Relationship between project management and green buildings

Green architecture is a sustainable method of green building design: it is design and construction with the environment in mind. Green architects generally work with the key concepts of creating an energy efficient, environmentally friendly house. The natural ecology of the planet should be the macro model for architects to use as a model for a green building. Architecture can model itself on the planetary system to copy the natural ‘green’ environment, making a new building, or adapting an existing building, both environmentally friendly, in terms of materials used and the space it occupies, and energy efficient, including solar technology. Criteria for Green Architects Architects who style themselves as green, will have the standard degrees in architectural design and practise, and may have taken additional qualifications to demonstrate their green or environmental knowledge. However, the most important sign of an architects competence in green matters, is their skill and experience. It is one thing working with the environment and the planets ecology, but listening to a clients needs and translating them into a workable design plan is the crucial matter. Related on Sustainable Build...
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To be sustainable in all matters relating to the design; from initial consultation, through to site visit and early designs, right through to liason with builders and if necessary, plan modification. The architect that anyone considering a green building chooses, must be able to demonstrate this, through their portfolio and their approach. Do ask if it is possible to visit any previous projects the architect has worked on, to really get the feel of their eye for work and environmentally friendly detail. Some Aspects of Green Architecture and Design An architect should be able to tell and advise a client what makes a building energy efficient. The architect should also be able to translate the clients ideas into reality, using both common architectural sense, and the most up to date technology and methods. This might include solar panels, thermal mass building construction, green materials, including wood, stone, or earth (or even recycled waste materials, such as tyres or glass or plastic bottles). It is both the design and the construction which can make a building truly sustainable and green, and the architect should pay careful attention to both aspects of the entire process. On a site visit, a green architect should pay close attention to the environment that the potential building site is located within. This should guide the architect in their design, with an intention to respect the immediate ecology of the area, and for a prospective new green building to be in harmony with

Because of the limitation of this study. where often industrial or residential properties are or have been demolished. The aim of the green building is to reduce the negative impact to the environment. one building can only be called the green once it is certificated by an independent .this. which is usually in an urban area. In green building. design stage can be considered as the most important one to lead all to the needs. The opportunities exist to design beautiful. this area is still the new thing for developing countries as Vietnam. However. Furthermore. As the result. it’s also to conserve the natural resource. There are many people talking about the green or sustainability but it’s very difficult to understand thoroughly what it really is and how to implement in each case. all stakeholders of the project need to understand thoroughly what the green is and how to implement it during the project life cycle – especially from the concept to design stages that will affect strongly the next stages. In order to achieve this aims. Approach and Implementation Nowadays. sustainable development is the popular knowledge and the real trend on the world due to the need of human’s responsibilities to the environment and green building in construction industry is also a part of this. 10 JUNE 2010 The Green Building: Issues. there are many important stages to achieve the green result. In the case of an existing building. Green architecture can be wonderful examples of the possibility of humans living harmoniously within the environment. the projects must be designed as well as it can maximize the energy saving and minimize the cost for construction by using less energy & water. energy efficient and environmentally friendly residences and workplaces that demonstrate our human ability to adapt to and peacefully live within the ecology of the natural world. Among of them. or a building to be constructed on a so-called brown field site. In another word. it only tries to focus things from concept to design stage for green building and how to implement the green building assessment. the architect should pay particular care to what already is on the site. THURSDAY. and how it has been used and treated.

it can be considered a good and suitable system to apply in Vietnam. there 4 benefits such as: 1. it can be said that green building will be the trend and good strategy for developers. productivity 3. (2) understand the basis of popular green building rating systems – especially the BCA Green Mark system (Singapore). Water efficiency 3. (3) study barriers and benefits of green building project in Vietnam. long-term economic 2. Energy efficiency 2. the biggest benefits are the good supporting for environment and health for people’s working and living. Go along with green buildings. Environmental protection 4. With the BCA Green Mark (Singapore) for green building assessment.third party with a rating system. and to suggest the solutions for the barriers. Moreover. the marketing 4. main requirements and criteria for the building are: 1. Mr. In BCA. Indoor environment quality 5. the implementation in every country will have the . Other green feature The challenges in implementing the Green building Beside the benefits as mentioned above. Conclusions The Green building in Vietnam construction industry Based on the issues and problems discussed. Nguyen Huynh Trung Hai made a study which aimed to: (1) identify what drives green projects. consultants and others in Vietnam. and (4) propose a framework to implement green building in Vietnam.

different challenges. they will become more difficult such as: lack of the knowledge in terms of technique and technologies because of no previous green building like this. Initial cost 3. issues and how to implement the green building in Vietnam. Among the challenges. Lack of technical and technology 2. so this issue is really serious and it’s very difficult to attract the investors and others who want to joint in the green building. . So the problem is what the way to solve this issue. some main barriers in green building are: 1. Real life experience and non-educated green for people Therefore. the recommendations for effective green building as follow: • In the developing country as Vietnam. the green building is the new knowledge for most of people. now is the time of economy going down. the higher cost will be the serious barrier to attract the developers and other. Moreover. effective execution. In Vietnam. within the economic condition. project management and the whole project team should have the good project plans to lead the project based on the owner and market needs. Recommendations For the green building in this report After studying the theories and the case study with the problems. there are some main factors that will drive the Green building to success such as: the owner’s project requirements and motivation use the concept of commission and integrated design process. They can be the good tax and special permit with short time approval to encourage the developers and others. In generally. What drives green projects? From the case study and literature review. The most effective solution is the support from the government and community in term of the money. the key issue is the higher cost for the green project. Moreover.

So we have to consider this in spite of using the import material. Vietnam has a lot of natural material such as bamboo. • All project team should study for their own knowledge of the green building. • Combine the concept of eco-design – more concern about the aspects of architectural design – and the technique. Especially this will be the key for the developers who understand what they want and invest their money directly into the projects. Otherwise.• Vietnamese construction law should have the basic requirements to catch up the environment issues as the global trend. Abstract Nowadays. the overrun of time and cost will happen. the project management and project team should have a clear. refined brick… with very cheap price. • The government and community have to find the way to popularize the green concept for all residence understanding it basically. His thesis abstract is copied and posted. the sustainable development is the necessary and urgent trend for the global environment. duties and responsibilities to avoid the confusing and conflicts. Finally.will make the green building more effective. present everyplace and can be reused to avoid the impact to the environment. technologies – concern about the mechanical aspect . reduce and eliminate the risk for the project. the green building requires a high quality. roles. concise organization. Acting as one of the main parts of economic. • With the tropical weather and environment. Moreover. • The developer should select the good project team with the green experience and local condition that will affect the project to avoid. construction industry also take part in responsibility for protecting the environment through the building designed with low-impact to . • All participants who want to join in the green building should start to think about the green with the long-term benefits. with very complicated parties involved.

Maybe the BCA Green Mark implemented for the case in this study is not popular in the world as other such as LEED. tools. PMBOK definition Project management is the application of knowledge. Responsibility. What is Project Management?ect. Keywords: Environment. CASBEE… but at least it can explore the typical issues in the green building.environment. PMBOK is . and techniques applied to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from a project. Lowimpact. BREEAM. Building Designed. we can learn some helpful lessons and use them as the historical data and references for other green buildings. With the green building. skills. The environment. it’s also good for human working and living in life. Implementation. Protecting. From that case. Because of the limitation of time and scope. there are many benefits to the environment and as the result. this report only try to explore the main issues in the implementation of green building assessment system – especially the BCA Green Mark – in construction environment in Vietnam.

e. manage.The Sustainable Project Management Office Organizations often struggle with the strategic and tactical value that a PMO can offer.e. new accreditation procedures (activities) / a curriculum is still used (outputs) — Activities/outputs are developed. i.e. i. and sustain a project management office that delivers value to the enterprise. new universities or research teams join the constituencies. For a PMO to be successful it must deliver measurable value to individual project and program managers and to the organization as a whole. Handbook on Sustainability – Page 6 REFERENCE SUSTAINABILITY OF INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION PROJECTS IN THE FIELD OF . i. coaching.e. process standardization and more. — The local network is maintained. Prerequisites PMP How to describe the sustainability of a project? A practical way to describe the potential or achieved sustainability of a project is to use the following two criteria: _ Diversity and intensity of activities/outputs maintained or developed after the end of the funding: — Activities/outputs are maintained. sell the concept. This course addresses how to structure the PMO. the universities meet regularly with the private firms concerned. Once established the PMO plays an integral role in enhancing project and program maturity levels and competencies by providing consulting. creation of a web site presenting e-learning sessions (activities) / Curriculum developed is included in existing courses in universities which do not belong to the initial consortium (outputs) _ Intensity and enlargement of the cooperation: — The international network is maintained. i. i.e. and develop a plan for creating an office that serves organizational needs. partners take care of the follow-up. the initial network can be enlarged to incorporate other domains or entities. mentoring. i. This seminar provides participants with the knowledge and skills to create. needs are assessed annually (activities) / a training centre has developed new training sessions (outputs) — Activities/outputs can be disseminated.e. — Finally.


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