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Microsoft Office System 2003 Professional Edition All-In-One by Kemosabe Version 1.

0 This CD contains the original version of Microsoft Office 2003 Professional, FrontPage 2003, Visio 2003 Professional, Project 2003 Professional, and OneNote 2003. No messy administrative installation points. Install from the CD, and do any future updates as easily as applying a Service Release patch. Included on this CD are the following: 1. Office 2003 Professional a. Microsoft Access b. Microsoft Excel c. Microsoft InfoPath d. Microsoft Outlook e. Microsoft PowerPoint f. Microsoft Publisher g. Microsoft Word 2. FrontPage 2003 3. Visio 2003 Professional 4. Project 2003 Professional 5. OneNote 2003 A number of other extras are included as well, such as: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit Toolbox Office Visio 2003 Resource Kit Tools Office Converter Pack 5.0.2920.0.a Power Utility Pak 5 (with VBA Source Code) Kemosabe Version of Power Utility Pack 5 (2003-08-30) Kemosabe Version of Edwin's Power Tools 3.51 for Excel ASAP Utilities 3.05 XY Chart Labeler 6.23 Excel Code Cleaner 4.4 Excel Utilities 1.5 Excel Code Documentor 4.0 Word Code Cleaner 4.4w MathType 5.1 DisableWebToolbar 1.0.0 Passware Password Recovery Kit 5.7 FaceID images in pdf format Microsoft Press, First Look Microsoft Office 2003 eBook

An AutoRun menu has been included for easy accessibility to the above items. Microsoft Office System 2003 products require Windows 2000 or successor. They will not work on Windows 9X or Windows NT 4.0. Version 1.0 by Kemosabe 2003-09-13 Volume License Product ID Keys: 1. Office 2003 Professional: GWH28-DGCMP-P6RC4-6J4MT-3HFDY 2. Others: WFDWY-XQXJF-RHRYG-BG7RQ-BBDHM The Setup.ini files in the "\Files\Setup" directories have been modifi ed to automatically enter the Product ID Keys.

The original Setup.ini files have been saved under the "\Original Files" subdirectories. A 700 mb CDR will be required. Applications Used The ISO was created with CDImageGUI beta 3 by CyBerian ( om/). A minimum of 10% pars were generated using SmartPar 0.13d1. To extract and write the image you will need: SmartPar 0.13d1 - (web address now defunct) WinRar 3.20 - CDRWin 4.0A - These utilities are included in the accompanying support zip file. You do not need to download the support zip file if you already have these utili ties. If you prefer, other utilities (not included in the support zip file) are also c apable of writing .iso files. Posted to the Following Newsgroups alt.binaries.warez.win2000 alt.binaries.warez alt.binaries.comp Number of rars: 66 Number of pars: 10