelled as the one of the most successful marketing campaign of all times. there was loop in this application. But before this campaign was bought to a halt. This application download was available either on Facebook or on the Whopper Sacrifice site. more than 234. He doubted the time span for which these websites would appeal to their target audience. Brian Gies. Facebook Burger King knew that everyone relished their Whopper sandwich. after these became redundant.

the Subservient Chicken has won laurels as one of the most creative campaigns in the field of viral marketing campaigns and Crispin Porter. facebook/). Hence.nytimes. (http://bits. even weeks after the application was removed. The idea behind this campaign was to bring Burger King on the news and create publicity for the same which it managed to do to the best of its capacity. bloggers and Facebookers all questioned the reason for the end of this application.blogs. all these strategies never stuck along for long. Burger King chose to sacrifice the application. It’s always been in vogue for its ingenious style and usage of new social networks on the block. they asked for modifications in their application. its agency continues to be in the limelight for its work on the A spokesperson from Burger King opined that Facebook did put up a great show.hamburger. Recommendations Burger King has always aced marketing when it came to online advertising. Since the alterations in the application would change the purpose of it. As a matter of fact. As a matter of fact. . Nevertheless. The number of friends that were deleted during the time the application ran was a testimony in itself to how successful the campaign was. however. Instead. the new and innovative ideas should be brought into existence and put to play. going along the lines of the strategies used before was no alternative. the impressions on the Burger King site increased in the blink of an eye from 13 million to 32 million as reporters. Russ Klein should conceptualize strategies which not only penetrate in the consumers mind but also have a long lasting effect.

Over and above introducing new plans of action. Not everyone can afford an xbox play station. This would increase the traffic on the website and even flock the stores worldwide. Following the same trend. innovative strategies were in abundance to date. wherein they could earn themselves discount coupons on winning certain games or scoring the highest score of the week. Hence. This idea originates from the tremendous success Burger King received from its xbox gaming campaign wherein all the games featured the king. it will take some time to gain momentum. For instance.Burger King has always targeted social networks from the time they came into existence. . it is in its nascent stage. this time in accordance with all the rules and regulations of the site. Since. the spanking new social network to join the clan. with Russ Klein steering the wheel. Burger King could improvise on the ones at hand. They could also program the chicken on the Subservient Chicken website to perform a whole new level of tricks in addition to ones already at play. Burger King could adopt is develop a gamers website. Conclusion: Burger King has tried its hand at everything in the online world. they could develop a website featuring games on the xbox play station cd and even launch some new games in interest of the gamers. It has risen to the occasion every time it hit rock bottom. However. And gamers could benefit from an added attraction here. Burger King could start advertising on Google+. Another strategy. they could develop fresh new applications on Facebook.

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