Review  of  Community  Policing  2.

0  –  Bureau  Officers  in  Patrol  
  Officer Survey My overall experience was positive or negative Rotation # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Total officers 74 39 83 92 86 67 84 90 615 % Positive Response 83.8 89.7 79.5 88 90.7 77.6 85.7 83.3 84.7

Positive Negative 62 12 35 4 66 17 81 11 78 8 52 15 72 12 75 15 521 94

1st Rotation (August 30 – September 10) − On 9/3, Officers McCarter and Manis pulled a warrant from the DSO database and found an Agg. Robbery w/DW warrant issued for Carlos Gomez. Officers went to the location and arrested the AP without incident. August 31, 2011. Burglary of a Habitation. Homeowner was home when the suspect kicked in the front door. She hid in the bedroom and called 911. She provided a very good suspect description and officers located and arrested the suspect nearby. 231252Y The Community Policing 2.0 Officer was able to develop intelligence from an offense report. Based on the detective's experience and knowledge from her current assignment, she was able to link the complainant in one offense as the suspect wanted for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a 12 year old girl. The detective provided the suspect's information to the Crime Response & Deployment Teams for apprehension.

2nd Rotations (September 13 -24) − A community survey was performed on the final day of the operation in Reporting Areas 1186 & 2029 (Beat 114) and RA 2084 (Beat 115) which netted intelligence on several suspected drug houses, possible fencing locations, and many suggestions from citizens on how to make their community and the City of Dallas a safer place to live. Thursday, 9/15/11, at about 8:15 am, AOS K. Bailey #4572, T. Ames #3930, L. Carranza #9508 & J. Green #9358, responded to a call from the police dispatcher regarding a male suspect exposing himself to young girls in the 7100 block of Fair Oaks Ave. A suspect description was broadcast and a traffic stop was conducted at 8600 Park Lane on a suspect vehicle. The witnesses came to the location and identified the suspect who had been detained. The suspect was wearing the shirt

which was identified to officers. At least 3 juveniles had observed the suspect masturbating in his vehicle. The suspect was arrested by patrol and 2.0 officers and was transported to jail. See related reports 245218Y & 245003Y. − On September 21st, 2.0 officers located a suspicious vehicle that was briefed in the morning detail regarding a B/M suspect wanted for Investigation of Promotion of Prostitution and Human Trafficking. Suspect was said to be driving a red 2007 Cadillac with New Jersey plates. It was also said the subject carries a revolver under the right front passenger seat. Community Policing 2.0 officers canvassed the area and located the vehicle in the 7700 block of Chariot. The driver was arrested for warrants out of Dallas P.D. and taken to the Child Exploitation Unit. Detective McMurray interviewed the subject at that time. Officers responded to a burglary in progress in the 100 block of Melba St and arrested two suspects on case #251846Y. The officers returned the multiple items of stolen property to the complainant and recovered the suspect’s vehicle which showed to be stolen. This information was forwarded to the SW Investigative Unit.

3rd Rotation (October 26 – November 5) − On Tuesday November 1, 2.0 and 2nd Watch officers responded to a vacant apartment at 9855 Shadow Way and upon arrival officers discovered a crack cocaine manufacturing lab set up in a vacant apartment. Narcotics Detectives came to the scene and executed a search warrant and recovered 222.4 grams of cocaine. 5 people were arrested and 2 pistols, 2 shotguns and 1 SKS Assault rifle were seized. The charges were: Manufacturing F/1, UPF3, Child Endangering, DPD Alias tickets and Protective Custody by CPS. Sr. Cpl. Lorrie Coleman-Jackson and Officer Steve Oliphant were walking into the 711 at Oates and Ferguson near her TAAG area of Buckner and Ferguson and recognized a wanted Sex Offender coming out of the 7-11. He was placed under arrest immediately and transported to SOAP (Det. Jackson's regular assignment). A review of his phone revealed he had been out of state at parks and marinas in Oklahoma, another violation of his lifetime status as a violent sex offender of children. The suspect had been missing for six months and is required to check in with the Sex offender Unit every 90 days. The A/P, A/M/45 was charged with Fail to Register as a Sex Offender (Multiple counts of Sex Assault against children). The first day officers on-viewed a burglary of a residence located in the 8500 block of Chariot . A L/M/ 7-5-92 knocked on the front door and then kicked in the a/c unit and entered. He took $200 cash and fled the offense location. The complainant was at home asleep on the couch at the time of this offense. The suspect was arrested at his residence located in the 8000 block of Chariot. The suspect was transported to SE Investigative were he provided a confession. He was arrested for Burglary Residence F/2. He has a prior burglary charge, the offense was reported on Case #283140Y.

4th Rotation (November 8 – 19) − On Thursday November 10, 2.0 Officers assisted NE patrol Division with Operation Blue Line at the Las Casadas Apartments at 9340-9350 Skillman, a TAAG area. In addition to the warrants that were executed during the operation, there was a foot chase by operation officers after a suspect was observed driving a vehicle that was taken in a carjacking. The vehicle was recovered and 20 pedestrian stops were also

conducted in the operation. There were 10 citations issued and 1 city arrest made during related traffic stops. − Officers responded to BMV call, during the investigation, officers located a suspect with the complainant's property tools used to burglarize the vehicle. The suspect was arrested. Community Policing Officers assisted in the death of a three year child and an Amber Alert for his siblings.

5th Rotation (December 7-17) − For this two week period that the Community Policing 2.0 officers worked, there was a reduction in 90 residential burglaries (27.2% decrease) on second watch versus the same period last year. Provided directed patrol in high offense areas (TAAG), conducted foot patrols through shopping venues plagued with theft offenses, worked traffic safety checks, assisted patrol officers in monitoring the Congolese protest downtown, worked a special initiative to curb crime in the Farmer's Market, and helped secure the Kwanzaa-fest event at Fair Park Officers responded to a burglary in progress call to a vacant business at 9323 LBJ and assisting in the arrests of two burglars who were stealing copper pipe. Deployment conducted surveillance of a murder suspect the 2700 block of Bishop Allen Ln, the suspect was wanted for the murder of a Bedford woman. CP2.0 officers assisted in the arrest by conducting the felony traffic stop of the suspect.

− −

6th Rotation (January 4-14) − CP 2.0 Officers and Neighborhood Patrol Officers conducted a Mini Heat Wave canvass at the Park on Whitehurst Apartments, developing leads on at least one drug house and several complaints about constant random gunfire in the area. Officers worked the TAAG Areas in the 320' & 330's. One arrest was made on Buckner Blvd for Possession of Dangerous Drugs warrant out of Rockwall County. One of the CP 2.0 elements seized 2 guns and 3 drugs from the 5500 block of Forney Road while investigating a possible stolen vehicle. Officers stopped a vehicle for traffic in the 10700 block of Harry Hines. Investigation revealed possible stolen auto parts in the vehicle. The three occupants were taken to Northwest Investigative and later arrested for BMV.

− − −


7th Rotation (January 18-28) − CP 2.0 officers responded to a barricaded persons call. A SWAT officer who was working in patrol set up a perimeter and made notifications. They were able to arrest the suspect for Arson and Family violence without incident. CP2.0 officers assisted patrol in the arrest of suspects caught striping a stolen vehicle. CP2.0 officers who are detectives conducted interviews of the suspects. A complainant called for police when she returned home and observed 3 suspects leaving her house. Comp provided 9-1-1 with a description of the suspect vehicle.

− −

Officers observed the vehicle and performed a traffic stop. All suspects were arrested and the stolen property recovered. − Officers responded to a Burglary in Progress in the 3400 block of Norcross and apprehended 4 individuals in the in the act of burglarizing the residence. Three juveniles and 1 adult were arrested. Officers responded to a burglary in progress call and were able to apprehend 2 suspects committing a burglary of a residence in the 3800 block of Cortez. Officers responded to a robbery in progress call in the 1300 block of E. Pentagon Parkway. After a foot chase, officers arrested 3 suspects for aggravated robbery

− −

8th Rotation (February 1-11) − Officers conducted an operation in the Five Points TAAG and made 1 felony arrest, 9 misdemeanor arrests, identified and interview a gang member, 57 pedestrian stops, and issued 11 citations. CP2.0 Officers observed a suspect towing a trailer with a wheel boot from a business in the area of 9700 Skillman. Upon further investigation, officers determined the suspect was not the owner of the trailer. A representative for the business that owned the trailer verified that the suspect was not authorized to have the trailer. The suspect was charged with felony theft. A Personnel Division sergeant working in patrol assisted a Deployment Officer who responded to a suspect fleeing on foot in the 8000 block of Lake June with a woman’s purse. The purse contained the complainant’s keys, driver’s license and various credit cards. The suspect fled into a restaurant and hid the complainant’s property. The sergeant was able to find where the suspect had hidden the property and the suspect was arrested. The property was returned to the complainant who was at the scene (32241Z).

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