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3D Grass and Sky
This 3ds Max tutorial covers the creation of a fresh grassland pictures. Photo is used as background and 3d grass is created with a scatter object. The final touch will be the sun which will be created with lens effects. I am using 3ds Max 2010 but this should be doable with many older versions as well.

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Step 1 Choosing the Background
First choose your favorite sky photo for the background. You can of course use mine if you want to. Click on the image below to download the sky with higher resolution.




Add the sky image to background in 3ds Max: 1. Open Environment settings ( Rendering > Environment… ) 2. Click ‘None’ button in Common Parameters 3. Double click ‘Bitmap’ and browse for your sky image

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Go to the Modify panel and apply the following parameters: Angle: 80 Direction -90 Bend Axis: Y Friends ForCG iPad Apps Postcard Printing Render Spirit Second Picture – 3D Tutorials My Graphic River Portfolio! Contribute! If you are a talented artist and have ideas to share. we welcome you to be a guest author! Click here to find out more! 3ds Max Tutorials Polygon Blog is devoted to unique 3ds Max tutorials. Go to the front viewport and rotate the gizmo 90 degrees about the Y axis. please let us know! Select the Plane and add Wave modifier to it ( Make a selection > Modify panel > Modifier List > Object-Space Modifiers > Wave ). Go to the Modify panel and apply the following parameters: Length: 47 Width: 173 Length Segs: 100 Width Segs: 100 Select the Plane and add Bend modifier to it (Make a selection > Modify panel > Modifier List > Object-Space Modifiers > Bend). All tutorials on this site are about 3ds Max. For the sake of this tutorial it’s not required to get exactly the same kind of effect. Go to the Modify panel and apply the following parameters: Amplitude 1: 4 Amplitude 2: 4 Wave Length: 125 Activate Gizmo sub-object level in the Wave modifier.com . converted by Web2PDFConvert. If you have a good idea for a new 3d Studio Max tutorial. Step 2 Grassland Hills Next we’ll create the hilly ground: Create a Plane in the top viewport ( Create panel > Geometry > Standard Primitives > Plane ). They are doable with just 3d Max. Furthermore. these tutorials don't require any plugins. The idea is just to create some nice hills. You can also move it along the X axis to determine the exact location of the hills.Character Rigging Categories 3D Render 3D Tips 3ds Max Tutorial Free Textures Learn 3D Pages About Contact Create a Tutorial Now the sky image appears on the background when you render.

Step 3 Single Steam of 3D Grass Next we’ll create the grass. Go to the Modify panel and active the Segment subobject level and select the two vertical segments like in picture below. Create a rectangle in the left viewport ( Create panel > Shapes > Splines > Rectangle ).2 Use the Line tool ( Create panel > Shapes > Splines > Line ) to draw as big triangle as you can inside the rectangle. See picture below. converted by Web2PDFConvert.78 Width: 0. Next we’ll add some vertices to the object and bend it.com . First we create a single steam of grass and then we multiply it with the help of a Scatter object. Delete the rectangle. (The idea of the rectangle was just to get the size right). Go to the modify panel and apply the following parameters: Length: 7.

com . and add Bend modifier to the Line.Divide the segments vertically to 5 parts. converted by Web2PDFConvert. Picture below explains how to do this. Apply the following parameters: Angle: 58 Direction: 90 Bend Axis: Y Activate Center sub-object level in the Bend modifier and move the center of the modifier to the bottom of the line like in picture below. First enter 5 and then click ‘Divide’. go to the front viewport. Deactivate Segment sub-object level.

Select the steam of grass you just created.Step 4 3D Grass with the Help of a Scatter Object Let’s create the Scatter object. ) Perpendicular: OFF Distribute Using: Random Faces Transforms Rotation X: 25 Rotation Y: 180 Rotation Z: 25 Scaling Y: 25 Display Hide Distribution Object: ON Step 5 Grass Material in 3ds Max converted by Web2PDFConvert. If you are low on memory you might want to try smaller values first. Turn the grass into a Scatter object ( Create Panel > Compound Objects > Scatter ).com . If your workflow gets sticky because of the high poly grass you could decrease this value for now and increase it just before the final rendering. this will generate 330 000 polygons. Apply the following settings to the Scatter object: Pick Distribution Object Object: The hills you created earlier Scatter Objects Duplicates: 30000 ( Warning. Furthermore you might want to increase this value if you’ll create a very high resolution render.

Create an Omni light ( Create > Lights > Standard > Omni ). Activate the Perspective view and turn it into a camera view by pressing C in keyboard. 3. 4. 5.0 Create a camera ( Create panel > Cameras > Target ) in the top viewport and place it according to picture below. just select ‘Include’ in the top of the dialog and click OK. Render your 3ds Max grass and you’ll get something like this: Step 7 The Sun Now is time to create the sun. 2. Select both objects and apply a new material to them 2-Sided: ON Diffuse: Green (R86 G167 B0) Specular Level: 30 Glossiness: 0 Soften: 1.Now we’re ready to create and apply the material for both the hills and the grass. Now the Omni light doesn’t illuminate any converted by Web2PDFConvert. 6. Open the Material Editor ( Rendering > Material Editor … ) and apply the the following: 1. Go to the modify panel and apply the following parameters: Click General Parameters > Exclude… New dialog appears.com . Go to rendering settings ( Rendering > Render Setup > Common Parameters > Output Size ) and match your rendering resolution with the resolution of the background photo.

com .7 Directional Parameters Hotspot/Beam: 92 Falloff/Field: 94 Shadow Map Params converted by Web2PDFConvert.object. Additionally we modified the include/exclude parameters so that the omni doesn’t illuminate anything. Click ‘Pick Light’ and select the Omni light Minimize ‘Lens Effects Globals’ section Add Glow and Ray effects with the following parameters: Render your grasslands and you’ll see the shining sun! As soon as the first light is created the default illumination of 3ds max turns off. Create Target Directional Light ( Create panel > Lights > Standard > Target Direct ). Go to the Modify panel and apply following parameters to the light: General Parameters Shadows: ON Intensity/Color/Attenuation Intensity: 0. Click ‘OK’. Step 6 Illuminate Your 3ds Max Grass The final step of this tutorial is to create a more interesting illumination. Add Lens Effects to the Omni light: Open Effects panel ( Rendering > Effects… ) Click ‘Add…’ button and choose Lens Effects from the list. That’s why the 3d grass appears black.

Activate Light Tracer ( Rendering > Light Tracer… ) and apply the following settings: Now just render the image and you’re done.4 Sky Color: light yellow (R255. the rendering might take a long time. Ok. that’s it for now. Let’s continue in the comments! converted by Web2PDFConvert. G255.com . B221) Place the target light according to the picture below.Shadow Map Params Size: 4096 Create a Skylight ( Create panel > Lights > Skylight ) Go to the modify panel and apply the following parameters to it: Multiplier 0. Beware.

com . Your stuff is great for people like me. 2010 AT 5:43 PM High 5. 2010 AT 5:24 PM GOOOOOD =) REPLY Chandana says: MAY 2. 2010 AT 12:07 AM Ahh!! the amazing scanline xD… thanks for this bro. 2010 AT 8:11 PM REPLY franciz ok says: JULY 8. clear explanation. REPLY Eny Erawati delicious …. like it so much thank you says: APRIL 23.. I like your blog a lot. a lot bro REPLY SERG says: APRIL 24. Greetings. you are the man bro… keep it up…. 2010 AT 2:29 PM Yap hes explaining very clearly like it lot thanks. converted by Web2PDFConvert. It`s on my Delicious. Keep the good work up ! REPLY LSerrano says: APRIL 16. 2010 AT 11:18 AM I`ve been trying go make a realistic unfolding magazine but with no success ( I’m a newb at CG). 2011 AT 4:16 PM REPLY Shasith says: APRIL 24.Click to share if you like it! 48 Responses to “3D Grass and Sky” Anderson says: APRIL 11.

the plane won’t move but the selection box. I’ll contact you by mail. great tutorial if i look to the result!! greetz REPLY Aramil87 Thank u so much! says: MAY 20. but again. do you know what the problem was here. any idea how to move it? would appreciate fast response as projects due soon. 2010 AT 3:20 PM REPLY Youngkie Pratama says: JUNE 5. I can’t rotate or move the thing. 2010 AT 11:07 AM i’ve got a problem with the first render with the sun… First he gave an error but i could solute that converted by Web2PDFConvert.REPLY uzair says: MAY 16.. because i’ve got the same question… ) i select the gizmo and he only rotating the box als total block. Maybe you could send me your file and I’ll try to help. says: JUNE 13. so i can’t make it curved. 2010 AT 11:12 AM Heej. i am stuck at the gizmo part. 2010 AT 8:51 AM Not sure what’s going on.com . When i select the plane. hope you make another great tutorial… REPLY Mathias hi. whether i click move or rotate. 2010 AT 10:03 AM Great tutorial! very clear and catchy!…. 2010 AT 12:03 AM says: It is a nice job THANK YOU >>>???<<< REPLY Abhrajit Das SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL says: MAY 28. Anyway. was using hair and fur and my notebook seemed slow. 2010 AT 7:11 AM thanks for the tutorial. REPLY polygonblog says: MAY 16. 2010 AT 1:33 PM REPLY IBRAHIM ABU ARRH MAY 22. REPLY Mathias says: JUNE 11.

on different object as well.o) that was indeed the problem! shahab ahmad says: MARCH 19. it selects the whole box yellow outline instead of sections on the actual plane.i am shahab from pakistan.i really like this software but there is no institute in my city. so i downloaded 2010 version instead of 2011 and got through the whole tutorial with ease. 2010 AT 2:43 PM Sounds like you are using Mental Ray. but just can’t get it on Emailed the author but no reply. Any help would be appreciative.so i request you if you know something about this software please guide me. So if the author is reading this. 2010 AT 3:00 PM great tutorila but how i can animate grass? REPLY Trump says: JUNE 22. I did the 4th step twice. Al though i skipped where there was error. thanks ! converted by Web2PDFConvert. It seems when i apply the wave – and select gizmo to rotate it. REPLY polygonblog says: JUNE 18. 2010 AT 8:33 AM Alright. This was designed for scanline renderer… REPLY Mathias says: JUNE 14.0 error: “Lens Effects” effect expected unsupported GBuffer channel “transparency” can someone help please? greez mathias REPLY polygonblog says: JUNE 13. REPLY Uzair says: JUNE 18. 2010 AT 12:05 PM You are my hero .by changing the frame buffer type ( F10 > Render > Sampling Quality > Frame Buffer Type )to Interger (16 bits per channel) instead of Floating Point (32 bits per channel) but now when i hit render i get the error: MSG 0.com . 2010 AT 12:47 AM Great tutorial – though – i am also having trouble with the gizmo like two other people. please email! I will send copy of the file. REPLY Donald says: JUNE 21. Anyway. i still continued. i am unable to make the grass.reply must. 2011 AT 8:05 PM helo mthias. I’ll contact you when I’m at home again (in one week). 2010 AT 3:00 PM I’m on holiday at the moment. Maybe something wrong with email.

Every one MUST Bookmark This Page …. REPLY Lazaro' says: SEPTEMBER 2. REPLY Ovejo_Black says: AUGUST 10. i’ve decided just to do them from the start. 2010 AT 11:43 PM Beautiful! It takes 4 hr to render with my old CPU:( Anyway. love the site. REPLY converted by Web2PDFConvert.. 2010 AT 12:55 PM good explanation . Saludos. very useful for me . I really like how you direct by telling us where to get the items. Can someone help me. added forward hopefully this blog.. Oustanding!Thank you for making my life a little easier. But I have problem. no conocía esta web. on the hills I have a very litle grass steams even if I duplicate 65000.. i switched to working in all four view ports where i was better able to grab the Y axis and rotate it to achieve what you had in your screenshot. 2010 AT 2:33 PM It sounds like you are doing it correctly. 2010 AT 7:57 PM Very nice tutorial.front) it is look good but after Render greater part disappears. When I go Render. thanks for your great tutorial! REPLY modenagrunch says: SEPTEMBER 23. plus a lot of the tutorial . Very well written and understandable. 2010 AT 3:42 PM La verdad que están muy buenos estos tutoriales. but i was having a problem seeing it. I have 3DsMax 2009. In views (prespective. 2010 AT 12:56 PM Hello. thanks very much . you explained it perfectly.REPLY polygonblog says: JUNE 25. nice explanation ( but the render takes me like 2 houres rofl ) good job dude & keep going !! REPLY Poer says: SEPTEMBER 8. keep up the great work. this is a great Tutorial.com . please? REPLY CSPen says: AUGUST 27. 2010 AT 12:43 AM This is hands down one of the best tutorials. 2010 AT 2:25 AM i was having a problem with rotating the gizmo of the wave modifier. REPLY Frost_CZ says: AUGUST 12.. REPLY cup says: JUNE 23. granted i’m jumping from the monster to the warehouse lighting tutorial. The yellow box is the gizmo and you should rotate it 90 degrees about the Y axis in the front viewport.

2011 AT 7:57 PM nice job. 2011 AT 7:47 PM Tutorial is great. im using 3ds 1 half year and this tutorial are so helpfull..exactly what i was looking for! thanks alot! I really recommend you open a youtube channel i’d subscribe to you anyday! REPLY Julian says: JANUARY 13. keep it up. siple steps and explanations to make great thinks. Good to see your tutorials ! Nicely explained all your tutorials are superb ! Well i am having a problem in omni light setting ( Click General Parameters > Exclude) ??? Thanks ! REPLY converted by Web2PDFConvert. please help REPLY shahab ahmad says: MARCH 19. and it covers almost all the render. 2010 AT 10:07 PM Dude your F’in Awesome.ArmzzWare says: NOVEMBER 18. thank you ! REPLY Jeff says: APRIL 1. soooooooooooooooooooo brilliant but so heavy render i appreciate your tutorial so damn much bro REPLY Mukul says: JUNE 19. but I have problem with the sun It didnt show up and I did everything as written Please help! REPLY mohammed sa'eed says: APRIL 17. i render it in scanline renderer but it always appears like it’s in front of the camera.thanks REPLY Nicolas says: MARCH 19.com . 2011 AT 12:31 AM you are the man . 2011 AT 7:21 AM Hi. 2011 AT 12:21 PM wow…thumbs up! REPLY Dee says: APRIL 1. 2011 AT 10:46 PM all your tutorials are fantastic. 2011 AT 4:12 AM Hi. you made that so simple to follow. i have a problem with the first render of the sun.

Much obliged REPLY student says: SEPTEMBER 28. I continued anyways but when I get done and select my terrain as the distribution object nothing is duplicated. my grass is completely saturated… could somebody help me please? Thanks REPLY still says: JANUARY 29. Start with plane. how would i keep the soccer ball from glowing to brightly with all of the lighting? REPLY Tahira says: JULY 24. REPLY converted by Web2PDFConvert.dillon says: JULY 22. thanks for polygon blog…. and bend with the Bend modifier. When I go to add the compound object with the grass stem selected and click scatter the grass disapears. First of all thank you for this tutorial! I’m having some problems with the shadow areas. but try to create the grass stem with polygons. 2012 AT 12:32 AM hello all….com .i like polygon blog…. 2011 AT 5:02 PM Wow i am blown away by this!!! REPLY Seb says: OCTOBER 10. REPLY Masashiro says: SEPTEMBER 29.. The selected bitmap format is: RGBA Colour 32 Bits/Channel Lens Effect what set up do i need? REPLY Col. 2011 AT 3:41 AM Um i am trying to set up the light and when i render. 2011 AT 4:50 PM Have a problem. REPLY polygonblog says: SEPTEMBER 29. Please if anyone could tell my what im doing wrong? Or tell my where I could find a tutorial on how to do grass that is seen in AAA industry games it would be very helpful thank you. Hati says: SEPTEMBER 17. a dialogue box comes up saying “The following render effects are not compatible with the bitmap format selected for rendering. 2011 AT 1:57 AM If I were to but a soccer ball on the hill. this is exactly what I was looking for. 2011 AT 12:07 PM Hi! Not sure what is going on. Came up as the first search result. 2011 AT 10:43 PM Hi. edit vertices with Edit Poly. 2011 AT 1:24 AM Thank you very much for this splendid tutorial. I can still find the grass stem’s vertics but nothing else.

Unique 3ds Max Tutorials Copyright © 2010 Antti Lehtinen | About | Contact | Back to top | converted by Web2PDFConvert.D says: FEBRUARY 21. 2012 AT 2:49 PM Great tutorial! Keep em coming and THANKS! REPLY Leave a Reply Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Submit Comment PolygonBlog .com . 2012 AT 3:40 PM your the best thanks for the help Polygonblog REPLY Calvin says: FEBRUARY 29.Jr.

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