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ART CLASS Creativity and Images

Bilingual Section



We rely on the work of the painter Jaacov Agam

MATERIALS Two photographs of a conflicting issues magazine Resistant white paper, Scissors, Glue stick, Pencil, Triangular set squares, rule,

INSTRUCTIONS We will divide the two illustrations in exact identical strips width, e.g. 2 cm. The height of the illustrations and the number must be also identical. We will distribute identical width strips in a white drawing paper of Approx. 80 to 100 qr. always the sum of the two illustrations strips. We mark previously the strips zigzag. Then paste the pictures in the order of succession correct but alternating on the white accordion. You should pay attention to on the edges outgoing accordion not coincide or are visible the edges of the cuts of the strips.

EPV Bilinge - Profesora Isabel Rivera Galicia