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: Pretty much sitting here looks like it streetkid4: wehave a few immature people stopping us ebony722: someone think of a topic Clav: Nnika, that's against the rules. streetkid4: were tryna get going soon though Nnika-sama: you have a problem against jews? Clav: I have a problem against controversial topics. Nnika-sama: how is jews a controversial topic streetkid4: soul cannot be judge Clav: It states that you are not allowed to speak about religion or cause a fuss over it. rust. entered this board. streetkid4: hes bias against streetkid4 rust. switched to the lobby. Rawr413: LOL. That's hgilarious. My sgig is from an old NES game x3 Nnika-sama: where does it state that Prothean: I new i recognized that font :o ebony722: draw people Clav: Do not make controversial or pornographic drawings. Rawr413: topic = video games sig = from metal gear Nnika-sama: im biased against video games actually Prothean: cant decide which game to draw Nnika-sama: i find this topic very controversial' Prothean: ugh Rawr413: Ima just go with pokemon. ;3 they're fun. Once-Ier: Do you even know what controversial means, Nnika? Rawr413: Though Fire emblem or guitar heri woullda been fun. do one of the menus .. Bellatrix..: She keeps saying that word Bellatrix..: I think she knows not of it's meaning Rawr413: yeah, Nnika-sama: i know what it means Clav: Do elaborate. Bellatrix..: ^ Once-Ier: Using big words automatically makes you sound smart Prothean: What's the problem? Rawr413: it only makes you sound smart if you use them correctly Once-Ier: Mhm Nnika-sama: i just dont see how the jews isnt an acceptable topic xSilenciax: EBONY U ERASED THE BOARD ebony722: soz Once-Ier: It can be very offensive to certain people Clav: "Do not make controversial or pornographic drawings." is in the iScribble guidelines. xSilenciax: rai has scribbled on layer 2 board killer Nnika-sama: how is drawing a jewish man controversial or pornographic Bellatrix..: Gets into religion kiddo. Once-Ier: ...Sil, are you talking to me? Clav: Religion is a big no-no. Clav: It's bound to start something up. xSilenciax: plz no religion xSilenciax: or ill just troll and quit this site forever streetkid4: I think we should draw jesus next xSilenciax: and im being serious Nnika-sama: id love to see that silencia streetkid4: Ill like to see the different styles Nnika-sama: you should Prothean: Guys, 'Controversial' is a very case-by-case term the topics in which are determined by a single person's opinion. :/ Prothean: I, personally, don't think religion is very controversial unless we st

art arguing about whether God exists or not. Clav: Someone could draw something quite offensive. Bellatrix..: I think the unanimous vote is that "Jews" is controversial. Bellatrix..: So let's just get the hell off the topic ebony722: shut up, Rawr413: let's just drop it, okay? Clav: Yeah. Lets just stick to broader topics. streetkid4: speak for yourself Prothean: Someone could draw something offensive from a lot of things. Doesn't m ake it all controversial. Nnika-sama: can the next topic be blacks streetkid4: Yes!!1 ebony722: talk about art or nothing streetkid4: ^ streetkid4: Slavery streetkid4: Lets draw that next Rawr413: shut up nnika Clav: That's just racist. streetkid4: Stfu Soul.Eevee: EVERYONE SHUT UP ABOUT THAT SUBJECT Nnika-sama: your face is racist Bellatrix..: I agree with soul Once-Ier: Nice comeback ebony722: your immature streetkid4: So well draw jesus next right? System: Nnika-sama was reported. Nnika-sama: thx Clav whispers: LOL WTF ebony722: shuy up Soul.Eevee: YOUR GONNA REALLY OFFEND SOMEONE SOON Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: WHAT EVEN streetkid4: hahaha nnkima streetkid4: XD Clav whispers: Nnika-sama: your face is racist Bellatrix..: Guys let's just calm down Soul.Eevee: AS IF YOU ALREADY HAVENT Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: What is she Clav whispers: GAIZ HELP I HAV A RACIST FAEC LaCreme entered this board. Clav whispers: /flails Bellatrix..: /whisper LOL System: You entered an unknown command. Nnika-sama: soul your offending me by talking in caps Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: LOL mariahjc entered this board. Prothean: i seriously dont know why everyone is freaking out Nnika-sama: stfu plz Prothean: this shouldnt be a big deal mariahjc: ello Bellatrix..: Nnika you're offending the general population. Prothean: What did she say? Nnika-sama: your offending my eyes Rawr413: It isn't. she's just trolling Soul.Eevee: yes Nnika-sama: with your face Nnika-sama: o snap Once-Ier: These comebacks streetkid4: Soul's birth offended me Bellatrix..: Wow Once-Ier: Oh my god

ebony722: its been 10 minutes hasnt it? Clav: Cute Beemo, Rai. Rawr413: if she doesn't get silenced I'm ignoring her. Once-Ier: Best comebacks I've heard in a while xSilenciax: The whole lets just have a black topic, And the racisim in here is j ust horrible. Soul.Eevee: EVERYONE STOP...... Nnika-sama: thanks once Soul.Eevee: HAMMER TIME Nnika-sama: ^_^ Rawr413: lol ebony722 switched to the lobby. streetkid4: Aw man im so talented streetkid4: I wish every1 was as good as me Bellatrix..: Prothean that drawing is amazing. streetkid4: aw man so good LaCreme switched to the lobby. Nnika-sama: story of my life Nnika-sama: if only everybody were as pretty popular and funny as me streetkid4: ^ Nnika-sama: the world would be a better place Bellatrix..: Pfft. streetkid4: Agreed Rawr413: I ignored Nnika, can everyone follow so we don't get . . i dunno. Piss ed off? streetkid4: Im too alpha Soul.Eevee: yes streetkid4: Girls run into walls talkn to me Soul.Eevee: good idea streetkid4: its so stressful MagentaSprite entered this board. Nnika-sama: im too beautiful Bellatrix..: I suggest we ignore street too. Once-Ier: I actually find this amusing Nnika-sama: ugly girls like bella Rawr413: i ignored him awhile ago xSilenciax: rawr come of layer 2 MamaDolorosa. entered this board. Rawr413: oh shit streetkid4: Bella Eat a DEEK Nnika-sama: get jealous of my awesome style Rawr413: thanks silence Clav: Welcome back, Mama. Bellatrix..: Aww Nnika trying to hurt my feelings? MagentaSprite switched to the lobby. xSilenciax: your welcome xSilenciax: shame rai no thought of that Soul.Eevee: ahhhh streetkid4: Bella mad cuz she worst at art streetkid4: souless beta Nnika-sama: i bet bella wears crocs Soul.Eevee: silence Once-Ier: I wear crocs streetkid4: thats why rons mom punkd u streetkid4: QQ Rawr413: but I think I'll leave the lineart I have, and be careful to erase it Soul.Eevee: and I ignored streetkid ages ago xSilenciax: yeah its not at edge so ur ok Bellatrix..: I don't really draw that much anymore - what the hell are crocs tho ugh?

Clav: American shoes. Bellatrix..: Ah. Once-Ier: Yeah Clav: Like flossies, I think. Bellatrix..: Ohhhh. Bellatrix..: Okay. Nnika-sama: lol Rawr413: really shitty amercan shoes Nnika-sama: flossies Clav: Just something cheap to wear. Once-Ier: They're not very popular and look horrible, but they work well from ge tting Athletes Foot at swim meets Prothean: lol how did i win Prothean: you cant even tell what i drew streetkid4: LMFAO Nnika-sama: (everybody in this board sucks) Nnika-sama: thats why Soul.Eevee: yay Soul.Eevee: all done~ Once-Ier: Nnika you just called your friend Streetkid horrible at drawing streetkid4: lmao streetkid4: I was best all were bad Bellatrix..: Nnika - you remind me of Treywolf. You probably are her. Just sayin g. streetkid4: Rawr tried Clav whispers: Oh my. Nnika-sama: dont even know who that is Nnika-sama: i joined like a year ago Clav: Trey got banned a lot. Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: HONEYBADGER GIVE NO FUCKS Bellatrix..: Acted pretty much the same way Bellatrix..: With the whole "swelly ego" thing Soul.Eevee: brb dinner Clav whispers: Bella Rawr413: ohhh i remember trey. Clav whispers: Get this Nnika-sama: lol streetkid4: Y Bella think we care Rawr413: yeah she did x3 Nnika-sama: swelly ego streetkid4: haha Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: This is how I'm going to get banned Clav whispers: Nnika is friends with Hallucinogen Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: Wait how ? Nnika-sama: if you were as cool as me streetkid4: AmIright? Clav whispers: and guess who Hallu is friend with? Clav whispers: *friends Nnika-sama: youd have a big ego too Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: who Trey? streetkid4: ^ Clav whispers: Two people called 'Niki-sama' and 'Nnika-sama'. Bellatrix..: Nah, - I'm against being an asshole to people who don't deserve it. Clav whispers: They sound awfully similar. Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: LOL dude Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: Ican't Clav whispers: ALSO Clav whispers: Zoeyzoexx Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: DUDE Once-Ier: I like this topic

Clav whispers: A girl a guest said WAS Treywolf Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: Pfff Clav whispers: And Zoey was banned in the same board I was in. Clav whispers: So, Trey was Zoey. Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: :| awww snap Nnika-sama: excuse me for being fabulous streetkid4: ^ Clav whispers: All of her accounts date to 2011. Rawr413: I win for accuracy :D Bellatrix..: Whatever bro. Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: Pfff Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: Slut Clav whispers: Check. Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: itnoload Clav whispers: Exactly. kmvvu entered this board. Nnika-sama: i hate trolls streetkid4: uMAD Once-Ier: You forgot me Streetkid Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: Clive dude I like how she acts like she's the shit but there are people who are her fucking elders on here Once-Ier: :( Clav whispers: She's trolling, see. Once-Ier: Thx kmvvu switched to the lobby. Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: Lol true Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: But still I've been on this shit since what...2009 ? Clav whispers: But we've figured out that Nnika=Niki=Zoey=Trey. mariahjc signed out. streetkid4: mama watch out we got some really immature people here Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: yes. we have which is a good thing Clav whispers: Last time, a guest told me to whisper Xer that Zoey was trey. streetkid4: soul and prom/bella Clav whispers: Xer came in the board, confirmed her IP and banned her. Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: Ugh can we just whisper Xer? Clav whispers: Sure, and I have to go. Clav whispers: Parents and 5.30 xSilenciax: bella isnt immature you are kmvvu entered this board. Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: fdshjdkl Clav whispers: I need to 'wake up' now. Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: :C Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: okay streetkid4: -_streetkid4: And silence Clav whispers: I'll be on later. Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: have a good day streetkid4: Ty Clav whispers: Tell Xer! Night! Nnika-sama: your mom is Nnika-sama: ooh snap Bellatrix.. whispers to Clav: <3 fdhsjakld how do I