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Hye Doun

A Publication of the Armenian Nursing And Rehabilitation Center, Inc., Emerson, NJ Jan/Feb/March 2012

Poun Paregentan Celebrations: Story on pages 6-7

The Presidents Message

Another Rung Up The Ladder

Board of Trustees
ANDREW TORIGIAN President of the Home and Chairman of the Board of Trustees TED TAKVORIAN, Esq. Vice President PETER BONJOUKLIAN Treasurer JOHN VANISKHIAN Assistant Treasurer KHOREN NALBANDIAN, RPH Recording Secretary ANNETTE TAMALIAN-ALMOND Corresponding Secretary H. CRAIG FROONJIAN, DMD Ombudsman SONIA MARDINIAN, RPH NABIL J. NOURI NORA ZABEL TOSSOUNIAN, MD Board Members GREG TOUFAYAN Alternate Board Member MATTHEW RUSSO, LNHA Administrator JAN MRANI, M.D. Medical Director

Andrew Torigian

t is a pleasure to report that on January 5, 2012, the Emerson Planning Board gave its preliminary approval for the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (ANRC) to proceed with plans for a new Building adjacent to the current one. Securing this first approval was not easy as the Board required nine months to hear the arguments of both the ANRC and those who opposed the plan. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of our team: our attorney Allen Bell, engineers Alexander Lapatka and David Sudacki, architect Robert Cozzarelli, environmental engineer John Thonet, and traffic engineer Brian Intindola. These individuals together made such an impressive presentation to the Emerson Planning Board that several Board members praised the ANRC for the spirit of cooperation it showed when responding to the Boards requested changes. Most of all, we have to thank our ANRC team. Under the leadership of Matt Russo, our fine administrator, the team has kept the ANRC operating at peak level during the entire review period while also maintaining our four-star rating with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. The continuous stream of letters we receive from our patients or their families and friends is but another example of the consistently high level of care our residents enjoy (See page 9). The road before us will continue to be challenging, but our faith is strong enough to meet all challenges that may arise, and the day is not far off when we will have the pleasure of escorting the residents of the ANRC into their new home.q
The Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center sits on three spacious acres nestled in wooded, suburban Emerson, Bergen County, NJ. Our Address is: Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 70 Main Street, Emerson NJ 07630 Phone: 201.261.6662 Fax: 201.261.5509 You are invited to call and make an appointment to discuss the individual needs of your loved one. Directions: By Bus: Port Authority: Bus #165 to Emerson By Car: Exit #165 on Garden State Parkway. Right turn onto Oradell Ave. Left turn onto Kinderkamack Rd. Turn right onto Main St. Follow contours of road. Home on left. From GWB: Take Route 4 to Kinderkamack Rd. Right turn onto Main St. Follow contours of road. Home on left.

Hye Doun Editorial Board

Andrew Torigian Chief Editor Louisa Janbazian Editor Matthew Russo Advisor

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2 HYE DOUN | Jan/Feb/March 2012

From the Administrators Desk

Play Ball!
Matthew L. Russo, LNHA, Administrator You spend a good part of your life gripping a baseball, it, but we were too young and and in the end, its the other way around. ~ Jim Bou- careless about those things. This ball is not your orditon, author of Ball Four Incorporating nursing home life with baseball can have nary baseball. Its signed by its challenges. If youre part of the ANRC home team, the most members of the 1950 correlation can be easy to see. The winter months were Brooklyn Dodgers team. chilling this year, but here in Emerson it was heated and When I explained what it was this past quarter held suspense worthy of the real Fall the room went silent. Tired Classic. eyes awoke, heads turned On January 5th, we were hosted by the Emerson upright, brains roiled with Land and Uses Board where we had been winless two thought, and spirits of times times before. The home crowd greeted us with boos, rau- past were renewed. Oh my Lord! shouted a smiling cousness and intimidation. In advance, we prepared for Alma Sallustro. They came to the restaurant I worked the hostile environment and stepped up to the plate with at in Brooklyn all the time! That was such a wonderful resolve in our ability to handle the adverse conditions. By time! The signatures on the ball drew an overwhelmbeing united in our determination we dug in, exhausted ing response. Baseball Hall of Fame inductees with the names of Robinson, Reese, every path and participated with Campanella and Snider adorn our best efforts as the umpires it, as well as other well-respectfollowed the rule book calling the Our home today is very ed Dodger greats: Hodges, fair game. Our home won the Newcombe and Erksine. contested battle, garnering site similar to the game of approval; yet, while the triumph Pamela Sturt was sadbaseball if you think about was a required step to move fordled up next to her mother, ward, the professionals on our it. We play well as a team Dene, who was reclined in team know our season hasnt her geri-chair that afternoon. A health-related setback some ended. The New Jersey DEP playing a variety of positions, must offer their approval, too, time ago has limited Denes before we can build on our field we bond with parents and ability to speak, not to menof dreams. tion acknowledge most develchildren, and we share joys Anyone who has held a opments around her. As the baseball will agree that when and triumphs, sorrows and baseball was brought around you hold it in your hand it has a the room it made its way to distinct and special feel. You just defeats. Pam and Dene. Pam took the want to grip it tight, squeeze it or ball, placed it in her mothers dig your fingers in the laces to hand tightly, and closed her imagine throwing the hard ball any way you like. A few hands around it. Before Pam was able to explain the weeks back, the Activities Department held a Show object, Denes eyes opened as she grabbed the ball. and Tell event and many friends, families and employ- Her reaction through the sense of touch spoke volumes ees shared by bringing in items. Musical instruments, without hearing, seeing or even saying a word. She cross collections from distant places, paintings and knew quite well what it was in hand. many items were on exhibit. I brought in a baseball Our home today is very similar to the game of basethat was rolled across a table to me one summer from ball if you think about it. We play well as a team playing a friend of my father. Ive had it for years and there a variety of positions, we bond with parents and children, was a time my brother, Jim, and I played catch with and we share joys and triumphs, sorrows and defeats. it in the yard. After a few throws, we looked at each Im proud of this team of ours and I want to thank you other and wondered: Should we really be throwing for allowing me to contribute today and in our upcoming this thing around? It had some famous signatures on season! q

HYE DOUN | Jan/Feb/March 2012 3


The Weather And Our Health

Maggy Petrosian, RN, Patient Care Coordinator ecently I enjoyed reading an interesting article on how the weather affects our health. If youre feeling tired or exhausted, suffering from headaches and other symptoms, why dont you blame the weather? Millions claim that the weather literally gets onto their nerves - and rightly so. Whether we like it or not, you and I are part of nature. We are not robots and the medical profession should not dismiss our plight as a psychological disorder. Worldwide sufferers arent being ignored any longer and science is slowly catching up. A weather-sensitive person reacts with varying intensity, and symptoms vary from person to person and increase with age. Weather elements such as air pressure, temperature and humidity can affect a persons well-being and may worsen the symptoms of existing disorders; in particular, pain. Some other effects include increased irritability, depression, listlessness, fatigue, lack of concentration, heart and circulation irregularities, nausea, dizziness, phantom pain and rheumatic pain. Good examples of this include the rheumatic sufferers dreading the arrival of cold and damp weather and conversely the asthma sufferer fearing the arrival of dry air.

You may have a loved one who suffers from knee pain and when it happens, you may want to take a look at the weather-rain may be in the forecast. Its common that many people trust their hips and knees and can forecast the weather almost as accurately as the meteorologists! Studies are showing that rapid and frequent weather changes appear to be the main culprits in the exacerbation of symptoms. Weather-sensitive people can become irritated a day or two before a weather change and are often miserable when a weather front arrives. Some scientists are taking a different approach in their quest to solve this puzzle. They believe that electromagnetic impulses have an effect on our well-being. Natural electromagnetism, strong enough to cause weather sensitivity, is present in lightning-induced atmospherics and charged ion particles. Our modern lifestyle with air conditioners, humidifiers and heaters can blunt the weather shocks. Alternatively, you may want to consider hardening your senses by exposing them to the elements. If you feel your symptoms are weather related, the best advice is to talk with your doctor to discuss some alternatives. q

Recognizing Depression In The Elderly

Beth Aymar, MSW, LSW need to be aware of. For example, we may not realize that loss of appetite or difficulty sleeping may be related to depression. Additionally, an increase in fatigue or slowed movements and speech are signs that someone may be experiencing depression. Concentration may also be affected by a depressed mood, making it difficult for someone to focus on reading, watching television, or other tasks that they were once able to do. Once we are able to recognize the signs of depression, we can seek out treatments that may help to improve the mood. Psychotherapy, medication, or combinations of both are treatments that are commonly used and have been known to be successful. If you think you recognize signs or symptoms of depression in your loved one, talk to the social worker about possible treatments. q

lthough very common in the elderly population, depression is often overlooked and therefore, undertreated. In general, we tend to relate getting older with feeling a sense of loss and depression, causing us to justify the actions of our older loved ones rather than recognizing signs that something could be wrong or even dangerous. While feeling sad as a result of our increasing age and loss of independence is common, depression in the elderly is not to be considered normal. The sooner we can realize the signs and symptoms of depression, the better. Obvious symptoms include feeling down, having little or no interest in the things that we used to enjoy, feeling bad about ourselves, or even having suicidal thoughts. While these things may help to recognize depression, it is the less obvious signs that we 4 HYE DOUN | Jan/Feb/March 2012

In The Kitchen

Ashlee Ray, Food Services Director Montclair State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Food Management. During this time, I began working in several areas of food service encompassing catering, school food, and healthcare. In my most recent position, I managed a large kitchen and dining area that served over 160 residents. My staff and I improved the quality of the food and sanitation and achieved an excellent state survey in 2011. It is my hope to bring my commitment in these areas and have begun working with the dietary staff to add new menu options such as Lemon Baked Tilapia, the Armenian favored Beef Kebab, Greek Salad, and Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries. By working closely in conjunction with our dietitian, we will ensure our diets meet the needs of each resident in the facility. It is an honor to work here and I look forward to a number of years and a bright future with the home. I would like to get to know many of you better, and welcome the opportunity to meet with you in the near future. Please do not hesitate to stop by my office, call me through our main number or send an email to me at Cheers! q

ello! It is a pleasure to write to you as the new Food Service Director of the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Immediately after joining the organization in mid-December, I was warmly welcomed by my colleagues, staff members, and residents. After briefly working with Alan I realized I had great shoes to fill. From a young age, Ive had an extraordinary passion for food. I remember never wanting an easy-bake oven because I was much happier with the real thing and it grew me into high school where my favorite class was of course, cooking! There are many things that have inspired me to work with senior citizens, and the greatest reason was my grandfather who suffered from Diabetes and entered into nursing care in 2006. As my most endeared friend, I watched him enter different facilities over a period of time. I couldnt help but notice how so many menus lacked both nutritional value, variety and taste during my visits. I think it was during this time I realized healthcare food service was the career I had long been searching for. Shortly after his passing in early 2008, I packed up my office in the business world, headed back to school to

Received with Thanks

ARMENIAN HOME DONATIONS Mr. Arthur Bedrosian Mr. & Mrs. John Bozkurtian Mr. & Mrs. Nuvart Maghakian Dr. Jonathan Mardirossian Ms. Margaret Papazian Mr. Toros Shamlian, Jr. St. Mesrob Medical Fund Total $3,275.00 IN MEMORY OF RICA MARDINIAN Dr. Meline Karakashian Ms. Vicky Kherlopian Mr. Norayr Kherop Mr. Robert Koumjian Ms. Yester Sarkissian Total $200.00 IN HONOR OF THE 5OTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY OF VIKTORYA & HACIK SARIMINASYAN Mr. & Mrs. Hagop Isnar Total $200.00 IN MEMORY OF MARIE DIORIO Mr. & Mrs. Garo Bashian Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Bashian Ms. Angel Bashian Mr. & Mrs. Frank DIorio Mr. & Mrs. Aram Ogullukian Ms. Rose Orlando Mr. & Mrs. John Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Michael Westcott Total $1,725.00

HYE DOUN | Jan/Feb/March 2012 5

Friends Of The Armenian Home

Linda Amerkanian,

ur day of celebration on Friday, February 24, 2012 started with a beautiful blessing of the food table given by Hayr Soorp Vasken Karayan of Holy Cross Armenian Church in Union City, NJ, Der Hovnan Bozoian of Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Church in Ridgefield, NJ and Der Diran Bohajian, and Deacon Hachik Sariminasyan of St. Leon Armenian Church in Fairlawn, NJ. The atmosphere was a happy one for our residents who received crowns, hats, brightly colored beads and goodie bags given out by the FAH ladies. We were very fortunate to have wonderful musicians who donated their time to make beautiful music and song for our Medz Mayrigs and Hayrigs. Ara Dinkjian, Elias Sarkar, Mike Uzatmaciyan, Varoujan Vartanian and FAH Ladies: L to R: Linda Amerkanian, Seta Boudoughian, Armine Noubar Boyadjian brought life and melody to the Hye Doun on this special day. Pechdimaldji, MaryAnne Bonjuklian, Anita Temiz, Ann Takvorian, Talene Tchorbajian and Anita Temiz Bertha Vaniskhian and Zivart Balikjian (missing from photo are Talene were the FAH Chairpersons for this event Tchorbajian and Armine Norian) along with the FAH committee: Linda Amerkanian, Zivart Balikjian, MaryAnne Bonjuklian, Seta Boudoughian, Armine Norian, Armine Pechdimaldji, Ann Takvorian and Bertha Vaniskhian. It is the pleasure of Friends of the Armenian Home to see the smiles on all the faces of our residents and we we look forward to doing more of these things for the Hye Doun for many years to come! q

L to R: Der Diran Bohajian, Hayr Soorp Vasken Karayan, Der Hovnan Bozoian and Deacon Hachik Sariminasyan
6 HYE DOUN | Jan/Feb/March 2012

The Musicians: L to R: Noubar Boyadjian, Mike Uzatmaciyan, Ara Dinkjian, Elias Sarkar and Varoujan Vartanian

Poon Paregentan Celebration

HYE DOUN | Jan/Feb/March 2012 7

Activities Corner

Sandy Cortelyou, Director of Activities

Dear Residents, Family Members and Friends, The Activities staff was hard at work this past quarter bringing fun, food and enthusiasm to the residents of the ANRC. We are looking to improve our residents experience with an even better quarter this spring. Please take a moment to review the Upcoming Events in this edition and call us in advance of any event with questions you may have. Upcoming Events! Our department graciously would like to thank Michael MARCH Sophia for the beautiful cards 3/17 St. Patricks Day Bring out your Irish Party he developed to raise funds 3/21 Live Entertainment with Van Martin for our department. To date $150.00 has been acquired APRIL from the sale of these cards 4/6 Good Friday Easter Egg Coloring and the proceeds have allowed 4/8 Easter Sunday us to hold a Pizza Party for 4/11 Fondue Party 4/14 thru 4/21 National Volunteer Week the residents on Wednesday, 4/19 Activities Volunteer Appreciation Dinner March 14th, in the activities 4/24 Genocide Remembrance living room. Thank you Michael for your commitment to our MAY elderly! We in activities are always looking for new ways to entertain and keep our residents active. If you would like to lend your talents or resources to our department, we would be happy to speak with you. Our therapeutic activities hold great importance in our residents lives and if youre interested in assisting us in any way, please call and ask to speak with me.
5/5 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta 5/6 thru 5/12 National Nurses Week 5/13 Mothers Day Brunch** 5/13 thru 5/19 National Nursing Home Week 5/25 Memorial Day Weekend BBQ JUNE Annual Membership Meeting Date TBD 6/14 Flag Day Celebration 6/17 Father Day** * We will hold a special Mothers Day Brunch for residents and their families on Sunday, May 13th. A donation of $10 per attending family member is requested. A sign up sheet will be posted at the front desk on April 2nd. **Please call in advance as fees may apply
8 HYE DOUN | Jan/Feb/March 2012

Archbishop Khajag And Clergy Visit The ANRC

n January during Armenian Christmas week, Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, the Primate of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian church, visited the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (ANRC). Accompanying him was Father Diran Bohajian, Pastor of St. Leon Armenian Church of Fairlawn, NJ; Deacon Sebuh Oscherician of St. Vartan Cathedral of NYC; Deacon Hacik Sariminasyan of St. Leon Armenian Church; and Arthur Petrosyan from the Diocese Communication Department. The Primate, with the clergy, conducted a short Badarack and gave communion to each of the sixty residents in attendance. He told them that he was praying for their recovery and that God loves each and every one of them. Andy Torigian, Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, assisted the President and by Rev. Father Diran Bohajian of St. Leon Chairman of the Armenian Church of Fairlawn, NJ, administering Board of ANRC, communion to the residents. thanked Archbishop Barsamian and the clergy for their constant devotion to the ANRC and for always visiting the ANRC and its residents. After the service, a luncheon was served to His Eminence and his entourage, where members of the Board greeted him. q
Andy Torigian, President and Chairman of the Board of the ANRC, introducing Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, the Primate of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church and the Clergy to the residents of the ANRC

The Belmonte family would like to express our gratitude to all of you for everything you do for our DAD. We just cannot imagine what we would have done without the Armenian Nursing Home and your tireless efforts. We hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving with your families. Very special THANKS to Maggie for taking my dad out for dinner. He just never stopped talking about it yesterday. I appreciate your offer on the Dec. 4th tickets, however, we have solid plans and I cannot change them at this time, but maybe in the future. Thank You Jerry Belmonte

HYE DOUN | Jan/Feb/March 2012 9

On December 3rd students and performers from Maryanns School of Dance visited the home and put on a dance recital our residents truly enjoyed. We graciously thank Maryanns School of Dance for their time, talents and energy shared with our residents this day!

On January 5th, members of the Armenian Relief Society visited the home, bringing choyreg and fruit While here, they sang Christmas carols and spent some time with the residents sharing quality time. We thank the Armenian Relief Society members for their support!

Muriel Yarock

Jermin Tirpan

Laurice Buchakjian

Kenneth Buchner

Marksina Chuzhina

Gilbert Gerard

Residents pictured are Anahid Fritsche, Souna Patpatian, Dolores Carr, Dene Sturt, Rose White, Miriam Kachuturian and Rose Soultanian.
10 HYE DOUN | Jan/Feb/March 2012

n December 6th the Exotic Bird Show was back at the ANRC and many exotic birds were on display! As you can see by their smiles, the residents had a great afternoon! Many thanks go out to Bird Man Bill Middleton for his annual bird shows with our residents!

n January 10th, Arlene Minoyan brought her yoga experience and techniques to the residents and showed them how to help strengthen their bodies, making them stronger. Thank you Arlene for teaching our residents to become stronger independently as they age!

Residents pictured are Alice Aginian, Florika Garnighian, Akabi Avedissian, Marksina Chuzhina, and Kenneth Buchner

n January 14th, students from the Nareg Saturday School - Argnouni Chapter, visited the home for singing and personal time. We thank the Nareg Saturday School for their time and support!

Residents pictured alongside the visitors are Rose Bedrosian, Rose White, Graciela Ramos and Florika Garnighian.

n January 22nd St. Leons ACYOA visited the home to share some time with the residents and help out with Bingo. ANRC residents thoroughly enjoyed being with the young men and women. Pictured are Zepure Mardekian, Rose Soultanian, Kenneth Buchner, Sona Doudoukjian, Ann Hoydicz, Jermin Tirpan, Charles Keshian, Rose White, Anahid Fritsche, Alma Sallustro, Rose Ghelibolian, Souna Patpatian and Marie Dragovina.
HYE DOUN | Jan/Feb/March 2012 11

Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

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ANRC Genocide Commemoration will take place April 24, 2012 at 10:15 am