Castle in the air

Once upon a time lived an emperor who had three sons and a daughter who he fed and kept in a cage like his most precious treasure. When the girl grew up, one evening she asked her father to take a walk with her brothers in front of the castle for a while, and he let her. But as soon as they came out, suddenly a dragon flew down from the sky, it grabbed the girl and it took her to the clouds. The brothers rushed to their father and they told him what had happened. They also told him that they are willing to go look for their sister. The father let them go look for her and he gave each of them a horse and the rest they needed for the trip, and so they left. After a long journey they came to a castle which was neither in the sky nor on the ground. When they came there, they thought that their sister is in the castle, so they started making plans how to climb into it. After long thinking and talking they agreed that one of them should kill his horse, and make a rope of it’s skin, tie a rope to an arrow and fire it off to the castle so it could hook up to it, and they could climb up the rope. Younger brothers told the eldest one to kill his horse, but he didn’t want to, nor did the middle one, so the youngest brother killed his horse, from it’s skin they made a rope, they tied one end of the rope to the arrow and they fired it up to the castle. When it came to climbing up the rope, the eldest and the middle brother didn’t want to, so the youngest one did it. When he climbed up, he started going form one room to another, so he entered a room where he saw his sister. She was sitting with a dragon’s head in her lap. The dragon was sleeping and she was scratching him. When she saw her brother she got scared and started pleading him silently to run away before the dragon wakes up, but the brother didn’t want to. Instead, he took a mace and hit the dragon on the head. In that moment the dragon woke up and started scratching the place where it got hit and said to the girl: “Something bit me right here.” When it said that, the prince hit him again and the dragon said again: “Something bit me here again.” When he lunged the mace to hit the dragon once again, his sister pointed to the spot where the dragon’s life is. The prince hit the spot and he killed the dragon. The girl pushed away the lifeless head from her lap and she ran into her brother’s arms, kissed him and than she took his hand and started walking him through the rooms of the castle. At first she took him to a room where a black horse, saddled with silver, was tied. Then she took him to the second room, where a white horse, saddled with pure gold, was tied. At last, she took him to the third room where a grey horse was tied, and its saddle had precious gems in it. When they went through all those rooms, she took him to a room where a girl was sitting and weaving with golden wire. From that room she took him to another room in which a girl was spinning out the golden wire. In the end, they went to a room where a girl was stinging up pearls, and in front of her, in a golden casserole, a golden hen was pecking pearls with its chickens.

On the day of his middle brother’s wedding. cut the rope so the prince couldn’t come down. so he fell from his horse. the one with the pearls. but took his clothes off so that everybody could see that he is the emperor’s son. went to the crowd and hit his brother with a mace to the back. Afterwards. he went with the white horse. he hit the shepherd and killed him. On the day of his eldest brother’s wedding he got on the black horse. he dragged the dragon through the castle and threw him out to the ground. While the girls where getting to the ground. they felt sick. and than he went back to the castle. To the girls and to their sister they forbid to say anything about what they did. and when the third girl came down. . and hit the brother to the back. When the emperor heard the truth. and went back to the castle. he said that she is for him.After going through all the rooms. At last. Next. he threw his older sons from the kingdom and he let the youngest son marry his girl and he gave him his throne. he said which one is going to which brother. the prince went back to the room where the dragon was laying dead. full of envy because he saved their sister. His brothers. and they took him to their father. When the crowd grabbed him. After some time. just enough for him to fall off the horse. and that his brothers left him because they were envious. the youngest brother heard that his brothers and the shepherd are getting married with the girls from the castle. they found a shepherd and dressed him like their youngest brother. the youngest brother helped his sister to the ground and so he did with the three girls. he went with the grey horse. slightly. he didn’t try to run away. when he heard the shepherd is getting married with his girl. When the two brothers saw the dragon.

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