PMBOK Guide® 5th Edition and your PMP Exam® Preparation

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Help PMP candidates understand • what effect the PMBOK Guide®  5th edition has on the PMP  exam • which version of study materials  to use in their exam prep

• Recorded in January 2012 • No official statements have been made by  Project Management Institute (PMI)® • Information in this video is based on  experience from 2004 and 2008 when new  PMBOK Guide® versions were released

Recommendation Exam date before ~June 2013 • Use PMBOK Guide® 4th edition Exam date after ~June 2013 • Use PMBOK Guide® 5th edition

PMBOK Guide® 5 expected schedule
• • • • ~Jan/Feb 2012: Draft version released ~Feb to Aug 2012: Review & feedback Dec 31 2012: PMBOK Guide® 5th ed released ~July 2013: PMP Exam will be switched over to  the PMBOK Guide® 5th edition
All dates are estimates/approximate

Expected Timeline

PMBOK Guide® 4th Edition 5th Edition

All dates are estimates/approximate


Exam before ~June 2013 th Edition 4 Exam after ~June 2013 5th Edition

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