Heartland Bahá’í School 1188 West Sunset Decatur, IL 62522

Heartland Bahá’í Summer School July 20-22, 2012 Decatur, Illinois Registration Deadline: July 3, 2012

Heartland Bahá’í Summer School

Never forget this; look at one another with the eye of perfection; look at me, follow me, be as I am; take no thought for yourselves or your lives, whether ye eat or whether ye sleep, whether ye are comfortable, whether ye are well or ill, whether ye are with friends or foes, whether ye receive praise or blame; for all these things ye must care not at all. Look at me and be as I am; ye must die to yourselves and to the world, so ye shall be born again and enter the kingdom of heaven.

Sponsored by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States

July 20-22, 2012
Millikin University Decatur, Illinois

“Look at Me, Follow Me, Be as I Am ‘Abdu’l-Baha”
Dr. Robert Stockman, Author: ‘Abdu’l-Baha in America, Vol. III
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Classes for children, junior youth and youth Fully staffed nursery Devotions, music and singing, and evening programs for entertainment and fellowship Used Books and Craft Sale to benefit the Heartland Scholarship Fund Registration opens at 10 am on Friday, July 20; lunch is available on site at 11:30 am Opening session begins at 1 pm Friday Millikin University Center has a comfortable lounge area for visiting, crafts and games

-The University Center’s air conditioning can be COLD! Bring a sweater or jacket for yourself and children -You are invited to bring donations of Bahá’í books or crafts for the Used Books and Craft Sale -Don’t forget your swimsuit and towel; the pool will be open on Saturday afternoon -Bring your music, poetry and other creative arts for the Variety Show on Saturday evening

More details inside! Or visit the Heartland website: www.heartlandbahaischool.com

00 $ 5.edu/admission/visits/Pages/DirectionsandM aps. blankets.Adult 3 . Robert Stockman will share the research and stories from his book Abdu’l-Baha in America. using games and activities to create unity. provided by the National Education Office. Single Occupancy Double Occupancy $36/night $25/night $14/night Free Evening Programs The Friday night mixer is for all ages. Park in any of the lots in spaces not marked as special. July 20 Morning Sessions 9 am Saturday and Sunday School ends 1 pm Sunday. Bring swimsuits and towels to enjoy the indoor pool on Saturday afternoon.aspx Other Housing: There are several hotels in Decatur. 2012. poetry. Maximum School Fee of $150 per family Housing Dolson Hall –Air Conditioned Residence Hall overnight for Friday and Saturday: Two twin beds per room. July 20 Location: Richards Treat University Center (RTUC) Friday lunch on site: 11:30 am School begins 1 pm Friday.com Payment of School Fees/Meals/Housing Payment of Deposit can be made by check for $15/family with balance paid by check or cash at the school. see below) We really need to hear from you! Late fee of $10 per registration form if registering after July 3. A nursery for children ages 2 and under will be staffed during program hours.com plus your personal e-mail and amount. Linens are NOT PROVIDED. plus towels. Youth and Junior Youth have their own classrooms and activities. Age 11 . July 22 Meals Meals will be available for Friday Lunch/Dinner.50 Mail Registration Form and payment to: Heartland Bahá’í School Debbie Martin. Richards Treat University Center (RTUC) and Dolson Hall are both off of Oakland Avenue. Sponsorship Required for Ages Under 18 Everyone under age 18 who attends Heartland School must be accompanied by a parent. Beds are extra-long twin size. Saturday Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and Sunday Breakfast/Lunch. Contact the Registrar for more information.10 0–2 Fee $50 $25 Free Children and Youth Programs Children ages 3-11 will have classes and activities based on the excellent materials from the Teacher’s Toolbox.50 $ 8. Directions & Map www. legal guardian. Registrar 2031 Cochran Rd. Parking is to the east of Oakland just after the athletic fields. Paypal can be used to pay by credit card at www. and other creative arts for the Variety Show on Saturday evening. or sleeping bags. be sure to bring a warm blanket! Room Rates 11 . click on Send money->Send Money Online Fill in Buying Something & To: heartlandbahai@gmail.Adult Child 6-10 Child 0-5 Free Time Activities Plenty of optional choices in the afternoons for adults and children. bathroom is shared between two rooms.paypal. Please make your own arrangements if you choose this option. Group singing. School Fees (Meals/Housing additional. If you already have a PayPal account you will be prompted for your password. NOTE: Air-conditioning can be COLD. Cost for all seven meals: Child: Adult: Meal Prices Breakfast (B) Lunch (L) Dinner (D) Ages 2-10 $ 4. pillows.millikin.Adult Program Dr.75 Adult $ 6. devotional music. Bring your own sheets. and musical entertainment are planned. Murphysboro IL 62966 To contact the Registrar: Phone: 618-687-2513 Or Email: heartlandbahai@gmail. Bring your music. or sponsor who will be responsible for their conduct and well-being. the third volume in his series on the Bahá’í Faith in America.50 $ 9. . Devotions and Music Dawn prayers meet every morning on the lovely patio outside our meeting room. Schedule Registration opens 10 am Friday.00 $ 9.com.

2012! For more information. Arrival date: _______________________________ Time: ________________ Mailing Address: Cell Phone: ____________________ Complete other side for: Sponsorship Agreement Special Needs of Children or Adults Medical Release must be filled out for minors (18 and under) Mail this form and payment (or Paypal) to: Heartland Bahá’í School Debbie Martin. Night Meals/person LD/BLD/BL Meal Fee Heartland Bahá’í Summer School 2012 Individual Information for each member of your Family Total Name: _______________________________________________ Gender: ___ Child's Age: ___________ Ethnicity* ______ Name: _______________________________________________ Gender: ___ Child's Age: ___________ Ethnicity* ______ Name: _______________________________________________ Gender: ___ Child's Age: ___________ Ethnicity* ______ Name: _______________________________________________ Gender: ___ Child's Age: ___________ Ethnicity* ______ Name: _______________________________________________ Gender: ___ Child's Age: ___________ Ethnicity* ______ TOTALS: *C=Caucasian P=Persian Afr=African Am. or $10 Late Fee is added per Registration Form School Fee ($150 family max) Housing Fee Friday Night Housing Fee Sat. Please do not send credit card information by Email! . Indian M=Multi Ethnic O=Other TOTAL: Deposit enclosed ($15/family ): Balance due upon arrival at school: NOTE: Videos and photos of Heartland Bahá’í School activities may be used for future promotional purposes. Murphysboro IL 62966 E-mail Address: _________________________________________________________________ Must be postmarked by July 3. AI=Am.REGISTRATION FORM Registration Required by July 3. 2012.com You may register via email – however.com Click on Send money->Send Money Online. Debbie Martin at (618)687-2513 or heartlandbahai@gmail. Registrar 2031 Cochran Rd. LD/BLD/BL or XLDXX As=Asian Am. Buying Something To: heartlandbahai@gmail. H=Hispanic PI=Pac Island Charge to PayPal www. space is NOT reserved until check is received by mail or PayPal payment is received.paypal. contact the Registrar.com From: Your e-mail Amount: TOTAL MEAL CODES: (See Flyer Detail) Ex.

) Child's Name Age ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ The staff at the Heartland Bahá’í School have my permission to obtain whatever medical care or diagnostic tests they deem necessary for the well-being of my children while they are attending the Heartland Bahá’í School. phone number. handicaps. address. . I we) understand and agree that my (our) child(ren)’s personal information. emotional or behavioral difficulty. and for adults with special needs. date of birth. including name. and the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States and its Baha'i School Committees will not sell this information to anyone or share it with anyone except when required by law. 2012. special dietary needs or medications. physical handicap. as would a loving parent. please list names and needs of children with learning disability.: ____________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Please sign a new form for each child under the age of 18. etc. (Please identify which child. _________________________________________________ (Signature of Sponsor) I (we). Each child or youth under age 18 attending Heartland Bahá'í School without a parent or legal guardian must be accompanied by a sponsor age 21 or older who is responsible for the child’s conduct and well-being. please list names and needs below: _______________________________________________ authority to execute the School’s Waiver of Liability on my (our) behalf. Parent/Guardian can be located at: Address _______________________________________________________________ Telephone _____________________________________________________________ Family Doctor___________________________________________________________ Telephone____________________________________________________________ Allergies.) ____________________________________________________________________ I. ___________________________________________________________ (parent(s) of) ___________________________________________________________ (child’s name) hereby indicate my(our) understanding and approval of the above sponsorship and give the sponsor (named below): ______________________________________________________________ Medical Insurance: ____________________________________________________ Policy # _____________________________________________________________ Parent's Signature: ____________________________________________________ Request for Special Assistance If anyone in your party requires special assistance due to mobility or sensory impairment. may be entered into a registration form. Parent: _________________________________________ Date: ______ (Signature) Student: _________________________________________Date: ______ (Signature) ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Children with Special Needs To assist teachers in preparing for them. grade level.Complete this side for ALL minors. Medical Release (To be completed by parents of all students under 18. special needs (medical and learning-related). which may be maintained in an electronic version. ________________________________________________ (Print Sponsor’s Full Name) agree to be responsible for the behavior and well-being of _________________________________________________ (print the child’s full name) In conformity with the standards of conduct of the Bahá’í Faith and the established rules of the Bahá’í School and the Facility Management during the time the above named minor(s) is (are) in attendance at the Heartland Bahá’í School from Friday July 20 to Sunday July 22.

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