Pre school gymnastics sessions

Tuesday 10th April
Thursday 12th April
£3.00 per session
Carisbrooke Central Cluster Extended
Gymnastic Easter Sessions
at Carisbrooke College
Easter Holidays

Gymnastic Sessions
Tuesday 10th April 1pm-2.30pm
Thursday 12th April 10.30-12pm & 1-2.30pm
£5 per session
All abilities welcome

Activity Booking Form
Return Forms
Numbers are limited so early booking is essential. Please fill in this form and return C/o
Carol Ward-Reynolds - Carisbrooke Central Cluster Extended Services Manager at address/e-mail below
Adult/Parent Name_______________________________________________
Activity you’re booking for_________________________________________
(Please circle)

Term Time / Holiday

Any other information_____________________________________________
Child’s Name (if applicable)________________________________________
Age & DOB_____________________________________________________
E-Mail ________________________________________________________
Phone Number__________________________________________________
Medical conditions_______________________________________________
Emergency Name and Phone Number_________________________________
Do you or any of your family attending activity consider yourselves to have a disability
If yes please explain
If you do not wish your child’s photography to be taken and used for publicity purposes, please tick
If you do not give permission for the above information to be entered onto a database to inform of activities and monitor participation please tick

I have paid £_______ by cash/cheque for this activity for the term/ holiday activity
Please return to Carol Ward-Reynolds CCC Extended Service Officer at or
Carisbrooke college, Mountbatten Drive, Newport, Po30 5QU
01983 550025/07928591629

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