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ABAP Mini-Spec for CR16520

Programming Customising BI

Incorporating changes to: Additional field added to the BT116S_SRVO component views Advanced SP and AdvancedSRL.

Change Request Details

Change Request Number: CR16520 Raised By: Sheri Ferguson Authorised By: Shawn Harrison Business Unit: GLIN Module Application: CRM Description: Allow visibility of complaints in role GLIN_SR

Required Functionality
It is required to make complaints visible within the Foods Inc Sales Application. This should allow sales users to search for complaints and once they find the complaint they require access the details of the complaint.

Required Configuration
A number of UI components/views will need to be configured so that the relevant fields will be available within the GLIN_SR for complaints. These include: BT116S_SRVO AdvancedSP BT116S_SRVO Advanced SRL

Required Programming
Standard fields are required to be added to the BT116S_SRVO component for the views AdvancedSP and Advanced SRL in the Web Client Sales Role for the GLIN Business Unit. As standard it is the Sold to Party for Complaints which is displayed within the Search List. In Glanbia however we do not include the Sold To Party partner function within our complaint transaction. Instead the Activity Partner field is the main partner used for our service transactions. The Activity Partner is the partner function 00000009 related to Z109 transactions.

This will allow the user to view the Activity Partner to which the transaction relates to in the Service Search Result list. The Activity Partners Name should appear in the result list. It will also be required that the end suer can search by Activity Partner in the search fields for service transactions. It should be possible to search by Activity Partner Number and through input help be possible to search by Activity Partner Name. It is foreseen that the new complaint search screen will look like below

Finally the details of the complaint needs to be visible when the complaint ID link is selected. By default the standard details component does not display all the fields and notes that are relevant for the complaint. Ideally we would like to display the full complaint information as per the complaint print output within a component. I can see this being achieved in 1 of 4 ways Approach 1: Enhance the standard complaint details component (BT116H_SRVO/Details) to make the relevant information available Approach 2: Create a new component to make the relevant information available Approach 3: Create a new component and embed within that component a program output that displays the relevant information as per the agreed prices in the Agri factsheet Approach 4: Create a new component that embeds the complaint smartform within the component (Preferred approach) It could look as follows:

Tasks for the Developer

Add new Activity Partner field to the BT116S_SRVO component for the search. Add new Activity Partner field to the BT116S_SRVO component for the result list. 1 of 4 approaches to Complaint Details Visibility

Tasks for the analyst

Coordinate change Test change once complete