Development of an Automatic Subtitling System
Dr. Shafriza



ANNs are utilized in wide ranges for their parallel distributed processing. the technology can be applied in application that requires instant response or multiple actions in a short time such as air traffic control. Hidden Markov Model (HMM) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) [2]. the models. the models are very rich in mathematical structure and hence can form the theoretical basis for use in a wide range of applications. Dynamic time warping (DTW) is a technique that finds the optimal alignment between two time series if one time series may be warped non linearly by stretching or shrinking it along its time axis. data acquisition will be done in a controlled condition so only one individual will be used to obtain the data. Furthermore. when applied properly. For this project we won't go into such wide scope. Nowadays. Generally. and from that we compare the process voice signal to our own library. because output is resulted from multiplication of adjusted weights in present input. Speech signal not only conveys the linguistic message but also contains a lot of information such as age. work very well in practice for several important applications [4].Synopsis The ability to input commands and words without physical input such as typing or writing has great effect on people who are physically handicapped. Scope For the project we are required to develop an algorithm for an automated subtitling process which is based on HMM (Hidden Markov Model) in a controlled environment. distributed memories. Objective The objective for this project is to develop an algorithm for an automated subtitling system. This warping between two time series can then be used to find corresponding regions between the two time series or to determine the similarity between the two time series [3]. some studies regarding the complexity of the method are required to determine which method is the best for this project in terms of pros and cons. social background and even regional origin [1]. ANNs are faster. Second. this project consists of various parts and task:    Performing research and literature review regarding the techniques for speech recognition Determining the best method for voice recognition system Perform the subtitling process based on developed algorithm for speech recognition . error stability. At present TDNN (Time-Delay Neural Network) is widely used in speech recognition [6]. and pattern learning distinguishing ability [5]. Therefore. Hidden Markov Model (HMM) has two strong reasons why this method is widely used. for speech recognition there are three usual methods: Dynamic Time Warping (DTW). gender. aircraft cockpit control and medical domain. First.

Deroo. 5. SIAM Intl. D. Benzeghiba. 4. A. O. RABINER "A Tutorial on Hidden Markov Models and Selected Applications in Speech Recognition" Fellow. Belgium Karina Vieira. Conf. 2. IEEE Bahlmann. In Proc. R. Parc Initialis. Burkhardt. 2001. Joseph Micallef. Vol 11. T.Methodology 1. "Phoneme Classification in Hardware Implemented Neural Networks ".org/HOWTO/Speech-Recognition-HOWTO/inside.html [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Expected Budget This project's expected budget should be around rm50. Erbes. banding.) Framing and Windowing (chopping the data into a usable format) Filtering (further filtering of each window/frame/freq. pp. etc. E. pp. Jouvet. B-7000 Mons. IEEE trans. Wellekens "Automatic speech recognition and speech variability: A review" Multitel. De Mori. Mertins. C. Edward Gatt. Laface.481. LAWRENCE R. Chicago. & M. P. "speech and audio recognition" . 3. V. L. http://tldp.1102-1105. Dupont *. IEEE trans. on Data Mining. Haasdonk.IEEE trans. Avenue Copernic. 6. Fissore. band) Comparison and Matching (recognizing the utterance) Action (Perform function associated with the recognized pattern) [7] Reference [1] M. R. normalization. May 2003. Edward Chilton. Ris.2001. Pazzani. Bogdan Wilamowski. Audio recording and Utterance detection Pre-Filtering (pre-emphasis. Paul Micsllef. . Illinois. S.2003 Keogh. and Robert Kubichek " Speaker Verification for Security Systems Using Artificial Neural Networks". C. Tyagi. "Derivative Dynamic Time Warping".of the First Intl. as the only required hardware is a microphone that is used to record sound wave. Rose.

Activities Activity Research on speech recognition Voice recording Signal analysis Library compilation Build algorithm Testing and debugging Real time operation Estimated duration 2 1 2 2 3 2 1 Gantt chart no 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 activities Research on speech recognition Voice recording Signal analysis Library compilation Build algorithm Testing and debugging Real time operation duration 1 2 1 2 2 3 2 1 2 3 4 months 5 6 7 8 9 Expected Result At the end of this project. This program will use MATLAB as the foundation. . In the end. by either using HMM or neural network. a suitable process and progress for obtaining an algorithm for speech recognition will be achieved. the program will be able to process audio signal and match it to the data library thus obtaining the correct phrase or words from the audio data. and most signal analysis can be process and test using MATLAB.

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