Disclose to students the proper techniques of using the equipment in the workshop.

Educate students to be disciplined to comply with the regulations and directions set out in the workshop.

Make students proficient in fitting

Give students a true picture of fitting work

 While drilling. the drilling machine and other is safe to use.SAFETY   Wear safety boots while in the workshop Wear appropriate clothing while in the workshop   Make sure there is good ventilation and lighting Make sure the workshop environment clean and all equipment such as metal file. the drill bit must be tightened so that it does not detach from the guard  Make sure your hands are not greasy when using the center punch to mark the center .

TOOLS AND MATERIALS Steel Ruler Center Punch Angle L Ruler Vernier Height Gauge Plate Angle .

Vice Table Metal File Round Head Hammer Hacksaw Drilling Machine .

3. 2. Measure the plates A and B by using a vernier height gauge and angle plate to support the plate.WORKING STEPS 1. Smooth the sides of the plates A and B to be a straight 90 degrees. Made part of this flattened as the base. Cutting long pieces of metal to the two metal plates. labeled as metal A and metal B. measuring 70mm x 45mm each. Surveying the measurements that are given as the drawing below : A B .

5. 10. 6.4. Combine the two plates A and B together. cut the plate into a form prescribed by using hacksaw. Then file the rough surface to look smooth and neat by using metal file. file the rough surface to look smooth and neat by using metal file 9. Then cut plate A into a form prescribed by using hacksaw. form at an angle on each plate. plate A must be drilled two holes with a drilling machine on the surface of the plate. 7. After completion. 8. . Start with the plate B. Same as plat B. Using a metal file.

Error in measuring the plates.PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED 1. Saw and metal file blunt. . 3. Lack of energy during the sawing and the file. 2.

com/doc/64622610/ASSINGMENT-BENGKEL-GEGAS  http://kupunya-cara.scribd. In .blogspot. we also learned about the use of equipment and machinery in the workshop.html  the five weeks we do the work in the workshop  http://translate.scribd. finally we can successfully complete the assignments given.CONCLUSIONS Conclusion. REFERENCES  http://www.


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