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Content: Introduction Literature Review Data Analysis Discussion Recommendation Conclusion .

I will be linking this investigation in sequence to the information that I had learn in my unit Marketing which has the topic Marketing mix. basically I'm going to try to identify the main different of homemade food and mainly in general the outside food perpetration.Introduction: In this stage. Hence I would want to investigate the side effect of each of this two element. The key element of this investigation is to know about how customers feel about what kind of food they usually have and the preference of customer in food choice. .

if I eat out. Rather than health issue.Literature Review Fast Food and Home Cooked Food Food is something that we as humans need to take at least two times every day. Some people believe food should be perfectly fresh and natural. are sacrificing healthy home food just for convenience. many people like to have fast food. Even if you get the food from any of the top-notch five star restaurant also. There is an important difference between fast food and homemade cooked. While fast food may be more convenient. Home cooking is exactly how you want your meal to be done and you can control the entire ingredient going into your recipe. which makes it more preferable and that is health issue. which makes it tastier but harmful to your body and your health. Although you fry food at home but at least you can control the amount and type of oil you use. many people have a similar problem as me. therefore fast food is the best choice. In comparison fast food with home-cooked food there are differences. This case is not only for me. . therefore. For example. The very obvious reason is. Most fast food is frozen and. it is more convenience and there are more choices. Every day before cooking people always think about whether they should cook or not and what kind food they will eat. taste. Everybody has different choices for food. it’s always the same food and doesn’t taste good. Below I will try to account some of those facts. home cooked food is healthier and cheaper: These days people are very busy and even most of the women are working outside the home. etc. which is not good for your health. homecooked food will be definitely much healthier than any fast food. mood and time. Personally I am not so particular about eating food from outside or home-cooked food. You can save money by eating at home. Eating more fast food causes fatness. since societal life style has changed. Fast food is almost always fried. Food is plentiful and anywhere we can see the restaurant to eat to get food. it cannot be that healthier. Sometimes you are not in the mode to cook and work in the kitchen and clean the dishes. who prefer fast food. People. Frozen food loses all its vitamin and protein. I always have to take a long time. therefore shortage of time makes fast food more convenient. it is really cost you less if you cook at home than eating out. have their own associated pluses and minuses. In fast food restaurants they use some artificial things to add colour. but the home cooked food is always fresh and of course healthier. making a hamburger at home cost you cheaper than buying from McDonalds. However. In my situation. Eating from outside and home cooked food. There are advantages to both fast food and homemade food. it is not fresh. therefore. For me it all depends upon the situation. based on the contrast and comparison between eating fast foods and home cooked foods in many ways.

are those things that the customer can see. taste. The Age-group mainly was from 18-40. the psychological aspects of pricing (high price to many customers is equated with high quality . The intangible include such things as the image of the offering which includes the image of the organization making the offering. or smell. I made my questionnaire based on my study of the element Marketing Mix which was offered in the marketing unit The Marketing Mix It is often refers to the 4Ps. tactical components of a marketing plan. The tangible. of course. Elements of the marketing mix are often referred to as 'the four Ps': Product: The product. or program includes both tangible and intangible elements. 20 questionnaires will be administrated to each group. I conducted my questionnaire to 40 people. feel. One of the ways that I wanted to gather information about my research is to conduct a questionnaire. • What would you prefer? . The questionnaire will be divided into two groups using the parameter 'working people/professional' or non working/ student. service.Data Analysis The main objective of my choice to this project is to research about the comparison of homemade food and fast food.and vice versa). touch. its elements are the basic.

The above figure shows that the number of people's preference between fast food and homemade food is high in the homemade category. therefore the amount of people would prefer eating homemade food .

Price includes all costs associated with the product. It includes direct and indirect costs as well as opportunity costs. The benefits of the product have to be great enough to warrant the price. • The price of having homemade food is much cheaper than having a meal in a restaurant. This area of the questionnaire shows that there is people that feel having a food outside is cheaper than having a meal at home because making a meal requires many things to prefer which makes it cheaper to have food in a restaurant where you only should pay a specific amount for the meal . or program.Price: The price is what the customer pays. service.

In setting its strategy. a visitor center in the park. the organization must determine how much the target market is willing to . service.Place: The place is where the customer receives the product. or an interpretive exhibit along a trail. including all of its resources. The place may be a park. A place that meets his or her needs better may be worth more. or program. is part of what the consumer for atmosphere and physical resources of place 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Strongly agreeAgree 27 10 Disagree 1 Strongly disagree 2 • The place choice is one of the factors that make people eat fast food . The place of delivery.

publicity. The term promotion mix is commonly used to refer to the types of communication that are available: advertising. public relations. personal selling. is powerful promotion.Results indicate that the young has passion for visiting fast food outlets for fun and change. Results indicate that the young Indian consumer has passion for visiting fast food outlets for fun and change but home food is their first choice Promotion: Promotion includes all forms of communication you use to communicate the benefits of your offering to the target market. The objective is to persuade the customer in such a way that he or she recognizes that your offering is uniquely qualified to meet his or her needs. Word of mouth. • The effect of advertisement effect the choice of food? . Some authors include direct marketing. and sales promotion. though seldom discussed.

there is a lot of food advertising it clearly shows that people enjoy and engage with food promotion .In the chart above it shows that the advertisement has a strong impact.

so they head towards fast food restaurants to save their time. convenience. Fast food and home-made food have considerable dissimilarities in preparation time. Home-made food is much healthier than fast food. convenience and quality. if a worker works for a long time and doesn't have enough time to cook a meal. because bad quality of ingredients is used. which may be a potential risk to people's health. yet you have to look in several groceries until you find all the ingredients.Discussion These days. In order for the business to survive it has to but in confederation about the place they chose . most people prefer fast food rather than home-made food. Most fast food restaurants are generally bad for people's health. The promotional effect had affected the people because it motivated them to try the food people advert. (he/she) will definitely consume a fast food meal. It's known as the food that you don't have to prepare. A reason for this is that home-made food needs lots of time until it gets ready. On the other hand. Both fast food and home-made food have significant divergence in preparation time. Another reason is that home-made food is less convenient than fast food. and in a hurry. you may not find all the ingredients you need in one grocery. people should wait for several hours in order to have a ready home-made meal. For instance. home-made food has less attraction than fast food. but they differ in choosing the kind of food they're having. and therefore. People are alike in needing food in order to survive. For example. fast food attracts people more than home-made food does. Fast food is also common because it's convenient and people can find fast food restaurants in all places. while home-made food might be better in quality Evaluation The restaurants should settle down their prices in order for customers to go have their meal there. most of the fast food restaurants consume the cheapest kind of chicken. Fast food is more common because people are always busy. For instance. Nowadays. people will enjoy eating their meals without thinking of health problems. and quality. Fast food might be better in saving time and being more convenient. For example.

while home-made food might be better in quality.Recommendation After the questionnaire was distributed and the investigation and side effect of either fast food and homemade food. . it will help the thinking of student and will make them feel that what they eat might affect their health either in a bad way or a good way. I do believe that homemade food is much better than fast food. convenience and quality. while home-made food might be better in quality In conclusion. Fast food might be better in saving time and being more convenient. therefore here are some recommendation I feel it might change the point of view for the people about food they are having: Educate students: Mainly there more percentage of people not caring about what they eat or in other words they have no time to prepare a meal by themselves is students of colleges. I had investigated that there are many side effect of fast food. Conclusion Both fast food and home-made food have significant divergence in preparation time. and it's exactly what I want. because people's health is above every other aspect. I prefer to prepare food myself since it's healthier. In my opinion they should be a class every year or month that give some presentation about the effectiveness of food. Fast food might be better in saving time and being more convenient. although fast food fulfils the needs of the people since it is very convenient and always available. Some people don’t really know or have the knowledge about the side effect of the type of food they are having.

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