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BME111 ~ Engineering Perspective on Biological Systems Spring 2012

Lecture: TTh 9-10:15 AM NEEB 105 SLN: 12763


Stephen Massia
Office hours: Office: ISTB1 281C Phone 965-2448 Course Goals This course is designed to provide an introduction to biology and its application to engineering. At the end of the semester, each student should have: Exams Four exams will be given over the course of the semester. They will be based on homework questions. The final exam will be cumulative. Quizzes/ Homework These will done by yourself online. They are meant to help you review the material and point out areas that you may not completely understand (and should ask about). Homework due dates are provided in the last page of this syllabus. After the due date and time, the HW assignment is no longer available on Bb. The HW answer key is then posted after the deadline. There are no extended deadline options or makeup assignments after the HW due date. Grading Exam 1 Exam 2 Exam 3 Exam 4 Exam 5 Homework 17% 17% 17% 17% 17% 15% A basic understanding of molecular biology with application to engineering design A basic understanding of cellular biology with application to engineering design A basic understanding of anatomy and physiology with application to engineering design A basic understanding of ecology with application to engineering design Knowledge about the interface between engineering and biology 1-2PM T Th



(Exam 1 *17%) + (Exam 2 *17%) + (Exam 3 *17%) + (Exam 4 *17%) + (final exam grade * 17%) + ((HW total pts.earned / Possible HW pts))*15% = your grade

Final Average 90 < X 80< X < 90 70 < X < 80 60 < X < 70 X < 60

Course Grade A B C D E

Academic Honesty Cheating or any act of dishonesty will NOT be tolerated. This means no talking during exams, accessing communication devices (cell phones, ipods, PDAs, etc), or sharing answers or information by any means. Plagarization is defined as to use and to pass off someone elses ideas, inventions, writings, etc. as ones own (New Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus, 1992) and will also not be tolerated. This also includes using the proper citations for any data or statements included in the presentations. Please do not take credit for someone elses intellectual property; it is dishonest and does not serve to further the advancement of a students education. Every student involved in such copying or cheating will receive a zero for the assignment as a minimum consequence. The Deans Office WILL be notified of the cheating. Students should read the following University and Arizona Board of Regents policies, including: The Academic Integrity Policy: The Student Code of Conduct: Arizona Board of Regents Policies 5-301 through 5-308: The Computer, Internet and Electronic Communications Policy Classroom Etiquette Common Courtesy is expected during lecture. Thus be on time, no long conversations, cell phones and musical devices are silent, and throw your trash away when class is over. If your laptops are open, they should only be accessing class material. If the fire bell rings, leave by one of 2 doors and meet at seating area east of ERC building near Noble Library. I must take attendance and be sure that everyone has left the building. Religious Observances If your religious observances require you to miss an exam, please discuss this with the professor at least one week before the date so arrangements can be made. The list of religious holidays can be found at Communication I will have office hours as noted above, please come to them if you have questions. If you cant come during office hours, email me to determine if another time can be arranged . I will use the Calendar feature of Blackboard so have this feature active on your account. I will also post announcements. You should check the Blackboard site for this class frequently (daily). Powerpoints, quizzes, announcements, homework and grades are all accessed on Blackboard. Posting of quizzes will be accompanied by an announcement.

BME111 ~ Engineering Perspectives on Biological Systems, Spring 2012

Class 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Date Jan 5 Jan 10 Jan 12 Jan 17 Jan 19 Jan 24 Jan 26 Jan 31 Feb 2 Feb 7 Feb 9 Feb 14 Feb 16 Feb 21 Feb 23 Feb 28 Mar 1 Mar 6 Mar 8 Mar 13 Mar 15 Mar 27 Mar 29 Apr 3 Apr 5 Apr 10 Apr 12 Apr 17 Apr 19 Apr 24 Topic Introduction / Syllabus Background/ Chem synthesis/ carbohydrates Chemical Synthesis =Amino acids, proteins, nucleotides, lipids Energy Production Energy Production Biological Materials = Composition Biological Materials = Structural properties and Uses Biological Structures EXAM 1 (HW 1-3) Membrane Structure Transport across Membranes: diffusion osmosis, active transport Bioelectricity (Cellular Level) Bioelectricity (Systems Level) Bioelectricity (Engineering Devices) Motility/Muscle Function EXAM 2 (HW 4-7) Systems Engineering (cellular) = DNA, replication, transcription, Translation Systems Engineering (cellular) = mitosis, meiosis Systems Engineering (cellular) = genes, mutations Biological Systems Engineering = homeostasis, energy Biological Systems Engineering = hormones, immunity SPRING BREAK- NO CLASSES EXAM 3 (HW 8-12) Biological Systems Engineering = reproduction & development EXAM 4 (HW 13-14) Earth Systems Engineering = population dynamics Earth Systems Engineering = community stability Earth Systems Engineering = biogeochemical cycles, energy flow Earth Systems Engineering = biomes, sustainability Study day- No Lecture Grade spreadsheet will be posted for review EXAM 5 (H W 15-17) NO FINAL EXAM PPT Lecture 1 Intro BuildingBlocks BuildingBlocks Energy Prod Energy Prod Biomaterials Biomaterials Structures HW4 2-6@11P Membranes Membrane Transport Bioelectricity 1 Bioelectricity 2 Motility Molecular Biology Molecular Biology Genetics Homeostasis Hormones & Immunity Reproduction Population Genetics Communities Biogeochemical Sustainable Eng HW17 4-20@11P HW5 2-13@11P HW6 2-18@11P HW7 2-20@11P HW8 2-25@11P HW9 3-5@11P HW10 3-10@11P HW11 3-12@11P HW12 3-15@11P HW13 3-16@11P HW14 4-1@11P HW15 4-9@11P HW16 4-16@11P HW Due

HW1 1-16@11P HW2 1-23@11P HW3 1-30@11P