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Commodity Trading and Risk Management

Services for commodity trading services are grouped broadly into three offerings: • Trading operations improvement • Trading platforms and related IT • Back-office managed services Trading operations improvement
Optimize the operating model by streamlining supply chain and asset operations Establish effective risk management capabilities for market, credit and operational risk that include policy, processes, tools and stress testing. Strengthen and more effectively integrate compliance and trading surveillance within daily operations with improved systems and tools that mitigate risks and protect against loss. Improve workforce performance, align workforce and corporate strategies, redefine the role of the human resources function and improve collaboration and knowledge management. Consolidate trading, origination and risk-control activities under a common governance structure and risk policy framework.

Trading platforms and related IT
Identify bold, value creating approaches to apply IT as a strategic asset—a source of both operational excellence and competitive advantage. Develop analytics by coordinating,across the enterprise, the collection and analysis of businesscritical information by using integrated, leading-practice approaches, and intelligent systems integration, and establishing processes and governance to enable information to be accessible when needed.

maintenance and support to align IT investments with an organization’s strategic imperatives. and build and refine testing skills and functionality. Governance is enhanced by reduced lag time of information dissemination. talent management. faster response to market opportunities. repeatable testing techniques. compliance with risk-reporting directives and faster response to regulatory requests or changes. and effective management of liquidity risk. use of alternative sales channels and cleared exchanges. and enables rapid response to changing market and business conditions. Services which companies achieve business value Exceptional losses may be avoided through improved inventory management. and recognition and preparation of catastrophic risk events. and can potentially reduce costs by as much as 50 percent. More robust risk management capabilities may help increase revenue through new revenue streams. Create a more cost-effective and responsive IT infrastructure which promotes service stability and reliability. such as stress testing. Profitability may be stabilized with approaches such as the use of the spot market as a strategic tool to mitigate profit margin. reduce unnecessary duplication and optimize IT infrastructure. . Back-office managed services application outsourcing. Work with organizations to optimize testing and quality processes. Using our innovative methods. we help clients identify and manage hidden risk and prepare for the future. improve cash flow and increase predictability and flexibility. intraday buyversus build assessments.Apply a holistic approach to the rationalization of applications and tools that accumulate in organizations to streamline complexity. and better asset and supply chain optimization. Leverage technology to automate new approaches and processes efficiently— such as exception-based processing— as well as establish the necessary skills to enable the technology. provide the appropriate guidance that defines and applies formal. application of marketbased pricing. Reduce costs. industrialize application development.

the commodity trading and risk management release planning framework to help companies divide the deployment process into manageable parts. The path to high performance in trading The commodity trading and risk management requirements accelerator tool not only helps accelerate implementation. and accelerating benefits. vendor and package evaluations. but also lessens the burden on traders. . including process models. and focus on the distinctive capabilities will drive sustainable value.Deliver innovative yet practical solutions a range of assets and tools help fast-track clients’ trading and risk management solutions. strategic relationships with world-leading technology companies help deliver excellence to the clients in their trading operations by reducing risk and cost. rapid package selection and implementation. industry-leading processes based on extensive research and years of industry experience. risk managers and operators to identify and confirm requirements. By drawing on standardized processes and templates. application architectures and technical infrastructures. we help simplify the integration of complex trading operations. approach to stress testing introduces a unique way of better understanding the interrelation and interdependence of risks in a trading portfolio—particularly the interdependence of credit and market risk.

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