performance appraisal form Department : Accounts Name of the Employee : Period : Apr 10 to March 11 Appraisal Date Profile : Manager Name of the Appraiser : Location : Length Of Service Discussion Point 1) What do you consider to be your most important achievements of the past year ? 2) What elements of your job do you find most difficult? .

benefits and risks when making and implementing decisions.3) Rate your own capability in the following areas in terms of your current role ( Rating Scale 1 = Exceptional 2 – Strong 3 = Fully Competent 4 = Continued Development 5 = Poor N = Not Applicable) Finance & Accounts a)THRESHOLD COMPETENCIES Functional Competency Description Report fraud. Considers costs. corruption and maladministration Self Rating Appraiser Rating Reviewer Rating Honesty (A) Honors the confidentiality of matters and does not use it for personal gains or the gains of others Act Decisively against corrupt and dishonest conduct Understands the organizations priorities Focuses time and resources on activities that will yield the greatest benefit Remove the road blocks that impede his or her subordinate to perform Providing clear instructions to subordinates and make sure that his or her communication is completely understood Ensure that all activities add value either by lifting potential revenue or reducing or controlling cost. Focus (A) Cost Consciousness (E) Initiative (A) . Sets overall direction for how resources and assets can be used effectively Identify what needs to be done and takes action before being asked or before situation requires it.

and validates appropriate . b) DIFFERENTIAL COMPETENCIES Target Achievement Has a strong sense of urgency about solving problems and getting work done. documents. milestones. diplomacy and logic. resources and dependencies Anticipates problems and prepares countermeasures Shifts priorities. style and response with new approaches as needed to deal with new or changing demand Time /Work Management/ Planning Adaptability c) FUNCTIONAL COMPETENCIES Audit Implements. PS. communicates and regularly assess priorities Defines work plan with tasks. Resolves differences between people using persuasion.Takes actions to avoid or minimize potential problems or maximize potential opportunities in the future by drawing on extensive personal experience. upper management and customers Relationship Building (A) Keep conflict resolution professional and not personal Attentive to understand the views of others Manages conflicts with others in ways that preserve good relations. changes. time frames. Find or creates way to measure performance against goals Maintain commitment to goals in the face of obstacles and frustration Minimizing cost and time Process Driven Actively seeks and suggests better ways of getting the job done Translates ideas into specific tasks/actions to improve operations Set. Implements contingency plans when crises arise. Proactively anticipate and address the concerns of employees.

using an understanding of basic tax laws applicable to the organization. Monitoring the system and procedure followed by branch accountant at clinic level. Ensure accurate statutory deduction. service tax etc). Managements to facilitate the decision making process.Differentiates between substantive and compliance testing and knows which audit procedure to apply. Identifies tax issues. Cost and inventory. Identifies tax implications and analyzes alternative courses of action. Ability to identify and analyze software tools that facilitate the processing or retrieval of financial data. Working knowledge of the organization’s business practices as they relate to the financial system(s) the individual supports. absorption and variable costing. Prepares timely tax return in compliance with filing requirements Revenue – Payment & Bank Taxation and Finalization . under applied and overhead treatment and causes. wealth Tax. Ensure timeliness and accuracy of payment. Allocation of overhead costs. Knowledge of checking bill. Conduct research into generally accepted accounting principles. interest charged by bank as per agreement. Debtors Control & Fund Flow Management. Ensuring proper bank charges. Cost – Volume – Profit analysis. credit period and procedure of the payment. Knowledge of direct and indirect tax (Income tax. Advance Knowledge of Company Law and Income tax Law and Auditing and accounting standards and Labour law Review internal audit findings with auditor and auditing management MS Financial Planning Generating various MIS reports and monitoring movement of key business indicators viz.

Accuracy of payment ( A) To ensure no double payment of the same bill. credit given by vendor ( C) To Ensure that all payment ready as per due date given to vendor (D) To Ensure P O raised is correct in terms of quantity. Provisional entries . Duly approved by proper authority etc (B) To Ensure that proper Tax are made applicable on bill . rate wise.3 . 2 3 4 (D) Other issues (to be covered separately outside of this appraisal -continue on a separate sheet if necessary): .Y. ( B) To ensure correct entry is passed by the team member who had issued the cheque. (C) To ensure proper deduction of TAXES as per income tax law ( D) verification of Accounting head Process & System ( A) To ensure that all team members are following the process lay down by Mgmt ( B) To suggest and try to improve the system which help mgmt to bring efficiency Finalization of Accounts and MIS ( A) To Ensure that all liabilities of that particular F. are accounted ( Vendor Bill o/s as of 31.• • • • • Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Good Very good Excellent – – – – – Performance below expected standard Meets standard of performance normally expected Performance generally higher than normally expected Performance much higher than normally expected Exceptionally high level performance Self Rating Appraiser Rating Key Result Area 1 Timely Payment ( A) To Ensure all bill received by accounts for payment should be supported by Purchase order . quality. o/s liabilities etc properly ) (B) To Scrutinize the all vendor ledger & finalised the same. GRN .

Type of Training Required/Identified Behavioral Training Communication Skill Self Appraiser Leadership Motivational skills Writing skills. Team Building Any Other ( Specify ) Functional Training Signed and dated by appraise: and by appraiser: Name & Signed of the Appraiser Name & Signed of the Appraise Name & Signed of the Reviewer .

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