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The Hidden Future


The endeavor for exploration is addictively insane. We wont stop until we find forms of life on other planets, and possibly others wont stop too before they find our planet. The one who invades will be more technologically advanced, and the host planet will be more populated. The race for exploration will turn into an exercise for survival, or will it be a mutual existence of two totally unknown-alien living forms? The immortal question is yet to be answered or has it already being answered?


I start this paper with my recollections of the events that took place on TUra-23, our first successful life founding exploration. The planet was discovered by being at-right-placeat- righttime rather than scientific prowess of our scientists. It happened about 162 years ago here. We were on exploration trip to FTy-68, the only space body with some appreciable gravity and surface density to safely place our observatory. The planet showed no signs of life on it, only success being discovery of an abnormally close star to this body. The trip, as usual, seemed to end as innumerable other such trips had ended, until we left the planet’s atmosphere. The ship was into its first escape circulation of planet when an aberration, a very huge content of wave reflection was noticed. Instantly, the default safety measure, reflectionless surface, along with an observational antenna was initiated. It was the first time we were observing something totally unknown, totally unexpected and certainly unrealistic. There was a settled observatory, much bigger than ours, stationed on FTy-68’s surface. A little apprehension about its nature and a bit terrified from its huge size, we decided to descend once again on the planet and observe the ship from a safer location. As we settled on the surface, a shuttle was launched to track the “aliens” movements. It took us about a day’s time: the shuttle was continuously sending tracking data. The structure had huge unsymmetrical oriented panels, its surface was too reflective to be true, it’s heat measurements showed high entropyindicating a heavy movement inside it. It was formed of different substances at different places, had more than one centers of independent movement inside. There were huge antennas spread all over its surface, conforming initial speculations about the structure being a space ship. It indeed was a body from some other planet, constantly communicating with external locations. Since the time we have spotted it, and possibly it had spotted us, it was sending and receiving signals from its counterpart home station at constant rate. The signals were either a panic talk or a routine exercise but whatever they were, there was no shortage of them. The content made little sense: repeating seemingly same messages again and again. We had already sent a message back home referring to the discovery, and were instructed to follow the observation routine till confirmation of living form on the ship. The ship had shown no interest in our location or the place from where we discovered it, making it safe to assume that they were unaware of our presence and we can try to approach them in possibly the same reflection-less surface. So, it was time to move on, nearer and nearer to the “aliens”. Our approach was fast and careful, always choosing random locations to settle before we moved further nearer. An hours work and we were as close to it as possible. The ship hadn’t shown any signs of panic, seemingly yet not learned about our presence. Nearer sight confirmed the previous observational data, and added the most important one too. As we had approached the ship, its independent heat sources seemed more and more live: both in figure and form.


“There are living forms apart from us! We have always wanted it, expected it, negated it, waited for it and now the fact is here! The others are here!” The fact was that we were in touching distance of aliens. We could map their activities and they couldn’t even know that we were there. The beauty of situation was that we were able to observe and record each of their activities as freely as we wanted to. We were proud of our technological advancement, and hence left no stone unturned to discover as much as we can. We followed a relentless schedule in next few days: taking note of their activities, profiling their individual and general traits, noticing their communication routines with the main station, figuring out utility of their limbs and parts, organizing there communication and recognition patterns and so on. The aliens have been actively navigating the planet for last few days, taking notes and samples of various features. We tracked them individually and summarized the common features. The first thing to be noticed was there huge size, almost thrice as big as us. They communicated through talking and hearing and had eyes to get a visual aid of the scene. Their density figure was high too, 1kg/m^3, which explained their inability to fly. They could not be easily distinguished from one another, maybe because of limited number of limbs and features they had. They, in fact, were the most symmetrical beings we had encountered. We had gained as much as possible from these observations and aliens still have shown no signs of emergency or hostility towards our presence, so we decided to enter there ship, in couples, to see how they actually survived. As told before, we were quite small in comparison to these huge creatures and hence were easily able to enter, with our suit and equipments, inside the ship. This time I was part of the navigation team, hence enjoying the excitements and horrors of an unexplored environment. We entered along with one of their members and then ventured into different air-sealed compartments of the ship. The ship was a mess from inside. Although the exterior features had suggested a no-sense of symmetry in organization of parts, this much of unruliness was unexpected. We could not have imagined this kind of unsolvable mass of wire matrices was able to get out of its planet’s gravity bondage. We simply ignored to explore this domain and settled for our more interesting learn-alien project. Without suit and in groups, all the seven aliens now looked completely distinguishable from each other, though they still mainly had same body-frame. They were amazingly comfortable, flexible, agile and fast inside the ship. Going by their routines and procedures, aliens still looked incapable of facing our superior processing and hence technological powers. The boldness of our steps was making us inclined towards more and more aggressive adventures, we further decided to go for the kill: we will kidnap one of them and experiment on atomic levels. The plan was executed on one of their exploration tours. We “appeared”, from our reflection-less hibernation, in front of them of them for the first time! alarmed, shocked, surprised and threatened, they were left with no option but to stand reaction-less. They were in our control, phenomenal achievement for us in our first meeting.

EMOH WEN There was no fighting, no hustle, they simply couldn’t come to terms with the events that were taking place. The “aliens” were stripped to their natural form in our lab. The atomic and

processing formation of their mass was studied and analyzed. 15 minutes (again in their time scale) was all that we needed to formulate a working model for these species. We were successful in replacing their processing circuitry with our peers while retaining their body in its complete form and features. In consultation and supervision of the technologists back home, two of them were immediately substituted by two of us (one of them being me) to maintain communicational link with the base, as well as complete the responsibilities assigned. We completed a dummy exploration and then returned to our new observatory. A welcome entry was much better as compared to our previous sneaking into their ship. The senses of the aliens were retained in us, we could talk, hear, see and feel in the exact way they used to do. We reached the main chamber to meet our new friends, completely unaware of the proceedings. The rest of the members worked normally, further helping us in closely monitoring and learning their behavior. Converting two of us significantly helped in pacing the mission, we could share all the experiences now instead of relentlessly observing the aliens. The situation was totally under our control, more and more aliens were replaced from their routines, we were managing their observatory, continuing communicating with their base, doing dummy explorations, learning their languages, in short we were getting more and more alien. The only real-mission left for us was to be ready for a trip “to the new horizon”. Soon after all of them were replaced, we received the orders to return to the base! On the return trip, the ship worked in the same messy way as was its circuitry. It was left on auto-pilot for most of the journey, we not wanting to understand its primitive mechanics. We soon noticed a white and bluish body in space, about 6 times the size of Fty-68 and about 17 times our planet. The body, previously named as TUra-23, had bright, hot, silent, massive and heavy atmospheric layer. Its location and nature were previously studied, but due to its extremely hot conditions, the possibility of life was ruled out on this planet. The ship soon landed, guaranteeing us our first step on the aliens land. The landing was phenomenal for them for reasons that it was their first another planet landing trip, and was an achievement for us since it was our first successful exploration trip, we both enjoyed it fully. Post-landing formalities and responsibilities helped us to acquaint with the conditions. The friends and families of respective aliens were helpful in familiarizing us with our new home. The communication link with home was maintained by using interference techniques on satellite networks of this planet. We have occupied this pseudo-home, and imported more and more peers by substituting astronauts in all the proceeding space trips. The place has been comfortable and supportive for past 62 years, but only with the support of their body as our suits. A disciplined and dedicated effort has enabled us to learn almost everything about this planet, so much so that I am writing this paper in their orthography i.e. your orthography.

You have always fancied, dreaded, dreamt, imagined, feared and anticipated an alien invasion. This has happened long before, without notice of a single person. Whichever option we take, either to rule or to mutually co-exist, learning what you know and then using what you don’t know is the only path to survival. You have been observed and scrutinized for past 62 years in your own home i.e. TUra-23, or Earth in your terms. The terms of living are now facing an alteration, an era of human pets is dawning upon you.