HCR – 209

Heavy Combat Robot
Enron Advancements Division as a security robot and for their space exploration project designed the ED 209 Heavy Combat Robot. It is in the Prototype stage, and as such still has a 1 – 18% chance of malfunctioning. The ED 209 has a standard artificial intelligence which means it cannot go beyond the parameters of it’s programming. It has been programmed to be extremely loyal to Enron and it’s employees to the point of self-destruction. While deactivated it is in a squat position and has an plug that plugs into any outlet to keep it’s basic systems powered while the main power supply is powered down. Skills: Basic Math 98% Advanced Math 98% Language English 88% Language Spanish 88% Literacy English 96% Literacy Spanish 96% Biology 50% Common sense laws of physics & Social Behavior Hand To Hand: Expert Military Etiquette 90% WP Heavy Weapons WP Automatic & Semi-Auto Rifles WP Energy Rifle SDC by Location: *Main Body: 450 Arms (2): 150 each Legs (2): 75 each

*Depleting the SDC of the main body will completely shut down the unit. AR: 10 Size: 8 ft tall, 6 ft wide Reinforced Frame: Weight: 1060 lbs Power Supply: Fusion Power System (Micro) 6 yr life Spd: 10 PS: 20 Cost: $12,245,800

Tentacles in retractable housing: 10 ft long 2 fingers and opposable thumb on each PS: 15 SDC: 45 Advanced hearing capacity: 5x human hearing 360 ft radius Estimate Distance of sound 65% Est. speed and direction of approach 55% Recognize a voice or sound 98% Wide Band Radio Receiver: Range 50 miles Citizen Band, Radio stations, and Police Band. Radar signal detector: Buzzing when painted. Wide band radio receiver and transmitter with Directional: Range 300 miles Loud Speaker: up to 90 decibels. Advanced Robot Optic systems: Color Vision 3D analysis Night Vision range: 2000 ft

Infrared: 7 ft wide 2000 ft Ultraviolet sight: 2000 ft Laser Targeting System: Thermo Imager: Range 1600 ft Video Receiver/Transmitter: Range 40 miles Combat Computer: Motion Detector and warning system: Range 60 ft Micro Radar: Identify 25 targets Simultaneously track 6 (Rate of travel, Direction, and location) 360º rotating body segment: Upper body Self destruct system: 3D6x100 to a 40ft radius.

Spike and Towline: Nose 1000 lb test strength 120 ft length 500 lb rewind weight limit Damage: 1D6 Gattling Gun: (2) 1 each arm Damage: 7D6 1 melee burst each 2D6 X10: 2 melee burst each 5D6 X10: full melee burst each Small Missile Launcher pod: (2) 1 each arm Payload: 8 each arm Rate of Fire: 1-4 (______) (______) (______) (______) Bonuses: +5 to Strike +4 to Roll +3 to Parry +4 to Dodge +10 to Initiative +3 to Pull Punch Attacks: 6