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nscd caching daemon in Sun Solaris
January 28, 2008 · Filed Under General
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The nscd daemon is a caching daemon in Sun Solaris. It provides caching services for hosts,passwd,group,ipnodes databases using various nameservice lookups like hosts file, DNS, NIS,NIS+ and more. Each cache has a separate time-to-live for its data and modifying the local database like /etc/hosts invalidates that cache within ten seconds. nscd doesn’t cache /etc/shadow (contains encrypted passwords for /etc/passwd) file simple for security reasons as anyone would understand. As nscd daemon provides caching service, it is necessary when you run a name service like DNS, NIS or NIS+ in your network. The configuration of nscd daemon can customised using the /etc/nscd.conf file and it is important more from a security point of view where you can control what is and how is cached on your solaris server. A sample configuration looks like the following

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19/07/2008 2:59 PM

nscd caching daemon in Sun Solaris | Sun Solaris System Admin http://www. group. etc. DNS. /etc/rcS. nscd.d/nscd stop For more information. cachename and value Example: attribute: enable-cache cachename: group or passwd Value: 3600 (time in seconds) or yes/no for to cache or not to cache.com/general/nscd-caching-daemon-in-sun-sol. enable-cache passwd no enable-cache group no positive-time-to-live hosts 3600 negative-time-to-live hosts 5 suggested-size hosts 211 keep-hot-count hosts 20 old-data-ok hosts no check-files hosts yes Each line of the config file has an attribute and a value or an attribute. solaris.d/. hosts. rename the kill scrips in /etc/rc1. Enable/Disable nscd caching However. nscd.d/ from K40nscd to k40nscd Manually Start & Stop nscd daemon To start & stop nscd daemon manually: Start nscd solaris#/etc/init. if caching is not required.d/.. sun 2 of 5 19/07/2008 2:59 PM . please check the Sun man pages Tags: cache. disable the service at start up by renaming the startup script /etc/rc2.conf.sunsolarisadmin.d/s76nscd optionally. NIS.d/S76nscd to /etc/rc2. /etc/rc0.. passwd.d/nscd start Stop nscd solaris#/etc/init.

sunsolarisadmin..nscd caching daemon in Sun Solaris | Sun Solaris System Admin http://www.org Categories DNS General hardware Networking Package Management security Solaris 10 Solaris 7 Solaris 8 Solaris 9 SSH Sun X86 platform Archives 3 of 5 19/07/2008 2:59 PM .com/general/nscd-caching-daemon-in-sun-sol. Comments Leave a Reply Name (required) Email Address(required) Website Login / Register Register Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS WordPress..

nscd caching daemon in Sun Solaris | Sun Solaris System Admin http://www.sunsolarisadmin..com/general/nscd-caching-daemon-in-sun-sol.. July 2008 M T W T F S S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 « May 4 of 5 19/07/2008 2:59 PM .

sunsolarisadmin. Tags ARP cache dhcp dhcpagent DNS etc failover hcl hostname hosts ifconfig Interface ip IPMP ipv4 ipv6 keygen mount MultiPathing nameserver ndd Network nfs nscd openssh openssl package password patch recovery resilience root route routing-table security Solaris 10 sparc sshd solaris solaris-express sun sunvts Virtual-IP x86 zlib Links Big Admin Sun Freeware Sun Security Alerts Sun Alert 239392 Security Vulnerability in the DNS Protocol may lead to DNS Cache Poisoning Sun Alert 239785 Security Vulnerability in the System Management Agent (SMA) SNMP daemon (snmpd(1M)) Sun Alert 239727 SUN ALERT WEEKLY SUMMARY REPORT ...Week of 06-Jul-2008 to 12-Jul-2008 Sun Alert 239546 Security Vulnerabilities in Thunderbird for Solaris May Result in Privilege Escalation or Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Sun Alert 238967 Security Vulnerability in the Java Runtime Environment Virtual Machine may allow an untrusted Application or Applet to Elevate Privileges Recent Posts How to mount an ISO image in SUN Solaris Howto Take Screenshots in Solaris 7/8/9/10 (CDE) How to Enable or Disable a processor in Sun Solaris How to display Processor information in Sun Solaris A quick guide to At jobs in Sun Solaris Recent Comments caleb on Configure IPMP Load Balancing & Resilience in Sun Solaris everard on Howto Take Screenshots in Solaris 7/8/9/10 (CDE) suma.com/general/nscd-caching-daemon-in-sun-sol.N on How to change Default Gateway/Default Router in Sun Solaris Ewaz on How to recover/reset root password in Sun solaris (SPARC) Ewaz on How to add a Static Route (persistent) in Sun Solaris Copyright © 2008 · All Rights Reserved · SunSolarisAdmin 5 of 5 19/07/2008 2:59 PM .nscd caching daemon in Sun Solaris | Sun Solaris System Admin http://www.

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