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Deter mine your goal and develop a live plan.

Does something stop you from asking a question? Do you fear losing? What drives you within, the destination or the journey? Is laziness filling you up, is procastination your problem? Do your hormones hijack your timetable? Do only humans have so complicated illnesses, not birds animals and trees?


Life Objectives. Living Solutions.



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Are we equipped to handle the subtleties of emotion like fear, doubt, anger, frustration, anxiety? Can we fearlessly ask questions, have we encouraged this trait? Are we ready to make mistakes? Facilitation Process Are they ready to explore?

The education and work prevalent today grooms us into an intelligent and a logically sound individual. The subtleties of emotions are never directly addressed. The mentoring program facilitates the individuals to see a clear impact of their emotional strengths interwoven with process of learning that they are undergoing. The focus of this program is to make them realize the importance of their uniqueness. It encourages them to make mistakes, enable them to take a closer look at themselves and help them take a journey in the direction where there is a possibility of their performance to peak.

Consultant, Life-Skills Create & Sustain Special Interest Groups Event Management Social Service Musician (Tabla) Acupressure Therapist Public Speaking (Toastmaster) Nature(Trekking)


While coaching a student who had failed twice in XIIth in Maths, I learnt the art of confronting fear and taming it. I felt what she felt and together we achieved success 96/100!

I would tire teaching them Funwith-Maths & Fun-withRhythm but they would still want to go on.


As an acupressure therapist, I was humbled to discover on my trek to Kailas and Manasarovar (250 km trek) that my abilities could relieve back-aches, sciatica and headaches. Over the years since then touching peoples lives in a small way to relieve their pain has motivated me to go beyond the physical aspect. Proximity to nature has helped me to tap into the incredible dimensions my mind and recognize its power. As I shared my colleagues problems by listening to them, I could help some with solutions and they have given back more than the worth by their friendship and love!

They are like seeds ready to germinate, but it is a stormy weather out there. The fascinating dreams they can imagine of, the limitless possibilities they can think of, the energy they possess today is awe-inspiring. As they tread the USUAL paths traveled by so many of us, the impressionable minds may begin to wither away.


Working with physically challenged children for 2 group musical programme, I marveled at the fact as to how everyone bonded, trusted each other to deliver the final symphony. It was interpersonal dynamics, working at its best to overcome seemingly impossible hurdles. While I sharpened my skills at event planning, management and coordination, today reflecting back I know it was all TRUST, FAITH and BELIEF that made it work!

How does one communicate with a body of 22 with a mind of a 5 year old? The Mind sees something the Heart feels something else. The mentally challenged and yet supremely beautiful individuals taught me the art of patience and simplicity, when I was teaching them harmonium & tabla.

How can we arm them with the

right tools? How can we teach them to remain unreasonable? How can we teach them to remain foolish and unyielding in the face of adversity?

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Do something you like, you will have limitless energy; my young school friends at the municipality schools taught me that.

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