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To: Marsden Woods Inskip and Smith Attention: Mike B Smith C/O assistant: Norma 122 Bank Street

Whangarei, 0110, New Zealand Phone: 09 4384239 Fax: 09 438 4196 Email:

From: Simon Kaiwai Address relating to: 520 Honeymoon Valley Kaitaia Contact via email: Date sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RE: Crown v Simon Kaiwai CRI-2009-001412 PRN 80513693 T2010-029-357 Dear Mike, I was recently made aware that a notice advising of an arrest warrant being issued for me was sent to an address that I have no connection with (250 Honeymoon Valley). This was a surprise as I believed in good faith and through written confirmation that all charges against me were dismissed. As there seems to be some disagreement on this point I would like to bring your attention to important information touching this case in the hopes that you will be reasonable and not pursue the charges. Enough tax payer money has been wasted on this baseless prosecution. To outline the charges: Charge of assaulting a Police employee at my occupancy while we were preparing to have a home birth: Constable David Reynolds is on camera admitting to assaulting me. This evidence is available for you to view online His assault was reckless and brutal. It was also confirmed by the electricity company worker who is a relatively independent witness. This can be seen ure=plcp The whole notion that anyone would assault a Police officer at that time is just ludicrous and is dependent upon why they were there. Charge of resisting an officer in performance of their duty: I find it hard to believe that it is a police officers duty to assist the power board to disconnect the electricity because you have not been paying your billsi. This claim is even harder to justify when it is proven that the account was not in arrearsii and that the electricity companies were breaching the Electricity Act 1992 s 23B by performing an un-notified disconnection. FYI Contact Energy were supplying the landlordiii yet this did not stop the Police employees assaulting me (occupant) with a significant amount of prejudice.

Complaint to the Crown Prosecutor of Queen v Simon Kaiwai

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I am aware of other crown prosecutors dropping Police standard response charges of assault and/or resist on their victim as in this case So I ask that you do take the 10 minutes required to review the video and hope that you agree with me by dropping the charges and clearing this matter. I do not intend to continue with my private prosecutions. Should you rather continue please provide me with: 1 - why an arrest warrant was issued, 2 - who the officer in charge of the case is, 3 - evidence of your writ of commission by the Queen. Thank you in advance for giving this the extra attention and compassion I feel it deserves. With regards,

By: Simon-Eru of the family Kaiwai Respond via email on company letterhead to: I am also available for phone calls by appointment.

Constable David Reynolds as recorded on camera Confirmation from Trustpower that former account with Simon Kaiwai was in credit iii Confirmation of account in good standing with the landlord

Complaint to the Crown Prosecutor of Queen v Simon Kaiwai

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