Narrator Meanwhile, Luffi went to the bookstore.

Clerk: Morning .Can I help you? Are you looking for something in particular?

Student: Morning. Yes, well... first I'm looking for the foreign language section.

C: Oh, it's right down here. Here we are. "Foreign Languages". What course are you taking?

S: Spanish Four Thirty-one.

C: You need the Intermediate Spanish textbook?

S: No, I still have that from Four Thirty. What I'm looking for is the novel we're supposed to read: Garcia Marquez's 'Cien años de soledad'-- 'One Hundred Years of Solitude'.

C: 'Garcia Marquez', 'Garcia Marquez'. Hmm. No... Oh, here it is, under 'Marquez'. Here you are.

S: Eighteen dollars? The price is right, but, erm, it's just the text. There don't seem to be any footnotes or any glossary.

C: Ah.

S: This is the only edition you have?

that's not much of a school crest. But you'll need to keep your receipt. Sorry. that's fair enough. S: Jeez. Um. Here you are. those'll be gone by Friday for sure. S: Hmm. uh. it is. four-. Yes. Hmm. of course.C: Yes. and then returned it if I can find an annotated edition on the internet? C: Yes.. and be sure that the book is not marked up or damaged in any way. Our class is really full. S: Thanks anyway. How many copies do you have left? Just those on the shelf? C: Yes. in the 'School Spirit' section. C: Did you want me to check whether we can find you another edition? S: I don't think I have time. . And down here. Over this way. It usually takes so long to get a book through a uh.. don't you? C: Sweatshirts? Yes. C: (laughs) Unfortunately. What's your return policy? Would it be OK if I bought this now. five copies.. and say-. S: Sure. I'll take this then. S: Ah. that's often true. have. sweatshirts.

C: Oh..and the book represents learning. large. S: Fine. medium. That's really interesting. It's been SU's motto since it was founded in 1894. C: And there's no tax on the book. what else do I need now? green." C: "From Determination comes Truth". C: Medium.. this is a medium. I think the idea was that this new pioneer state was getting its first institution of higher education-.. I'll wear it with buffalo represents the prairies-... (laughs) There's a bigger one on the back. ..something-or-other. that's good.I think. do you know what our motto means. and uh.the green of the book-.95 plus tax. of course. S: What in heck does that mean? C: A buffalo lying on a green book. Here you go.. then: the sweatshirt and the book. is this a large? Yes. see? S: Oh. S: Huh. yeah.. S: Yeah. Uh. And this crest is "an American bison couchant upon a tome vert". Uh. I guess that's it.and hope for some of that determination! How much is this? C: $39. anyway? "Ex Pertinacia Veritas". I see.. I need a large.. Say.. "Out of something.

please.S: Where's your register? C: Just take them up to the cashier at the front. OK. Have a nice day. C: Thank you. . S: Oh. Thanks a lot for your help. Over there.

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