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Hyundai vehicles are sold in 193 countries through some 6. which is capable of producing 1. Headquartered in Seoul.7 million vehicles worldwide. The company employs about 75.6 million units annually. 2|Page .Hyundai was multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Seoul and one of the largest South Korean firm. Two of the best-known Hyundai subsidiaries were Hyundai Motor Company. along with Kia comprises the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group. It was founded by Chung Ju-yung in 1947 as a construction company and Chung was the CEO and directly in control of the company until the end of his life. Hyundai sold over 1. South Korea. the world's fourth-largest automobile manufacturer by volume as of December 2011 and Hyundai Heavy Industries. In 2010. currently the world's largest shipbuilder. Hyundai operates the world's largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility in Ulsan. Hyundai branded vehicles are manufactured by Hyundai Motor Company.000 dealerships and showrooms worldwide. Hyundai Corporate Philosophy Hyundai Motor Company has created its new corporate philosophy by redefining the philosophy and values that lives on in organization since its founding. Popular models include the Sonata midsize sedan and Elantra compact and many more.000 persons around the world.

1. Core Value      Customer Challenge Collaboration People Globality 3. Vision 2020 3|Page . Management Philosophy 2.

Specifically in April 2007.Hyundai Motor Company does not see itself as a mere profit-making entity. suppliers. CSR has taken a position of the core pillars of Hyundai Motor as the company strives to establish a new Sustainable Business Management System based on business principles. social responsibility and environmental responsibility. It is a Contributing member of global society based on the responsible corporate citizenship.Hyundai Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become the key issue in companysociety relations. shareholders. including stake holders. Hyundai Motor announced its socially responsible management plan to fulfill its responsibility to global society. 1) The Conceptual Areas Hyundai Motor socially responsible management covers three conceptual areas economic responsibility. employees. and local communities in the world. It is one of the main purposes to make a better world in close cooperation with all people and groups. 4|Page . customers.

5|Page . mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers. Hyundai Motor is pursuing a wide range of social contribution programs to achieve its philosophy of 'Moving the World Together'. The Hyundai Motor Company headquarters (HMC) in Korea engages in diverse activities that capitalize on the company’s expertise in automobiles. For social contribution. ethics management and transparent management. As a leading global automaker. Being the major organ for executing Social Responsibility Programs in HMC it supports big number of those and has a set of 20-30 adjusted representative events.2) Area of Strategic focus Corporate social responsibility covers three areas: trust-based management. As for environmental management. company will focus on enhancement of labour relations. company will proactively respond to global trends and regulations related to the environment. For trust-based management. Social responsibility is displayed through various programs. they plan to enlarge our capacity and obtain expertise to effectively carry out global social contribution projects and participate in volunteering programs to contribute to development of local communities. environmental management and social contribution.

education and medical help. Hyundai Motor with its 'Four Moves' is involved in various activities related to arts. social Contribution philosophy is to promote happiness for all and build a sustainable society. actively establishing its strong CSR network. technical skills.The major initiatives of HMC are 'Easy Move' aimed at enhancing mobility for the transportation-disadvantaged. 'Green Move' to restore natural habitats and protect the environment. 'Safe Move' to promote traffic safety. In India. Wherever Hyundai Motor has its subsidiaries you can see various representative social programs conducted in the area as well. In 2008 ‘Hope on Wheels’ program for fighting against paediatric cancer had its 10 year anniversary in America. sports. Hyundai Social Contribution Philosophy Based on Management Philosophy of pursuing happiness for humanity through automobiles. Chennai or Delhi you will be able to see student-volunteers actively participating in traffic control program – Student Traffic Volunteers Scheme (STVS). and 'Happy Move' under which HMC employees take part in volunteering activities. 6|Page .

Hyundai Symbol and Slogan Befitting company position as a global enterprise. Hyundai Motor also carries put a broad range of social contribution programs around the world with the goal of promoting happiness for all people. 'Moving the World Together' – means going forward together with our neighbours to a better society and better life. Meaning of Slogan 7|Page .

Except for the 4 move Key Social Contribution Programs. where help is in need. Hyundai Motor is continuing its activities in various social responsibility projects. Sports are all included in Hyundai Motor Company's activities. Art & Culture. Education. Social Welfare. HMC is willing to Help anywhere. HMC is going overseas to accomplish its motto of "Moving the World Together" in collaboration with its neighbours. 8|Page . Being not only just a company but a serious Global player.Hyundai Social Contribution Structure Social contribution by category With its Key Social Contribution Program Hyundai Motor also promotes various social activities divided by categories throughout the world.

hybrid electric vehicles. and earth can coexist in harmony. Hyundai Reduction of Gas Emissions Reducing tailpipe emission in urban areas. Hyundai Development of Alternative Fuels The development of alternative energy sources as well as the development and supply of alternative fuel vehicles is important in responding to the depletion of oil and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. where there is a concentrated population. which use internal-combustion engines and electricity as their power source. Hyundai will do its best to create a future where human beings. They are concentrating to develop and supply practical and truly environment-friendly alternative fuel vehicles. They are increasing investments for the development of new technologies to create vehicles with ultimately zero gas emmisons. Rooted in Hyundai Motor Company's corporate philosophy to contribute to enriching human lives through automobiles and the innate mission of cars to provide mobility. Blue Drive aims to create values that blend with the environment and society. around the world to conform to the relevant regional regulations. HMC is doing more than simply developing new technologies. These efforts have led to the development of eco-friendly models based on the Company's strategic Blue Drive technology. is an important task that needs to be tackled for the improvement of air quality.Hyundai Environmental Resposibilty Hyundai Environmental Management Centered around Blue Drive Starting with the development of the FGV-I in 1995. are gaining attention as a powerful alternative. therby improving air quality in urban areas.The ultimate goal of developing new and renewable energy sources is developing and supplying non-polluting vehicles that have zero gas emissions. 9|Page . They strictly manage its vehicles tailpipe emissions. society. At present. With Blue Drive at its heart. Hyundai Motor has been continuing its efforts to reduce the impact of cars on the environment. followed by the official announcement of the Company's environmental management philosophy and global environmental management policy in 2003 and the launch of the Environment Technology Centre in 2005. such as NOx and PM.

707 million automobiles 10 | P a g e .Hyundai Increased Recyclability Automobile is the basic essential of human life. An important goal of HMC is to prevent environmental pollution by recycling resources that are used for manufacturing of automobiles and enhancing the value of end-of-life vehicles. They are standardizing the management of harmful materials so that they are not contained in raw materials and not used in the manufacturing process. they are operating the Recyclability Assessment Information System for Homologation (RAIS-H). energy. in the process of manufacturing vehicles results in byproducts such as waste heat. waste. They are managing the material balance between inputs and outputs.88 million GJ of energy.683 million tons of water resources. The adoption of the Bali Roadmap during the 13th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is leading to forecasts that domestic plants will also be forced to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a certain level after 2013. Hyundai Clean Production An important task that needs to be addressed by automobile companies is to minimize environmental pollutant emissions and optimize the use of resources during the automobile manufacturing process. HMC is contributing to the preservation of the global environment and enhance environment-friendliness of the automobile industry. and 2. 30. water resources. gas. HMC is actively making efforts for the preparations. The use of raw materials. HMC is recycling scrap materials such as plastic parts and waste PET bottles that are generated during the automobile parts manufacturing process. By establishing a clean production system that encompasses all partner companies. To verify the recyclability of all models. They are prohibiting the use of hazardous substances for the new vehicle development phase to prepare the recycling process of end-of-life automobiles. In 2007. wastewater. Moreover. among others. and stench. It is thus essential to establish a clean production system to effectively manage byproducts. The company is thus responding to recycling laws and regulations that are being strengthened all across the globe.635 tons of chemical substances. their domestic business facilities used 308 thousand tons of raw materials. in the process of manufacturing 1. HMC is making efforts to boost research and development through the Automobile Recycling Centre in order to increase recyclability. subsidiary materials. 11.

Africa. HMIL currently exports cars to more than 115 countries across EU. which produces an additional 300. and 198 thousand tons of waste were generated. 192 tons of water pollutants. HMIL's fully integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing plant near Chennai boasts of the most advanced production.and 2. Latin America and Asia Pacific. raising HMIL’s total production capacity to 600. 639 tons of air pollutants. In addition. the A5 segment includes the Sonata Transform and the SUV segment includes the Santa Fe. the A3 segment includes the Accent and the Verna. HMIL currently has a 336 strong dealer network and 721 strong service points across India. HMIL commissioned its second plant in February 2008. The A2 segment includes the EON. It has been the number one exporter of passenger car of the country for the sixth year in a row. As HMC's global export hub for compact cars. HMIL presently markets 8 models of passenger cars across segments. 11 | P a g e . It aims to become a centre of excellence for automobile engineering and ensure quick turnaround time to changing consumer needs. South Korea and is the largest passenger car exporter and the second largest car manufacturer in India. quality and testing capabilities in the country. To support its growth and expansion plans. Middle East. i10 and the i20. Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company (HMC).526 million tons of CO2 were emitted. Santro.000 units per annum. 1. HMIL is the first automotive company in India to achieve the export of 10 lakh cars in just over a decade. To cater to rising demand. In continuation with its commitment to providing Indian customers with cutting-edge global technology. HMIL has set up a modern multi-million dollar research and development facility in the cyber city of Hyderabad. During this process.000 units per annum.376 million engines.

Cultural Exchange Program of HMIF(Hyundai Motor India Foundation) is for encouraging cultural exchange and understanding between Korea and India. The objectives are mention below. At the same time.CSR-Hyundai Motor India (HMI) Community Development Hyundai Motor India (HMI) established a trust called HMIF (Hyundai Motor India Foundation) to carry forward such activities.To assist various participants to create awareness regarding vehicle pollution and control.Facilitate safety management capacity building at regional levels. A slew of Korean companies set shop in India along with HMIL (Hyundai Motor India Limited). To have a chance to learn not only business culture but also general society. Business understanding can never be complete without cultural understanding. mostly related to Community Development program which includes various fields of health. Reduce communicable diseases  Education and Vocational Training . To build capacity to act as a lead agency for Government to guide the enforcement of traffic laws and regulations and campaign for national road traffic safety effort. HMIF supports various events and activities which are related to art.  Cultural Exchange . education and road safety. student traffic volunteers etc.  Road Safety . Based on these objectives. Private and Non-profit Agencies in providing Primary Health Care in rural areas Increase health awareness and ensure efficient delivery of drugs and medicines.To provide quality and life-skills education to the lesser-privileged. To develop a world class automobile service training institute. picnic for village school students. science and culture of Indian tradition. HMIF puts the best effort to interact two 12 | P a g e . school up-gradation.  Health Care -To work with Government.  Environment . HMIF initiates medical health checkup for villages. Undertaking social works make not only societal needs fulfil but also Hyundai satisfied as a neighbour.

HMIF has been initiating various scholarship programs for instance. contribution to life skills education for women through an organization Y. culture and information. and supports the schools. HMI (Hyundai Motor India) also considers that it is one of the most important objectives of HMIF (Hyundai Motor India Foundation). it will look at the global dimensions of such a dialogue even while showcasing the local and national characteristics that underpin such exchange. music. April. it will be a connection between India and Korea in a meaningful and sustained manner harmoniously. an Internship through academicindustrial cooperation with relating training programs. Since HMIF is in charge of handling foundation activity. colleges and universities even to non-governmental organizations such as awareness and campaign programs. it will give more place and chance to enhance communication in practice through running the various programs from language to wellness. To maximize the availability of access.500. Hyundai Motor India Limited delightedly undertakes a main partnership of making the cultural exchange spot.C.they are able to plan for providing quality primary. On 10. Financial support from HMIL to InKo Centre is rooted through HMIF. we showed our will to support education by handing over Rs 3.000 to Madras University to enhance the educational infrastructure in Tamilnadu. InKo Centre has been set up with an aim to promote intercultural dialogue between India and Korea by facilitation a consistent program that draws on the rich traditions of both these countries. Besides.  Scholarship – Abdul Kalam. calligraphy.different cultures through introducing and giving the opportunity to experience Korean art. In the future. Besides. 2006. In May 2006. through performances. conversations and research. film screenings and much more. 13 | P a g e .W.A. President of India believes education is the future of India. The center will focus on language. Indo-Korean Cultural & Information Centre (InKo Centre) was inaugurated to become a cultural pluralism and intercultural dialogue between India and Korea. the inauguration of HMIF. performance. etc. secondary & higher education and vocational training more systematically and professionally.

Mr M K Chung had a meeting with the President Dr A. No one would forget what happened in the southeastern coast of India on 14 | P a g e .Especially. technical support to Assam was suggested.000 students were able to study in an environment that is much more pleasant. stimulating and conducive to learning after a total of 6. relief activities.  DONATION OF DESKS AND CHAIRS TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF) has been continuously donating chairs and desks to public schools since 2007 to impoverished Tamil Nadu for the improvement of the learning environment. HMIF planned to modernize and supplement the educational infrastructure of Assam it is in three phases. On September 20.J. As many as 21. 2006. HMIF recycled thrownaway wooden boxes used for cars in order to directly manufacture desks and chairs for donation.200 desk and chair sets were provided to 35 Govt Hr Sec Schools. Abdul Kalam and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. tsunami. During the discussion about technological and educational supports to the rural student. and reconstruction support for areas that have been affected by such natural disasters as earthquakes. Hyundai Group Chairman.P.  Natural Calamity and Disasters Relief . modernize the aggregates such as engines & transmissions and revamp of training facilities. it starts from 2007 for training facility renovation. Second phases will start in 2008 and third one in 2011 for the employment opportunity. Meeting with the officials revealed that support was required to improve the functions in ITI. it will also provide several job opportunities to certified ITI students.Hyundai Motor Foundation (HMF) has been established to provide the financial aid. In line with the Green Message in which the environmentally friendly recycling of resources is very much encouraged and sought after.200 sets. flood. As a vocational learning. and so forth. The accumulated number of desks and chair sets donated so far almost reaches 19. HMIF renovated a technological training centre for giving the students an opportunity to learn through improvement of educational environment in Assam Sate which is located in Northeast India. First of all.

HMI delivered another disaster relief aid in 2005. an Indian NGO India.December 26. The activities in the camp are focused on education and renovation activities. technology. The tsunami on the Indian Ocean caused incalculable devastation in terms of human lives and properties in the Indian province of Tamiladu where the Indian corporation of HMC is located. As the biggest investor in Tamilnadu. HMI volunteers then went on to repair cars in the flooded areas of Kalpakkam and Andaman in an effort to alleviate burdens on the locals. art. The 'Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers Camp' is also supported by Field Services and Intercultural Learning (FSL). as parts of Tamiladu were flooded and ruined by heavy rainfalls. educational and vocational training. as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program recently organises the 'Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers camp'. road safety. science.100 for every car sold in the Indian market to enable HMIF to carry out its social activities.  Happy Move Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF). etc. an NGO from Korea. environment. HMI then dispatched the employees in the medical unit of the company as well as doctors and nurses of Sudar Hospital to the most affected area of Nagapattinam to take care of over 5. along with donations of money and goods from HMC employees that filled two trucks. 15 | P a g e . HMIF gets its direct funding from HMIL's earnings as it contributes Rs. The medical services were soon expanded to incorporate areas surrounding Nagapattinam as well. students from India and Korea are work together towards a common cause of community development. Hyundai Motor India Foundation(HMIF) HMIF was formed in the year 2006 with the purpose of 'giving back' to society and to initiate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in the areas of health care. 2004.000 locals and give vaccinations against water-born infections. HMI delivered a relief aid to the local citizens. As part of the initiative. and International Workcamp Organisation (IWO).

The van has a Satellite link which enables it to be in direct contact with the hospital and get assistance and advice even in the remotest of villages. computers to the schools to create a better environment for educating children. Till date. under the aegis of HMIF is committed to the task of improving conditions in local schools around Sriperumbudur as well as nationally. after proper training by the local traffic police. Attendant and maintain a regular supply of medicines. At regular intervals it donates chairs. over 20. tables. HMIF has adopted ITI's in Assam and Ulundurpet to equip them with latest infrastructure facilities and also provides employment opportunities to students who graduate from here  Medical Camps for Neighbourhoods HMIF conducts a number of free Medical Camps. work as traffic marshals at busy intersections in conjunction with the traffic police to control and manage traffic The students are paid a stipend for their efforts and this scheme is successfully running in the cities of New Delhi. driving school was started by HMIF to train unemployed youth in Kancheepuram & Thiruvallur Dist. Three batches (100) had been trained during 2009 and this will be an ongoing programme. Nurse.  Hyundai Driving School As part of skill development. Pharmacist. 16 | P a g e . The mobile clinic will have a Medical Officer. Chennai and Kolkata. Hyundai Traffic Squad Students Traffic Volunteer Scholarship Scheme is an initiative by HMIF to sponsor the 'economically backward' college students and also help in managing traffic better. Apart from this. A group of carefully chosen students. the Foundation has also entered into an agreement with Sri Ramachandra Medical University for operating a Mobile Health Clinic in villages between Poonamalee and Kanchipuram.000 school students have benefited through this program. HMIL will further expand the scheme to other cities of India  Educational and Vocational Training Program HMIL.

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