A Bee-utiful Story N: Once upon a time in a beehive not too far from here, there was a queen

bee. Enter queen bee N: The queen had had a long and successful reign, bringing much happiness and success to her hive by through her example, but she was ready to retire from royalty. Q: It’s time for a younger bee to take my place. But how can I find a replacement who will lead our hive the same way that I have? Oh! I know, I’ll consult the royal handbook on choosing successors- the Beeble. Reads intently. “A queen as sweet as honey, you see, will have these qualities: THE SIX BEEs”. Huzzzah! That’s it! N: So the next day, the queen gathered all the eligible bees from the hive together. Q: My wonderful subjects, it is time for me to step down as your queen. All of you are eligible for the position, but in order to be the true queen you must pass a series of tests. Let the challenge begin! N: The challenge was long and tricky. First there was the Bee Grateful Challenge: Worker bee #1 brings flowers to Princess #1 and P#2 WB1: Here you go. P1 GRABS the flowers from WB1. P2 takes them gratefully. P1: Mine! P2: Thank you, I am so GREATFUL for these flowers. P1 is escorted off the stage N: Then the Bee Smart Spelling Bee… WB2: The scientific name for bees is “hymenoptera”. Please spell it. P3: Heee- men- what? P4: H Y M E N O P T E R A Hold up applause sign

the queen met them for the big decision. clean. This is the most uncomfortable bed I’ve ever been on! So much for royal luxury! N: In the morning. Q: My dears. Amen. pull it out and then have a good night sleep. they would see it. In the morning. get set. thanks! N: By the end of the day the Queen Bee had two candidates. Kneels down in prayer. In each of their beds the queen had place a “prayer rock”.N: The next two were bee clean and bee humble WB3: The first one to be squeaky-clean wins. There is one challenge left. We have a winner! P3: Wahooooo!! That’s me! You all stink! HAHAHAHA I’m the best!! WB3: Uh oh. Hmmm. P2: What a day! I am so glad I was able to do my best. we will have our winner. Hmmm. I’m going to thank Heavenly Father for this opportunity. go! Three Princess Bees start scrubbing themselves with imaginary soap for about 10 seconds. N: The final challenge was the bee prayerful challenge. On your mark. VERY clean. Then tosses and turns for a while. You may go to your chambers for the evening While narrator is talking. Opens her eyes and sees the rock under her bed. . If the little bee didn’t pray however. Thank you for helping me to do my best. am I forgetting something? Starts snoring loudly. I’m afraid you just failed the be humble challenge. so we have a new winner! Holds up the arm of the VERY clean princess. Phew. have the worker bees set up the beds on opposite ends of the stage with the prayer rocks clearly visible. Winner! P2: Aww. WB goes up to each princess’ shoulder and rubs fingers over top. If they knelt by their beds before they prayed that evening. WB3: blows whistle Times Up! Now to check. What’s this? Glad I saw this before I went to sleep! Moves rock. Good night! P4: I’m beat! Flops down into bed. and (makes squeaking noise) SQUEAKY CLEAN! Holds up princess’ hand. she would toss and turn the whole night through. you are the last two.

You (p2) have demonstrated all the characteristics of a future queen. THE END . be Prayerful! Crowns the new queen. especially the final virtue.Q: How did you sleep? P2: Wonderfully your highness. I slept like a rock! P4: Are you kidding me? These beds are the worst! I didn’t sleep a wink! P2: Did you see the rock under your mattress when you said your prayers? P4: The what? Oh man! I knew I was forgetting something. Queen: At last! I have found my successor.

Cast of Characters NarratorQueen BeeWorker Bees: #1#2#3Princess Bees: #1#2#3#4Mattress (optional) Challenge Sign Holder (optional) Backstage Prop Mover (optional) .

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