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This used linen needs to be taken to Laundry Room. Advantages of Horizon Linen Chutes 4 total building Linen collection at one Facilitates single point. Line Sorting Table Support Prop Slope Gully Trap . for sorting and cleaning. 4 Weather proof Stainless Steel ON/READY construction. Reduces Salient features of Horizon Linen Chutes 4 Manufactured & Installed as per BS 1703:2005. 1. 4 Linen disposal with ease and safety.HORIZON LINEN (LAUNDRY) CHUTES Hotels and Hospitals generate soiled linen on different floors. Residential 4 In any duct.8 TO 2 Mtr. 4 Intake Hoppers can be L-hand or R-hand side hinged. Schematic Layout of Linen Chute Full Dia. Available 4 sanitation system for internal cleaning of Optional chutes. R ½” Fire Sprinkler UL Listed Door Controller PVC Pipe Schedule. 4 end fire door D Type. when one floor is HORIZON operating. Hospitals. Vent Weather Cowl Vent with Bird Nettting Flashing (Optional) Water Source Sanitation Unit Fire Water Tank Cravat Roof Slab ½” BIB Cock Side Hinged Hopper Linen Chutes can be installed in 4 Hotels. Bungalows. Thus Linen (Laundry) Chutes are planned and installed in such a way that laundry disposed from individual floors gets collected in the Laundry Room.hoppers to FAULT achieve one user at a time. 4 power consumption. 0 # = master password is provided A with higher management for overriding any password. 4 manpower. accessible from every floor. 4 5 6 4 digit changeable password for each 4 intake hopper will allow usage by 7 8 9 authorized persons only. 40 1” Wet Riser Flat Structural Bracket Door Frame Intermediate Piece to Adjust Floor Height Optional Cleaning 0 Sprinkler 120 10 LPM Discharge Access Control Key Pad Finish Floor Fusible Link “L” Type Bracket Floor Slab Anchor Fastener Discharge End Fire Door Interlocking Master Control Panel Stand alone access control system dedicated for Linen Chute only. 4 Intake Hoppers are 90 minute fire rated as per UL Label 10B. Discharge 4in different sizes. Access control system with 12 digit key 4 1 2 3 pad is provided near the intake hopper. CHUTES 4 Vent system to allow air movements for vacuum breaking. Reduces 4 Widely used all over the World. NFPA 82. BUSY/ CLEANING 4 Interlocking of chute . 4 buildings. Hoppers will remain locked with busy indication for PRESS TO OPEN DOOR all other floors.

@1000 C. NFPA 82.8. sound. fusible link. NBC 2005 . Discharge End Fire Door 4 In case of Linen Trolley 4 Customized fabricated trolleys available. 4 Inter-locking chute hopper controllers are also UL Listed for user safety. Provided Discharge 4 directly discharge into Laundry room on Chute shall Requirements for Intake Hopper 4 fire rated. Industrial Control – Component Linen. Switches. 4 end fire cut off door. 600 mm 750 mm Hopper Size Side Hung 16" x 18" 16" x 24" 21" x 21" 24" x 24" FIRE SAFETY Fire Protection in Linen Chutes Manufacturing and installation codes and standards. Total chute 4 MS Galvanized structural frame fabricated from Outside surface temp. as per UL Label 10 B. 4 Door should not fall open after Hose reel test at the end of fire test. height above 0 Laundry Room floor level. Temp. Fixed with 4 Hopper can be interlocking for “One user at a time” Fire Outside Chute on Floor Outside surface temp. Discharge not allowed side temp. Plastic chutes are not allowed considering fire hazard. 1210C. 4 chute in face with front wall.1. 4 90 diverted discharge at 1. Passage to flame is not allowed. 90 Minute 4 for flame is Passage 4 If fire exposed laundry sorting table. 250 F Max. IS 6924:2001. shall be 121o C. Passage to flame is not allowed. Sound Dampener Coating (Optional) 4 thick sound deadner coating to reduce Min. fire in Laundry room this shall cut off fire path at 79o C. 40 X 40 X 5 mm angles. 4 Anchor fastened with floor / beam. is @1000o C.. 0 concept. 4 Label 10B. (of unexposed surface) Vent 4at roof level or just above last intake Installed NRNT2. In case of fire. as per BS/NFPA Codes.3 Hopper size for std. Max.4. 1210C in 30 min. to extinguish fire. Size Fire sprinkler opens at 680C to extinguish fire. left or right hand opening. Std. intake hopper size 30”x 30” Mfg. Starting from top . Discharge End Fire Door ' D ' type 4 Our "D" type discharge end fire rated door is held horizontally against gravity by 790C. Inside temp. Installed 4 at top and bottom intakes and in between alternate floors. BS 1703:2005 seen along with BS 476 part 22. 4 with weather cowl & bird screen.Side hung. Intake Hoppers 4 Laundry Chute Hoppers . Size 750 mm Typ. Size (18”) Max.CHUTE SPECIFICATIONS Selection of Chute Diameter Type of building Residential Hotels / Hospitals Linen chute dia. Size (24”) Max. o Fire Rating 1½ Hr. fusible link melts and fire door closes the upward path of chute restricting heat transfer to upper floors. Any bigger sizes are available with max. @10000C. if required. Fire Sprinklers Opens at 0 4 68 C.clause 3. 2 mm Hopper inside surface temp. rise 30 Min. 4 to break vacuum created by falling Designed R 25465 Chute Frame & Fire Door Assembly. Fire Inside Chute Material of Construction 4 Steel SS 304 . E317138 hopper. Floor Frames 4 weight is divided on each floor. Stainless 4 Fibre.8 to 2 mtr. .1210C.5 to 2 mm thick. fire test. 4 fire rated as per Underwriters Laboratory 90 minute (UL) USA. ½" IPS (BSP) female threading ready to be connected to 4 1” wet riser of fire protection system. chute Chute Diameter 600 mm Typ. temperature rise of As per UL Door integrity shall remain even after “Hose reel test” at the end of 90 min. then unexposed side temp.

Provisions for Linen Chute Duct Size Required Minimum Duct Size for Installation Elevation at Linen Chute Duct Duct / Slab Opening 32” x 32” 36” x 36” Dia of chute +8” As per floor to floor height. ) 4. Village Nanded. Unit 2 : Gat No. Plan at Linen Chute Duct P R O O F TM C O P Outside wall of Duct Y Pipes. Mobile : +91-9822037079. Chute Diameter 24” (600 mm) 30” (750 mm) For other sizes Intermediate pieces Upper floor slab Duct wall in floor lobby to be constructed after chute erection Side Hinged Intake hopper Door 1. 5. wide. Front wall shall be constructed after the erection of chute. Linen Chute 1” Wet riser Duct for Linen Chute (for sizes see table) Side Hinged Intake Hopper Floor Service Lobby AUTHORISED DEALER HORIZON Unit 1: CHUTES HORIZON CHUTES PVT. 3.( Fire sprinklers are provided with 1/2” BSP female threading ready to be connected. In case of requirement of integral cleaning system. Shivapur .412 205. Floor to have slope towards gully trap connected to drainage/basement sump. provide predefined water connection as per our requirement. Cables for control panel.: +91-20-24394617.com In view of our constant endeavor to improve the quality of our products. lower most intake & in between alternate floors starting from top. neutral for control panel in laundry room.411041. (Maharashtra) INDIA. 24390445. PUNE . MCB. 2.8 mtr. Laundry Room Structural bracket anchor fastened Floor slab beam . Email : info@horizonchutes. Pune Sinhagad Road. Tel. LINEN CHUTE DUCT Intake door LINEN CHUTE 1200 mm 600 -700 mm Floor slab in floor lobby 1. PUNE . earth. Adgraph 11/16/2. 1. (In case of Interval cleaning system. Village Kasurdi. Provide 1”wet riser from fire protection system for total building height inside chute duct. Provide 6 Amp. high ) & floor tiles.Saswad Road.5 mtr. Lighting arrangement. LTD. 4. Chute duct slab to be closed in Laundry Room after installation of chute. out side opening flush door (40 mm thick) to Laundry room. Connect fire sprinklers provided by us at top most intake.) 3. Provide wall tiles (min. 1. 6. Tal. 2. We reserve the right to alter or change specifications without prior notice. Bhor. 6B. (Maharashtra) INDIA. Provide clear min.

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