This chapter provides a step-by-step tutorial for the design, detailing, estimate and bar bending of slabs in one floor of a multi-storied building. The whole module can be sub divided into the following. 1.1 Description of the problem 1.2 Layout in AutoCAD 1.3 Steps involved in aadspro 1.4 Bar Bending Schedule 1.5 Results

1 Description of the problem Example 1 The structure for this problem is a double storied building.1.aadspro 1.1. Plan of the building is shown in fig.1. in which the first floor slab is to be designed.1. so that (span + wall thickness) of each slab can be easily picked out. Fig.2 Layout in AutoCAD In AutoCAD A layout of the slab is provided in AutoCAD as shown in the fig 1. .1. Here wall thickness of the building is taken as 24 cm including finishes. Here the beam and the column position should be marked correctly.

i.1.e. ‘Slab Section Design’ (fig. It contains plates.1) and ‘Slab Analysis’. In ‘Slab Section Design’ plate Provisions are given for selecting characteristic values of concrete and steel.3.1 1. fck = 25 MPa and fy = 415 MPa. .2.aadspro Fig.3 Steps involved in aadspro In aadspro Select ‘Slab’ from the Main menu and ‘Slab Design’ from drop down menu. Also enter the clear cover = 30 mm and the dia of the reinforcement = 8 mm to be used.1.

Then you will be taken to ‘Slab Analysis’ plate.1. live load and factor of safety according to which the programme calculates the total factored load.3.1. ‘Design/Estimation’ and ‘Factored Load’. ‘Analysis’. In ‘Factored Load’ plate (fig.1 For analysis use ‘calculate’ button against the moment and shear values.2) modify the values of dead load. thickness of finishes. . which can be transferred to the ‘Analysis’ plate.aadspro Fig.3. which contains three more plates viz.

3) Select Slab from the options of slab.1. .1.3.2 In ‘Analysis’ plate (fig.3. Enter ‘BBS NO in dwg’ for bar bending schedule. Select ‘Slab depth as per span’ (or ‘Slab Depth is Constant ‘as required). User can enter ‘Starting bar No (BBS)’ as per requirement. Enter the thickness of the slab in cm and select in the analysis plate. circular simple and circular fixed.aadspro Fig. cantilever. Default starting number is 1.

1.3 A window of Automatic Slab Picking Utility (Fig. Fig.3. In ‘Automatic Slab Picking Utility ’ plate (fig.4 .3.4) automatically opens up.4) Fig.

Select for picking slabs from AutoCAD.aadspro Select ‘slab’ and input unit. Data from the table can be exported to or imported from excel file using respectively. the selected slabs would be marked by the respective Slab name and a temporarily line (Fig.1. select the Slab name and Ctrl + Delete. In AutoCAD.5 Enter plate. Close option closes this utility. and Fig 1. These can be erased by using in the above plate. for transferring all the co-ordinate points to Slab Design System In ‘Slab Design System’ plate . From the table.5) spanning across the slab inner dimensions. to delete any slab detail.3. Double click or press F9 on the Slab name to edit the coordinates In AutoCAD. option allows the user to manually select any missed out slabs.3. select all the slabs using a cross window. The slab points picked will be updated into a table within this utility.

1.3.8 ‘Total Volume’ of all the slabs are added up and shown at the bottom of the slab Fig . In Modify Slab ((fig.3.3. Final details.(beams are excluded) fig.7.6) Enter ‘Wall thickness’ = 24 cms..aadspro ‘Slab Design System’ plate is divided into three more plates viz. Lx) as shown in the fig.7 In ‘Effective Depth’.e.1. Fig .8 .1. Load & dia of bar as per requirement.3.User can modify this table. which provides depth for the selected slab depending on the shorter span (i. we can edit the Depth. Moments and Modify slab. An option is present for ‘Auto Depth’. the volume of individual slabs are shown.1.1.3. In ‘Effective Depth’.

coefficient of top bar at discontinuous support. coefficient of top bar at continuous support. Moments and reinforcement details will be calculated in the software.aadspro Fig.1. Enter for detailing to start in the AutoCAD.6 Minimum spacing of reinforcement at discontinuous supports. The AutoCAD command which appears after selecting ‘Start Detailing’ is Slab detailing starts after picking the bottom left points of two slabs. for splitting the top and bottom reinforcement. .3.

which is represented by a slab number as shown in AutoCAD. .1. Extra bars in both the directions can also be obtained in this plate.1.1. the short span (Lx) and long span(Ly).3.9 In Final Details (fig .3. is also shown.aadspro In Moments (fig . Extra moments in X and Y direction.3. if present. the main bars and the corresponding spacing in X and Y direction is obtained.10) Corresponding to each slab numbers. the moments at the midspan and support both in X and Y direction is shown. Fig .9) Corresponding to each slab.

the reinforcement details are automatically transferred from ‘Slab Design System’ plate. .aadspro Fig .11) In ‘Straight Slab Info’. In ‘Slab Reinforcement’ plate(fig.

Size of bar in Vertical direction of slab. S.Length of bar in Vertical direction on the Middle of slab. T (V) .Length of bar in Vertical direction on the Bottom of slab.11) are explained in the fig below. L (H) . Len .Length of bar in Horizontal direction on the Right side of slab.Length of Slab. B (V) . Wid . LHNos.Size of bar in Horizontal direction of slab.1. TVNos .3.Length of bar in Vertical direction on the Top of slab.3.1. MHNos. . R (H) .Length of bar in Horizontal direction on the Left side of slab.11 Here. BVNos. M (V) . M (H) .Length of bar in Horizontal direction on the Middle of slab. RHNos . (Fig .12). HSpc VSpc .1.3.Number of bars in Horizontal direction. . MVNos.aadspro Fig .Number of bars in Vertical direction. S.Width of Slab The various columns in the table above (fig.

1. The same member for the adjacent slab will be taken as zero.12 Note: Reinforcement at continuous support won’t be divided into two. but will be taken as a single member for a slab. converts these values to ‘Slab-BBS’ plate.aadspro Fig 1.4 BAR BENDING SCHEDULE .3.

B etc = Representations in shape code. .5 RESULTS The slab reinforcement detailing automatically starts in AutoCAD. For details. number) • A.1.aadspro In ‘Slab -BBS’ plate. refer ‘Full floor beam is also provided to import from Excel. 1.1) Fig . (For details. (fig .1 ‘Slab BBS’ gives the bar bending schedule for the problem. .1.4. An option Here. • Total Bars = Mem No x Bar No/ Mem • Len(Bar)mm = Length of bar in mm • ShpCode = Shape code (Each shape is represented by a design’) ‘Save Excel’ Enter option saves the schedule to Excel. • Bar No/Mem = Number of bars of same length and dia.4. button. refer ‘Full floor beam design’. fills the Tot: Bars and Len (Bar) mm columns in the table. • Brmk = Bark mark • Type = Type of reinforcement • Size = Bar diameter size • Mem No = Number of repetitions of the member.

Fig. .2 shows Top reinforcement of the slabs. Fig. bar diameter and corresponding spacing is obtained. shows Bottom reinforcement of the slabs. 34. 37 etc represents bar number for Bar bending schedule.1. Here D =110 represents depth of the slab. Here both the Bottom and Top reinforcement are shown together.1.1 Fig.aadspro The length of each bar.5.

5.aadspro Fig.1.2 .

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