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Contents Details of Study Kit Paper - I Contents of Indian Year Book

Land and the People With MCQs National Symbols With MCQs The Polity With MCQs Agriculture With MCQs Culture and Tourism With MCQs Basic Economic Data With MCQs Commerce With MCQs Communication and Information Technology With MCQs Defence With MCQs Education With MCQs Energy With MCQs Environment With MCQs Finance With MCQs Corporate Affairs With MCQs Food and Civil Supplies With MCQs Health and Family Welfare With MCQs Housing With MCQs India and The World With MCQs Industry With MCQs Justice and Law With MCQs Labour With MCQs Mass Communication With MCQs Planning With MCQs Rural and Urban Development With MCQs Scientific and Technological Development With MCQs Transport With MCQs Water Resources With MCQs Welfare With MCQs Youth Affairs and Sports With MCQs General Information With MCQs

Contents of Environment Contents of Biodiversity

Faunal Diversity With MCQs Floral Diversity With MCQs Crop Genetic Diversity With MCQs Livestock genetic Diversity With MCQs Fish genetic Diversity With MCQs Genetic diversity of agriculturally important microorganisms With MCQs Mountain Diversity With MCQs Problems of Bio-diversity With MCQs

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GMO and Bio-diversity With MCQs Agriculture and Bio-diversity With MCQs Bio-sphere Reserve With MCQs Hot spots of Biodiversity With MCQs Westeland With MCQs Coastal area eco system With MCQs Biological Clean up Methods With MCQs

Contents of Ecology

Ecology and Eco System With MCQs Zoological Survey of India With MCQs Geological Survey of India With MCQs Forest Survey of India With MCQs National Tiger Conservation Authority With MCQs Project Elephant With MCQs Wildlife With MCQs Fellowship and Awards With MCQs National Rivers Conservation Plan With MCQs Wetlands With MCQs Mangroves With MCQs World Heritage Convention With MCQs Hazardous Waste Management With MCQs National Green Tribunal With MCQs

Contents of Climate Change

Introduction With MCQs Global Warming With MCQs Causes for Climatic Change With MCQs Effects of Global Warming With MCQs Conservation and Environment Movement With MCQs Ecology and Global Policy With MCQs India and Climate Change With MCQs Various Institutions With MCQs

Hydrosphere Biosphere Contents of General Science Contents of Biology

Cell With MCQs

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Tissue With MCQs Muscular and Skeletal System With MCQs The Nervous System With MCQs The Endocrine System With MCQs Lymphatic System and Immunity With MCQs The Respiratory System With MCQs The Circulatory System With MCQs The Integumentary System With MCQs The Reproductive System With MCQs The Digestive System With MCQs The Excretory System With MCQs

Contents of Physics

Gist of Physics from NCERT Books With MCQs

Contents of Chemistry

Gist of Chemistry from NCERT Books With MCQs

Contents of Botany

Photosynthesis With MCQs Digestion in Plants With MCQs Plant Reproduction With MCQs

Contents of Animal Kingdom

Diversity in Living Organisms With MCQs The Animal Kingdom With MCQs

Contents of What, Why & How?

Gist of What, Why & How?

Contents of Various Programmes of India

Indias Nuclear Programme With MCQs Indias Defence Programme With MCQs Indias Space Programme With MCQs Science and Technological Development in India With MCQs

Contents of Universe

Universe With MCQs

Contents of Geography
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Contents of World Geography General

North America With MCQs Middle America With MCQs South America With MCQs Africa With MCQs Europe With MCQs Australia With MCQs Asia With MCQs Antartica With MCQs Climatic Region of the World With MCQs

Contents of World Geography Physical

Lithosphere With MCQs Atmosphere With MCQs World Climatic Types With MCQs

Contents of Indian Geography Physical

India Physical With MCQs

Contents of Indian Geography General

Land and the People With MCQs States and Union Territories With MCQs Non-Conventional Energy With MCQs Nuclear Energy With MCQs Conventional Energy in India With MCQs Electricity / Power in India With MCQs

Gist of N.C.E.R.T.

India Location Drainage System Climate Natural Vegetation Soils Land Use and Agriculture Mineral and Energy Resources Sugar Industry Transport and Communication Our Solar System Land Forms Composition and Structure of Atmosphere

Contents of Indian Economy

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Contents of Economy Concepts

Human Development With MCQs Socio-Economic Planning With MCQs Concepts of Inflation, Facts and Policy With MCQs Concept of Fiscal System With MCQs Concept Monetary and Credit Policy With MCQs Concepts of Banking System in India with MCQs World Economic Institutions With MCQs

Gist of N.C.E.R.T.

Sectors of the Indian Economy Liberalization Human Capital and Human Development Growth and Changing Structure of Employment Indias economic interaction with the world

Contents of Indian History Contents of Ancient Indian History

Sources of Indian History With MCQs The Harappan Civilization With MCQs The Vedic With MCQs The Mauryan With MCQs Post Mauryan period (200 BC-300 AD) With MCQs Gupta & Post - Gupta period: Society, Economy & Polity With MCQs

Contents of Medieval Indian History

Chronology of Events in Medieval India With MCQs North India between 750-1200 With MCQs The Sultans of Delhi With MCQs The Mughal Kings With MCQs The Marathas With MCQs Vijayanagar Empire With MCQs The Saints of Medieval India With MCQs

Contents of Modern Indian History

Facts Related to Modern India with MCQs Chronology of Events with MCQs European Trading Companies with MCQs British Conflict with Other Powers with MCQs Rise of Autonomous States with MCQs Revolts & Rebellions with MCQs Political, Social & Religious Reforms, Organisation & Movement with MCQs Governors & Viceroys with MCQs

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Development of Civil Services with MCQs Indian National Movement with MCQs Gandhi-South African Experiments with MCQs Indian Left Movement : Some Facts with MCQs Books and Journals with MCQs Revolutionary Terrorism with MCQs Labour Movement with MCQs 1937 : Election Results with MCQs Titles of Some Important Leaders with MCQs

Gist of N.C.E.R.T.

The Harappan Culture: Bronze Age Civilization The Later Vedic Phase Territorial States And The First Magadhan Empire The Delhi Sultanat Architecture Mughal Empire Social and Cultural Awakening in the First Half of the 19th Century The Revolt of 1857 Growth of New India - Religious and Social Reform After 1858 Nationalist Movement

Contents of Indian Polity Contents of Indian Constitution

Preamble With MCQs The Union and its Territory With MCQs Citizenship With MCQs Fundamental Rights With MCQs Directive Principles of State Policy With MCQs Fundamental Duties With MCQs The Union With MCQs The States With MCQs The States in Part B of the First Schedule With MCQs The Union Territories With MCQs The Panchayats With MCQs The Municipalities With MCQs The Scheduled and Tribal Areas With MCQs Relations between the Union and the States With MCQs Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits With MCQs Trade, Commerce and Intercourse within the Territory of India With MCQs Services under the Union and the States With MCQs Tribunals With MCQs Elections With MCQs Special Provisions Relating to Certain Classes With MCQs Official Language With MCQs Emergency Provisions With MCQs Miscellaneous With MCQs Amendment of the Constitution With MCQs For Any Help Call Our Course Director: Mr. S.A. Majid at +919911626661, +918800966252

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Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions With MCQs Short Title, Commencement, Authoritative text in Hindi and Repeals With MCQs Schedules With MCQs

Contents of Indian Polity & Governance

Constitutional Development in India Making of the Indian Constitution The Preamble Fundamental Rights & Directive Principles Parliament System Amendment Procedure Judicial Review & Basic Structure Party System Federalism Local Government & State Administration Lokpal and Lokayukta University Grant Commission Constitutional Body

Gist of N.C.E.R.T.

Why Do We Need A Constitution? Philosophy of the Constitution Fundamental Rights in the Indian Constitution Executive Legislature Judiciary Local Governments Elections and Democracy

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For Any Help Call Our Course Director: Mr. S.A. Majid at +919911626661, +918800966252