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Coming o the success of his gold-selling rst single Keep Your Head Up, lightning looks like it will strike twice for Los Angeles-born artist Andy Grammer with the release of the Fine By Me, the second single o his self-titled debut album. Since then, Andys career has seemingly gone from 0 to 60. ACTIVE: Youre about to set out on your rst headlining tour this year. What do you hope to bring to the table thats dierent from other tours youve been on? AG: I get to bring a full band. I get more time. I hope to give an experience. When you open you are setting up the experience. Im excited to take a crack at it. ACTIVE: What type of music are you a fan of thats most inuenced your sound? AG: Hip-hop. I love the complexity of the words. In rock or singer songwriter music, complexity comes in the melodies and chords. In hip hop, its rhythms and words at the forefront. I want to write singer songwriter music with rhythm and words at the forefront. ACTIVE: What artist outside of your 50 ACTIVE genre would you collaborate with? AG: Jay-Z, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Lauryn Hill, should I keep going? ACTIVE:Youve been out on the road with so many great acts, what would be your dream tour? AG: Coldplay, One Republic, and Kanye, and yours truly. ACTIVE: When we were at the HOB in Orlando watching Gavin DeGraw perform, I remember looking over at you several times and you looked like a sponge taking in everything. Whats the best advice youve received from another artist? And what advice would you pass along to others? AG: I dont know if I remember a specic thing someone has said but I get a lot from watching. I love when singers aggressively take

the crowd on a ride. Natasha Bedingeld is a beast like that. ACTIVE: Being a fan of e Ofce, I noticed a cameo by Rainn Wilson in the video for Keep Your Head Up. How did that come about? What was he like to work with? AG: Rainn Wilson is one of the nicest, quirkiest, reverent, irreverent, talented guys Ive ever met. Imagine how cool you think he is, and hes just a bit cooler than that. He co-wrote a book called Soul Pancake with my roommate. Took him to lunch and he said yes. Great guy. ACTIVE: What was your reaction when you heard Keep Your Head Up on the radio for the rst time? What was your reaction when it went gold? AG: Its all just surreal. e whole radio thing, the gold thing, the people singing lyrics at shows thing. ese are rare wonderful things. Im so blessed and excited to be creating music that excites ears. ACTIVE: You told a story about how you got out of a ticket by singing

Keep Your Head Up to a police ocer when you got pulled. What other crazy,memorable stories stand out? AG: I have gotten more then a couple twit pics of fans who have gotten tattoos using some of my lyrics. at is pretty unreal. ACTIVE: Whats been your most unique,memorable performance? AG: Honestly Im just scraping at really memorable performances with my headlining tour now. But I mean playing with e Fray in Johnson City over Christmas was a pretty good one. ACTIVE: Is there a song released by someone else you wish you had written? AG: Breakeven by the ACTIVE 51

Script. When the heart breaks no it dont break even How had no one said that yet??!! ACTIVE: What would people be surprised to know about you? AG: I was a jock in high school. Letter jacket and all. ACTIVE: Other than music, what else do you like to do when you have some spare time? AG: Basketball, snowboarding, eating :) ACTIVE: So the crowd gets a taste of your beat-boxing skills during the show, but what other hidden talents do you have? AG: I know a little magic. You could say Im a bit of a mugician. (Sorry) ACTIVE: Whats the rst thing you do when you wrap up a tour? AG: Sleep. For like a week.

ACTIVE: Looking back on the last year, what was the highlight of 2011? AG: Having success on the radio. It meant that I got to sing Keep Your Head Up everywhere in the country and everyone would sing it with me cause they knew it. I wrote that track in my room in my little apartment in LA. To be in a random city and having everyone sing it every night was denitely the highlight. Andys tour kicked o in January with dates across the United States, including 3 in Florida: FEB 22 Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale; FEB 23 e Social Orlando; FEB 24 Capitol eatre, Clearwater WEBSITE TWITTER @AndyGrammer FACEBOOK /andygrammer

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