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UK Transport Plan

To 2014 and beyond

The Department of Transport

is asking you to comment on
their broad plans for public
transport, roads and air travel
up to 2014, and beyond.
How to have your say
When you’ve read this leaflet, post everything you want to say to this address
by the 27 February 2009.

Lec Napal
Department for Transport
Zone 1/33 Great Minster House
76 Marsham Street
London, SW1P 4DR

Or send an email

Reader Beware!
This is a Totally Unofficial translation of the original consultation document.

You can find all the original papers and back-up evidence here:
Who looks after the UK
transport networks?
There are three major levels:

The government looks at how airport traffic and shipping run

The government looks at main roads, national rail networks, flights
inside the UK, and waterways. This paper mostly looks at the national

Cities and regions

Local authorities are the power behind local roads, rail networks,
buses, and other public transport.

Do you agree that the Government should look after

international and national interests, and local
authorities look after cities and regions?

What is the national network?

The Government want to focus on making sure there are proper links
between all the major cities, ports, and airports.
This map shows the 10 cities, 7 airports and major
ports that the government will be focusing on:

 Major cities  Ports  Airports

What’s the big plan?
The Government wants to focus on developing routes between the 10
cities, 7 ports and major airports in the map on page 4. They are
looking at 14 routes:

1 London Dover
2 London Southampton (near Portsmouth)
3 London Gatwick
4 Portsmouth Midlands
5 London M25
6 London South West and South Wales
7 Bristol Midlands
8 London West Midlands, North Wales,
North West and Scotland
9 Across the Pennines
10 London  East Midlands, Yorkshire, North
East and Scotland
11 Felixstowe and  Midlands
Harwich Ports
12 London  Felixstowe and Harwich Ports
13 London  Stansted Airport
14 London  Thames River Ports
What’s planned for the roads?
Several roads are going to be upgraded to national roads:

A1 from A14 to M1
A1033 from A63 to Salt End
A1053 Spur road to roundabout at Gate 4
A1046 from A19 to A178.
A1081 from J10a to A505 to spur to Luton airport
A12 from M25 to A14 at Ipswich
A120 from A12 to Harwich
A120 from M11 to Stansted
A13 from M25 to A1089 A1089 to Tilbury
A1053 in Middlesbrough
A160 to Immingham Docks
A168 from A1 to A19
A174 in Middlesbrough.
A178 to roundabout A1185
A179 to roundabout with A1048.
A180 to Junction with A1136 outside Grimsby
A19 A19 to Middlesbrough, north from A174 to A689
A2 from M25 to M2
A20 from M20 to Dover
A228 to junction with B2001
A23 from M23 to airport roundabout
A249 from M2 to Sheerness
A289 from M2 J1 to A228.
A3113 from M25 to airport
A33 from M271 to A3057
A34 from M3 to M40
A35 from M271 to A3057
A4 from roundabout with A403 to where it passes under M5
A42 from Birmingham to M1
A446 to J4 M6
A45 from J6 of M42 to B4438, B4438 past BIA to A446
A5036 from M57 to A565
A508 from M25 to A30 to A312 to M4
A556 from M6 to M56
A66 back to A19
A689 to A179

M18 from M1 to A1(M)
M2 J1-5
M25 Heathrow Spur
M27 (except J1-3), M271
M42 from M6 to M1
M48 approach to Severn Crossing and the Severn Crossing
M62 from A1(M) to A63. A63 from M62 to A1033

Two roads will be downgraded to regional roads:

M23 South of Gatwick spur
A696 from A1 to Newcastle Airport

Would you change this list, and why?

What’s planned for trains?
On the railways, the government wants to focus on certain main journeys for
passenger trains, and then on certain sections of the track.

Main journeys Track sections

Bedford - Brighton London Bridge – Gatwick
Bournemouth – Manchester Birmingham New Street –
Manchester Piccadilly via
Bournemouth – Soton – Manchester via Stoke Reading – Didcot Parkway
Bournemouth – Soton – Manchester via Stoke Southampton Central –
Birmingham New Street
Bristol – Manchester Birmingham New Street –
Manchester Piccadilly via
Bristol – Manchester via Stoke Bristol – Birmingham New
Cardiff – Birmingham – Derby – Nottingham Birmingham New Street –
Derby – Nottingham
Haven Ports - Midlands N/A
Liverpool Street – Stansted Airport (Stansted All
London – Birmingham – Glasgow / Edinburgh Birmingham New Street –
London - Haven Ports N/A
London - Kent Ports N/A
London - Southampton N/A
London - Thames Gateway Ports N/A
London Euston – Birmingham / Wolverhampton All
London Euston – Chester / Holyhead London Euston – Crewe.
London Euston – Glasgow / Edinburgh All
London Euston – Liverpool All
London Euston – Manchester All
London Kings Cross – Leeds All
Main journeys Track sections
London Kings Cross – Newcastle/Edinburgh/ All
London Orbital N/A
London Paddington - Bristol All
London Paddington – Cardiff / Swansea London Paddington –
Cardiff / Swansea
London Paddington – Exeter / Plymouth / London Paddington –
Penzance Exeter via Bristol &
London St Pancras – Derby/ Sheffield All
London St Pancras – Nottingham All
London Victoria – Gatwick – South Coast limited London Victoria – Gatwick
Manchester Airport – Glasgow Central All
Middlesbrough – Manchester Airport York – Leeds – Manchester
Piccadilly – Manchester
Newcastle – Manchester Airport York – Leeds – Manchester
Piccadilly – Manchester
Newcastle – Manchester Airport York – Newcastle
Plymouth – Exeter – Birmingham – Leeds – Exeter – Bristol –
Newcastle – Edinburgh Birmingham – Derby
Plymouth – Exeter – Birmingham – Leeds – Leeds – York
Newcastle – Edinburgh
Plymouth – Exeter – Birmingham – Newcastle – Derby – Sheffield – Leeds.
Edinburgh York – Edinburgh
Reading – Newcastle Derby – Sheffield –
Doncaster York –
Reading – Newcastle via Doncaster Reading – Birmingham
New Street
Reading – Newcastle via Doncaster Reading – Didcot Parkway
Scarborough – Liverpool York – Leeds – Manchester
The Government also has suggestions for tracks to focus on for carrying
freight. See the full consultation, pages 42-45.

Would you change this list, and why?

What’s planned for flying?
The Government says that flying from London to:

• Edinburgh
• Glasgow
• Manchester
• Aberdeen
• Newcastle
• Prestwick
• Inverness

Are the main flights people take inside the UK.

Would you add anything to this list, and why?

What else can I do?

The government has set itself 5 goals, and they want you to comment on
how they’re going to make them happen.

They are asking:

• What are the challenges for each goal?

• Do we need to do more?
• Do we need to do less?
• How are we going to measure what we’ve done?
Goal 1: more money for
the economy
In general, the Government wants to:

• make sure that businesses who use the UK transport networks get
value for money and competitive prices
• make current laws better, and easier to understand.
• be careful with the money they spend on transport
• improve reliability of main transport links
• make transport systems stronger against bad weather, accidents,
terrorist threats

Locally, the Government also wants to support:

• Speeding up main business and commuter routes, helping people

get to work
• Building more houses, but making sure the new houses don’t
interfere with daily travel

Do you have ideas on more things we can do to

improve transport while improving the economy?

Are any of these ideas not useful?

How can we measure how successful the plans are, or

Goal 2: Less pollution
The UK has to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas we make.

Over a half of all the greenhouse gases from transport comes from
cars. Motorcycles, rail travel and buses generate the least direct

Do you have ideas on more things we can do to

improve pollution levels and get people to use more
environmentally friendly transport?
Goal 3: Less accidents
The Government wants less accidents, and they also
want to improve general health by keeping air clean
and encouraging people to walk, skate or cycle when
they can.

They also want everyone to feel safer on our

transport networks, by keeping crime down, and
protecting them from possible terrorist attacks.

What ideas do you have about preventing accidents on

the UK roads and railways?

How can we encourage people to be more active?

Are any of these ideas not useful?

Do you have any more suggestions?

Goal 4: Open up the transport
networks to everyone
The Government wants to make sure that the transport network is
open to anyone who needs it.

This includes:

• If you have difficulty moving around

• If you find it difficult to pay for public transport
• If the area you live in doesn’t have enough public transport to
let you get to the places you need to go.

The Government has identified East Anglia, Devon and Cornwall as

remote areas that aren’t well served by transport links.

Because Devon and Cornwall have a larger population, they have

decided we should look into increasing services to Exeter.

What ideas do you have about improving

services for disabled people?

What ideas do you have about making sure everyone can

afford to use public transport and get where they need to

Are any of these ideas not useful?

Do you have any more suggestions?

Goal 5: Reduce the impact of
traffic and improve local areas
The Government wants to:

• Reduce noise from traffic, railways and airports

• Make sure transport networks have as little effect as possible on the
natural world and historical places in the UK for the long term.
• Improve transport links to leisure centres, parks, tourist places, and
community areas.

They also want local government to work on getting our towns and streets to
look nicer, but also have better traffic management so traffic can keep going.

What ideas do you have about

preventing noise pollution?

How can we be careful about the environment when

we make new roads or do improvements?

Are any of these ideas not useful?

Do you have any more suggestions?