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Presently. The Bank has a network of over 2854 ATMs providing 24 hrs a day banking convenience to its customers. the Bank has a very wide network of more than 701 branch offices and Extension Counters.30 Million of Capital through a GDR issue. Bahrain. The Bank was promoted by Unit Trust of India.COMPANY PROFILE  Axis Bank was the first new generation private sector bank to be established in India under the overall reform programme initiated by the Government of India in1991. General Insurance Corporation Ltd and its four subsidiaries who were the co-promoters held the balance 13%.The Bank today is capitalized to the extent of Rs. Axis Bank’s first capital raising post inception was in 1998 through a public offering of primary shares and in subsequent years through equity allotment to a few other investors like CDC. under which nine new banking licenses were granted. The Bank's Registered Office is at Ahmedabad and its Central Office is located at Mumbai. This is one of the largest ATM networks in the country. Citicorp Banking Corporation. The Bank has strengths in both retail and corporate banking and is committed to adopting the best industry practices internationally in order to achieve excellence. Karur Vysya Bank and Chrys Capital leading to a dilution in UTI’s shareholding in the Bank. holding 87% of the equity.     .60%. Further dilution of Promotors’ shareholding happened during Q4 ended of 2004. 358. The Bank started its operations in 1994. the largest mutual fund in India. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). when the Bank raised US$ 239.56 crores with the public holding (other than promoters) at 57.

and depository services amongst others. it is also registered on the following exchanges: · OTCEI · BSE · NSE · London stock exchange . investment banking. Continuous technology up gradation while maintaining human values. Efficiency and effectiveness built on ethical practices. corporate. financing. Apart from this the bank is also into insurance.      Maximizations of Stakeholder value Success through Teamwork. Core Values  Customer Satisfaction through Providing quality service effectively and efficiently "Smile.AXIS BANK. Progressive globalization and achieving international standards. credit cards.Mission and Values Our Mission     Customer Service and Product Innovation tuned to diverse needs of individual And corporate clientele. it enhances your face value" is a service quality stressed on Periodic Customer Service Audits. Integrity and People The banks business is divided into four segments: · Retail. mortgage. treasury and merchant banking.

5-1.7x the industry average.5 per cent. Nonetheless. the CAGR for loan growth for the banking industry has been 25-26 per cent. the loan book is expected to grow at 18 per cent in FY10 and 16 per cent in FY11. the bank is still expected to grow its loan portfolio at 1. for Axis Bank it has been above 40 per cent. For the banking industry as a whole. In FY09 its advances grew at the rate of 37. Axis Bank’s fast pace of growth is expected to sustain over the next couple of years. . Thus.GROWTH PROSPECT OF AXIS BANK Over the last five years. In FY10 they are expected to grow at the rate of 27-28 per cent and in FY11 at 25 per cent.



CARDS BUSINESS Cards fee income (FY09 – FY08) Issuance: Over 533. GBP.000 credit cards in force till end March. 09. Euro. 1st Indian bank to launch remittance card & meal card . AUD. 3rd largest 1st Indian debit card base in the country bank to launch travel currency cards in 9 currencies US$.

axisbank.com .Source: www.

09) Source: www.com .COMPOSITION OF RETAIL ASSETS Product wise composition of retail assets portfolio (March.axisbank.

REVENUE BREAK UP OF AXIS BANK Source: www.com .axisbank.axisbank.com NETWORK Increasing Reach Source: www.

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