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RFP No.: FA4830-12-Q-0002 Contract No.

: FA4830-12-


Date: 9 September 2011

23rd Contracting Squadron Moody AFB GA

RFP No.: FA4830-12-Q-0002 Contract No.: FA4830-12-


1. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. 1.1. The Contractor shall provide all personnel and supervision necessary to perform the duties required for the position of Protestant Religious Education Coordinator (PREC) as defined in this Statement of Work (SOW), except where specified as Governmentfurnished equipment, materials, facility, property and services, at Moody AFB GA. The Contractor shall perform to or exceed the minimum standards of performance in this contract. 1.2. General. The Contractor shall be responsible for all Protestant Religious Education for the base chapel, and shall work with the Chaplains in preparation and interpretation of policies, as well as in the application of procedures for the total program; shall advise the Chaplains on all areas of Protestant Religious Education program management, while adhering to the MRE 503, Court Martial Lawyer Military Rule of Evidence--confidential communication to the clergy and his/her assistant and staff. 2. QUALIFICATIONS.

2.1. Bachelors Degree from an accredited institution or three (3) years of ministry experience as a leader in a Protestant religious education program for a military chapel or equivalent program in a civilian church. 2.2. The Contractor shall possess the following administrative and teaching abilities: 2.2.1. Shall be able to work effectively with people in a religious pluralistic environment. 2.2.2. Shall maintain a harmonious relationship with teachers, students, parents and the chapel staff. 2.2.3. Shall have access to a vehicle to be used in support of work as necessary. 2.2.4. Shall be able to operate Microsoft Office programs, audio-visual equipment, copier or other facsimile devices. 3. 3.1. SPECIFIC TASKS. Program and Personnel.

3.1.1. The Protestant Religious Education Coordinator shall be the coordinator for the religious education programs on Sunday morning and throughout the week---Bible Study/Fellowshipdepending on the training schedule.

RFP No.: FA4830-12-Q-0002 Contract No.: FA4830-12- be responsible for the recruitment and training of teachers, aides, and staff members for the Protestant Religious Education Program. 3.1.1. 3. ensure all staff personnel are present, prepared and trained for class; in addition, provide all materials and assistance as needed. serve as substitute, as needed, and maintain a list of substitute teachers. serve as liaison between teachers, parents, and chapel staff. 3.1.6. plan with the Catholic Religious Education Program Coordinator for the Annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) Program. oversee and coordinate the Fall Festival Program. open facilities before class and secure all facilities after class, to include all doors and windows. Setup, tear-down and clean-up will be accomplished for each session/program, to include ensuring all electrical appliances are unplugged. ensure all religious education rooms are setup appropriately for each class (i.e., walls up/down). create and implement a yearly Protestant Religious Education Program Calendar. 4. 4.1. MEETINGS. The Protestant Religious Education Coordinator shall

4.1.1. attend weekly Protestant Chaplain/staff meetings when possible. 4.1.2. attend monthly Protestant Parish Council meeting, and keep the PAC updated on the progress and/or problems of the religious education program. 4.1.3. periodically enhance skills by attending education seminars, etc. 4.1.3. be an active member in either the Contemporary or Gospel Worship Services. 4.1.4. maintain a visible presence at Protestant chapel programs. 5. 5.1. RECORDS AND SUPPLIES. The Protestant Religious Education Coordinator shall accomplish the following:

5.1.1. maintain weekly and monthly attendance records of the chapel religious school, teachers and volunteers. 5.1.2. maintain the master enrollment of students. 5.1.3. coordinate supplies and equipment requirements with teachers and aides. 5.1.4. accomplish and complete the curriculum order when necessary and distribute to teachers. 6. PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN.

6.1. The Protestant Religious Education Coordinator shall 6.1.1. create professional-looking promotional brochures, pamphlets, posters, etc.

RFP No.: FA4830-12-Q-0002 Contract No.: FA4830-12-

6.1.2. energetically seek newcomers involvement in the program, to include briefing newcomers at their meetings. 6.3. coordinate with the chapel secretary to promote Protestant programs through basewide venues. 7. BUDGETARY REQUIREMENTS.

7.1. The Protestant Religious Education Coordinator shall 7.1.1. prepare a budget yearly for religious education materials under the supervision of the chaplain. 7.1.2. manage monthly expenditures. 7.1.3. request program funding as needed in accordance with the Chapel Tithes and Offerings (CTOF) requirements. 8. HOURS OF WORK.

8.1.1. Work hours and leave time are stated as follows: Twenty (20) hours a week, to include some regular office hours, Sundays, and other weekly religious educational events at the chapel and on-off base. Compensatory time will be given (1 week for Christmas, Easter, and 4 weeks during the year) based on the prior approval of the Sr. Protestant Chaplain. In case of an emergency, illness, or other approved reasons, the Contractor shall coordinate with the Protestant Chaplain. 9. GOVERNMENT-FURNISHED EQUIPMENT, FACILITY, MATERIALS, PROPERTY AND SERVICES. 9.1. Office space, a desk , computer, and telephone will be provided in B110, Chapel Facility, 110 Austin Ellipse Street, Moody AFB GA, to include various materials and office supplies/products. 10. MISCELLANEOUS REQUIREMENTS.

9.1. The Protestant Religious Education Coordinator shall 9.1.1. submit all written announcements to the chaplain for advertising. 9.1.2. safeguard and secure all Government equipment and supplies. 9.1.3. maintain current locator and contact information with base chapel. 9.1.4. submit requests for facility use, funds, equipment, and other support in accordance with chapel procedures.