March 27, 2012

Official Statement
Contact: Paul Sorum (701) 219-5601

Dear Convention Attendees,
Candidates for national and statewide offices have been asked to sign a pledge (attached) indicating their support of the adopted principles of the North Dakota Republican Party. The pledge is titled: “Declaration of Republican Principles”. The principles include: (1) Individual Liberty, (2) Personal Responsibility, (3) Limited Government, (4) Peace Through strength and the Rule of Law, (5) Lower Taxes, (6) Family Integrity and the American Moral Tradition, (7) Quality Education and (8) Legislative Integrity. What could be less controversial at a Republican Convention? This request has created concern for the Chairman of the NDGOP. Stan Stein, in a message to Convention Attendees said: “In the past couple of days, you may have received an e-mail from a small group of individuals that have asked … statewide candidates to sign a pledge relating to previous Resolutions of the NDGOP.” Stan knows the Resolutions referenced in this Pledge ARE the adopted resolutions of the NDGOP. They are not the “previous Resolutions of the NDGOP”. He suggests Convention delegate names and contact information are NOT to be used to disseminate information. He says doing so is a “breach of trust”. He opines the currently adopted Republican Resolutions are not to be referenced and that requesting candidates acknowledge and/or pledge their support of these Resolutions is inappropriate. I find this troublesome. The purpose of the Convention is to vet our candidates. Those of us attending a convention as delegates have a responsibility to know what those seeking our support stand for and what they don’t. Asking whether or not a candidate supports the adopted Resolutions of the Republican Party provides a good basis on which to evaluate a candidate. While our NDGOP Resolutions are debated at each Convention, until new ones are vetted and adopted, until that process is complete, those adopted in 2010 ARE the Resolutions of our Party. I understand many candidates actively attempt to avoid making pledges or committing themselves to any position. The 2012 Republican Convention is going to be a watershed convention. Stan’s message highlights what is at stake.


At stake is whether or not North Dakota will continue to grow government by double digit percentages; will continue to drag its feet in addressing our infrastructure needs; will protect a machine that is distributing hundreds of millions of our dollars to special interests. All of which are contrary to our Republican Principles Republican principles call for less government spending; removing government from our lives and businesses not expanding it; ensuring government fully performs the duties it is charged with performing; encouraging personal responsibility not expanding welfare; lowering taxes, not growing them; reducing waste; protecting life and stopping the redistribution of citizens earnings to those who haven’t earned it. The only way to accomplish this is through ROBUST debate on all issues. Attempts to silence such debate, attempts to minimize the vetting process, attempts to insulate candidates from being challenged on what they believe is hostile to the very concept of democracy and self-government. It is the antithesis of freedom. To call the vetting process “inconvenient”, to suggest it causes “confusion” or is a “breach of trust” exemplifies exactly what is wrong with our political system today. I embrace and proudly PLEDGE my support for the currently adopted “Declaration of Republican Principles”. I also believe any candidate unwilling to Pledge their support for our Republican Principles does not deserve and should not be given the privilege of placing an “R” behind their name on a ballot for public office. Respectfully, Paul Sorum Candidate for Governor of North Dakota


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