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SCO 175-187, SECTOR 34-A, CHANDIGARH. Ref No.:SO/16437-38 1. The Managing Directors, All the Central Coop. Banks., In the State of Punjab. 2. The District Managers, All the Central Cooperative Banks, In the State of Punjab. Subject: Dear Sir, It has been decided to hold a District Managers Meeting on 12.1.2012 at 11.00 A.M in the Conference Hall of ACSTI, Jalandhar to review the performance for the month of November, 2011. Following agenda shall be discussed in the meeting. Agenda Items: 1. To review the advancement of S.T. Agriculture loans for Rabi 2011-12 crop. 2. To review the recovery of S.T Agri. loans 3. To review the deposits for the month of November 2011. 4. To review advancement of Direct Loans upto November 2011. 5. To review recovery of Direct Loan upto November 2011. 6. To review un-renewed RCC / CCT limits upto the month November 2011. 7. To review pending balancing of accounts of branches of CCBs. 8. To review reconciliation of accounts of branches of CCBs. 9. To review CRR and SLR position of CCBs. 10. To review progress regarding formation of farmers club. 11. To review inspection of branches of Central Cooperative Banks. 12. To review the recovery of NPA loans. District Managers Monthly Meeting- Dated 12.1.2012. Dated:7-1-2012

13. To review the position of pending interest subvention claims. 14. To review the position of pending claims of incentives to good pay masters of S.T.Agri (PACS) 15. To discuss the pending audit paras of Central Coop. Banks. (Please bring the report). 16. To discuss the Road Map for implementatinof CBS. 17. To discuss various deposits, credit and other products/activities of our Bank vis-vis other Commercial Banks (public and private) in your area of operation. Comparison of rate of interest on deposits and loans and other service charges of these banks and our banks shall also be discussed. (Please come prepared for discussion alongwith relevant information). Please make it convenient to personally attend the meeting. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, -SDAsstt.General Manager(BDP) Endst.No: Dated:

A copy of the above is forwarded to the following: 1. Secretary to M.D for kind information of Managing Director. 2. P.A to AMD(B) for information of AMD(B). 3. All Divisional Managers, Divisional Offices of PSCB in the State of Punjab for information and to attend the meeting. 4. Principal, ACSTI, Jalandhar for information and for necessary arrangements for the meeting. -SDAsstt.General Manager(BDP) Note:E-mail ID of S.O Cell of Apex Bank is : Please ensure to send the D.M meeting file for the month of December 2011 on or before.15.1.2012.